Monday, February 29, 2016

Hard Week

Hello Family! 

Happy Leap Day! A little over a year ago, I was looking at the calendar and I told Sister Lytle that we wouldn't get to celebrate our four month mark, but that we would get to celebrate our sixteen months (29 February). Back then it felt like that day was forever away! I can't believe it! March is almost here! Anyways, we had a lot happen this week. Let me tell you about it! 

Last P-day was fun. We ran our errands and had lunch before going to the church and playing card games with the other sisters in the zone (only the elders really felt like running around in the gym this time). After that, we had dinner with our Bishop and his family. It was a great chance for them to get to know Sister Doig. We then met with Betty. It was a good day. 

On Tuesday, we had District Meeting. We have a new district leader, and it was good to meet him and some of the other missionaries who are new (either to the zone or to the mission). We then had lunch and made cupcakes that we were going to take to Jason (because we hadn't heard from him in a while and we wanted to see if he was okay). Sister Doig and I did training, too. This week we started learning how to teach The Restoration. We then went to service at Sunrise. It was hard. The activities coordinator left, and they don't have a replacement yet, so things are a little disorganized. We then delivered the cupcakes to Jason. He liked it and we set up an appointment for the next day. We then visited Katherine and had a lesson with her and her daughter. We then had dinner and then met with our ward mission leader to talk about the work. It was a productive day.

On Wednesday, we saw Jerri. She is doing really well. We read scriptures with her and had lunch. We then did some training and tried to go contacting before going to see Jason. We had a good lesson with Jason. We started teaching him the commandments. We then went to dinner with a family in the ward that we really like. We then met with Tifanie and Xiomara. It was a good day. 

On Thursday, we tried to see Joann, but she wasn't home. So, we decided to see Elizabeth (she was an investigator with Sister Hall and me, but we ended up dropping her. I wanted to see how she was doing). She is going through a lot right now, and she was happy to see us. We shared a scripture with her and she thanked us for coming. We then had lunch and then got in the car to go to service at Ivy League. This time, we were pulling weeds. It was a little warm outside, and Sister Doing was saying how hot it was. She was shocked when we explained that it can get as high as 46 Celsius (115 Fahrenheit) in some places! After Ivy League, we went contacting and then had dinner. After dinner, we were going to meet with Mohammed, but he had to cancel. 

On Friday, we had service at the Food Bank. We then had a lunch appointment with the Relief Society president and went with her to help clean the house of a woman in the ward who had just had a baby. We then were going to go with her to see someone, but they weren't home. Sister Doig and I then went contacting. We even taught a street lesson to a woman who asked us what made us different from the other Christian churches. :) We then had dinner and weekly planned before going to see Mohammed. We taught him The Gospel of Jesus Christ. We then talked to him about how he was feeling about everything, and he decided that he is "good for now". So, we have dropped him. :( 

On Saturday, we took our car to the shop to get fixed. Meaning, we were on foot for a few hours. We walked to Joann's to try to see her, but she wasn't home again. So, we walked back home to have lunch. On our way into the apartment, Jason texted us and told us that he was going out of town and wouldn't be back until May. We were devestated! :( We then had lunch and went to help out at Sunrise (we got a ride from the hermanas). It was hard, again. The car place also called us while we were there and told us that our car was done. So, afterwards,the hermanas drove us to where our car was and we drove it to our dinner appointment. After dinner, we went contacting again. We were walking around talking to people and met an interesting man. We chatted with him for a long time and even shared part of The Restoration with him. The only way I can really describe him is that he reminds me of when I served in Santa Cruz. :) I liked him.

On Sunday, we had ward council and then church. Church was so good! (Phillip was there too. Eddie couldn't make it, though.) Sacrament Meeting was all about the importance of the sacrament (reminded me of that great article you sent me, Mom!). In Sunday School, we talked about having Faith in Jesus Christ. Then, in Relief Society, we studied Neill F Marriot's talk "Yielding Our Hearts Unto God". It was all really good. I feel like I needed a lot of what was discussed. After church, we visited Marta and shared with her what we learned in Church. We then had lunch and did more training. Sister Doig is doing so well with her teaching (I feel like a proud parent)! :D We then went contacting for a few hours. While we were out, we met a man. We didn't teach him anything, but while we were taking he told us to keep doing what we were doing and keep "walking for the Lord". It made us smile. Then, later, some guys (probably teenagers) walked past us and after we said hi to them they told us we were beautiful. So, we didn't teach much when we were contacting, but we got a little boost in the self-esteem (haha)! After that, we had dinner and then we were going to see Tifanie and Xiomara, but they had to cancel. 

We have had a good day so far. We are going to be running errands and then probably spending time with the zone. Hermana Bocanegra is supposed to be giving me back my cards, so maybe we will play some games with the sisters again. :) 

Love you so much. Have an awesome week! 


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