Monday, February 29, 2016

We are on fire!....Literally

Hey there! How are you? I hope things are going well for you. Things are going well here. We had a really busy week and our meeting with Elder Sitati. It has been raining a lot, too. Let me tell you all about it. :) 

On Monday (not yesterday), we had P-day and then went to Betty's. We read 2 Nephi 14 and answered her questions. Thank goodness for the Institute Manual! These Isaiah chapters are hard! 

On Tuesday, we went on a long walk and stopped at the houses of some of the people we visit (and contact people on the street). We stopped by Katherine's and she asked us to come back in an hour or so. We then walked to Elizabeth's and had a conversation with her on the porch. We then walked back to Katherine's for our lesson. In all, we were gone about three hours. It was good exercise, too! We then went to the shop where we were supposed to meet Jason, but he didn't come. So, we went to Sunrise and helped out. We then tried to go to dinner, but our GPS took us the wrong way. Again. So, we were late to dinner. After dinner, we met with our ward mission leader. We then went back home and got ready for exchanges. 

On Wednesday, we were on exchanges. I was in our area with Sister Sherwood. After studies, we went to the horse ranch because the elders texted us and said that they needed help. So, we went up there (so did Sister Hall and Sister Iloa). Turns out, they needed help with the horses and asked us to clean all the poop out of the stalls. And, to make things even better, NONE of the elders were there (Thaaaaaaaaaaanks). So, we cleaned out the stalls, and then went to get lunch. After lunch, we went to Sunrise again (we were going to go back to the ranch and help with the lessons, but they were cancelled because of the rain). We then had a lesson with Joann. We talked about prayer and scripture study. It went really well! We then had dinner before going contacting. We then exchanged back. It was a good day!

On Thursday, we were so busy. In the morning, we had ZTM. It was good (and not as long as usual). We then had lunch and then had service at Ivy League. It was great, except it started pouring rain and we had to end early. Ah well. We then had our lesson with Jason. It went so well! We taught the Restoration and he really liked it! We invited him to be baptized, and he was a little hesitant, but that was okay. :) We feel so good about him! We did invite him to come to church, and he said that he would. After that, we had dinner with the Bishop and his family. Their daughter had just gotten back from her mission on Tuesday, and we had so much fun with them! :) That night, we met with Mohammed. We taught him the Restoration, too. He had a lot of questions about it. By the end of it, Sister Hall and I felt so drained! We then went home. 

On Friday, our apartment manager (who is in the ward) called and asked if we could help her and her husband help two of their friends who were moving. So, we went and helped load things into their U-haul. They were so grateful! It really made us feel good. :) We then had service at the food bank and then had an appointment with the Relief Society president. We had lunch with her and then went and visited women in the ward who couldn't come to church. It was good. We then got a referral for a girl named Tifanie and went to visit her. She was super friendly and we have an appointment with her this week. Hopefully, we can start teaching her. :) We then went to dinner at this really fun crepe shop. :) It was a good day. 

On Saturday, we had breakfast with Kathy again. It was good. :) After that, we had our studies and then went to a zone service at someone's house. We were all out there pulling weeds. It was fun (we have an awesome zone). We then tried to see Eddie, but we couldn't find parking. Then, when we finally did find parking, the hermanas called us and told us that they were locked out of their apartment! We immediately went home to help them out (and I called Eddie and apologized that we couldn't come. He was so nice about it). They needed someone to wait at the apartment for the housing coordinator (from the mission office) to come with a key (the apartment manager was gone or something) and they had an appointment they couldn't miss. We had dinner, and couldn't stay, but we let them stay in our apartment until the elders came and let them use their car while they waited for the housing coordinator to come. What a mess. We then went to our dinner and then came home and cleaned our apartment. 

On Sunday, we were so stressed out. We had Jason coming, a potential that the Chinese elders gave us (named Jennifer), and Phillip! Trying to coordinate it all was a pain. When we got to church, Jennifer was there and we introduced ourselves and sat with her. We got to say hi to Phillip too. Jason and our ward mission leader (who was giving him a ride) were over HALF AN HOUR late. *headdesk* Sacrament Meeting was good, except sitting through the entire meeting waiting for Jason to walk in! We then had Gospel Principles and sat with them. The lesson was on the Priesthood, which was what we taught Jason about (as part of the Restoration). *phew!* We then went to Relief Society, but were late and had to sit in the back away from Jennifer. After church was over, we talked to Jennifer and asked if we could teach her. She was a little hesitant. She is the age to go to the young single adult ward, so she is going to try that out, too. We missed Phillip, but were able to talk to Jason. He asked if he could get a copy of one of the Gospel Principles books. We told him we could arrange that. :) 

We then went home and had lunch before going contacting. We were going to see Marta, but she came to church, too! :) The hermanas then called us and asked if we could help them do service for one of their potential investigators named Anne. So, we went. She is an interesting woman (reminds me of Santa Cruz). We then went to dinner before dropping by Jason's house to give him the book. We asked him about church. He said that he liked it! He had some questions, and we answered them. We are meeting with him again on Thursday. We then came home and finally doing our weekly planning. It was a busy Sunday! 

Yesterday was good. In the morning (and afternoon) we had the meeting with Elder Sitati. He, his wife, President Mella, and Sister Mella all spoke to us. It was a good meeting. Sister Sitati talked about companionships and how we should treat each other. Elder Sitati talked about having faith and our purpose as missionaries. We are really looking forward to the broadcast tomorrow! :) After that, we drove back home and got ready to go to dinner. 

After dinner, we went to a dinner that the spanish sisters invited us (and a few other companionships in the zone) to come to. This family loves to feed the missionaries and they do what they call "The Habanero Challenge". Every missionary has to eat at least one habanero. The record for sisters is one, and the record for elders is four. So, after dinner, they brought out the bag of habaneros and we all ate it at the same time. It was intense! I have had habanero before, but never a whole one! Sister Hall, who already has a hard time with spicy, ran out of the house to get fresh air (and felt sick) and I ran out after her. We stood in the road downing water bottles and eating ice. The rest of the zone came out to see if we were okay, and to suffer with us. A couple of the elders were crying! No one ate more than one that night. After that, we went with the hermanas to get ice cream (to soothe the burn) and then went home. It was a fun night. :) 

Well, that is about all for here. Have a great week. Love you lots!

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