Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Adventures in Santa Cruz!


Oh my goodness, what a week this has been. 

On Monday (I was still in Watsonville) we did all of our errands and then went to the Church and played board games as a district. It was really fun. I mainly watched everyone play and worked on writing letters. They did, however, get me to play a little. It was fun. We then had a quick lesson with Joanne before going to dinner with Bro. Estrada. He is an older member in one of the wards who the sisters do service for. He is so nice! We had a great time eating with him. After dinner, we went and saw Mary and did some service for her along with sharing a spiritual thought. We then went home. 

On Tuesday, we had Transfer Meeting. Before every transfer meeting, the zone gets together and has breakfast, but no one in Santa Cruz could come, so we ate as a district. We then drove up to San Jose for the meeting. After some crazy traffic, we made it. It was weird to go to Transfer Meeting, and have to worry about where I would be or who I would be with. Hermana Robinson was transferred and Hermana Scarr's new companion is Hermana Snyder. We had a bunch of awesome missionaries transferred into the Zone, including an Elder I served with in San Jose! After Transfer Meeting, we went to lunch and then back to Watsonville. We then went and saw Joanne and shared a message with her. We then saw Mary, and then Vicki. After that, we had dinner before going home so Hermana Snyder could unpack. 

On Wednesday, we had District Meeting. We did some get to know you for Hermana Snyder and Elder Sundrud's new companion, Elder Barbosa. We then visited some people and came back home to take care of some things there. I had a really bad headache and took a nap. We then had dinner at home before going to teach Elsa. During Elsa's appointment, my headache was killing me and I had an upset stomach. Elsa noticed something was wrong and asked me about it. I told her that I thought I had a migraine. After Elsa's appointment, we went home so I could relax.

On Thursday, we loaded my stuff into the car and drove to San Jose so I could get my trainee. I was feeling sick all morning (mainly from nerves)! We made it to the mission office early, so we got my stuff moved to the car my trainee and I would be taking and got to talk to the office missionaries and other trainers who had showed up early. We then went into the meeting and waited. And waited (the orientation for the trainees was behind schedule). Finally, the trainees all came in and we had an opening hymn and prayer. Then, President Mella read off the companionships. My trainee is Sister Kelly. She is from Texas. We then had to get pictures and take care of all the things that I had to do my first day before we finally left to go get lunch. After lunch, we went back to Santa Cruz and I took her to Marianne's Ice Cream. We then went to see Carol Beth and had a lesson with her. We then dropped by the Swains to check on them. They moved to Utah this weekend. They will be missed. We then ran some errands and got Sister Kelly's iPad set up. We then went home to wait for the guy who was bringing my bed back up from Watsonville. It was an interesting day. 

On Friday, we had service at the soup kitchen. We then went and saw Adelaide. She had called while I was in Watsonville, to give us a referral! We met with her to ask about the referral (his name is Jose), and she gave us more of his information. After seeing her, we went to Jose's work and talked to him. He was busy, but he gave us his number and we gave him ours. Hopefully we can meet with him this week. After that, we came home and weekly planned. We then had dinner with some members in one of our branches. After that, we had some dinner and then went to an activity with our YSAs. It was a good day. 

On Saturday, we did some training before going to SLV. We tried to go find our investigator Sheena. I was told that she was going to the Aptos ward, but when I was there I asked the Bishop and he hadn't ever heard of her. We went to her house, and we found out that she moved! There was a lock on the door, a sign in the "yard", and the house was empty. I almost cried. I wanted to find her. After that, we went and saw Dottie and shared a message with her for Pioneer Day. We also saw Alice, and shared a message with her. She is getting ready to go to the temple, so we read D&C 110 with her. We then went and saw Sister Dallenbach. Always an adventure when we go there. We then went and did some service for the McArthurs before having dinner with them. We also showed Sister McArthur the movie "The Mountain of the Lord". It is super good! After that, we were going to see Krystal, but she wasn't home. 

On Sunday, I decided to take Sister Kelly through the eight hour stretch that we usually do. Soo, at 8h00 we were at ward council, and then sacrament at 9h00 and then sunday school at 10h00 because our other ward council was cancelled. We then had sacrament at 11h00 and branch council at 12h00 and then church from 1h00 to 4h00. We then came home and did some training and worked on the area book. It was a busy day!

Today has been good. We did our laundry and, after this, we are going to grocery shop and get some lunch before the zone activity. We are going to go play on the beach. Should be fun! :) 

Talk to you all later. Love you lots!


Saturday, July 25, 2015

I'm Going To Be a Trainer!!! Aaaaaaah!!! (20 July 2015)


Man, this has been the craziest week! Let's dive in!

On Monday, we went hiking as a district. We went to this nice park/forest and hiked around. I got really frustrated with the others in the district though because they wanted to cross these rivers, sometimes on a bridge they made themselves. (Dirty water and bridges no thank you!) After that, though, we went and got frozen yogurt. :) It has been so much fun being here in Watsonville these last few weeks!

On Tuesday, we went and saw Carmina. She is an older woman who lives alone. She is also very Catholic. It is fun to talk to her. We had some good appointments after that, too. For dinner, we ate with the Youngs. He is the ward mission leader in Watsonville, so we had a correlation meeting with him before dinner. Then, they decided to teach us some of what they have been learning at her childbirth classes (she is pregnant). They had us stand in a circle and squeeze ice cubes and see who could take the pain the longest. Three of us gave up (myself included). It was a fun night. 

On Wednesday, we had Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) in Santa Cruz. It was okay. *shrugs* The Zone Leaders are going home at the end of this transfer, so they were distracted with that. After ZTM, we went to lunch before heading back to Watsonville. That afternoon, we had some appointments before dinner. After dinner, we went and saw Mary and did some service for her. It was fun. 

On Thursday, we were in Santa Cruz. Always an adventure when we go back up there! While we were there, we saw Adelaide and Nicole before going to lunch at the only Dairy Queen in the area (the brownie batter blizzard is back!). We then went and saw Glenna and then Renee. We couldn't stay too long because we had a dinner appointment. For this dinner, a woman in the Aptos Ward invites a bunch of her friends (some members, some not) and the missionaries and we all had a super yummy dinner. I got to eat rabbit for the first time! Seriously, it tastes like chicken. :) That night, we stayed up waiting for leadership/training calls. We were all so nervous! Finally, my phone rang and I was told that I am going to be training!! I am going to have a greenie!! :D I was so freaked out that night, but now I am nervous AND excited. Hermana Scarr also got a call that she is going to be an STL.

On Friday, we had to go to San Jose for the leadership/training meeting. It was fun to see who was called the night before! I actually knew a couple of the missionaries who are training (none of them are in my zone though). The part of the meeting for trainers was not what I thought it would be. Instead of, "you got this! you can do it!" it was more of "think of your trainer and your trainer's trainer. Your legacy lives on. Don't screw this up. You are their first impression of the mission." D: (I also found out that I will be getting my trainee on Thursday, so I will be in Watsonville until then.) They then had the other leaders called in and they talked to us about being an example and such. I found out that Sister Lytle got called to be an STL! :D After the meeting, Hermana Robinson and I got lunch and wandered downtown San Jose (my old area) while Hermana Scarr was in her meeting for STLs. After that, we picked up Hermana Scarr and went back to Watsonville. We ended up taking a nap after we got home and then did  weekly planning.

On Saturday, we were back in Santa Cruz. The first thing we did was go and clean up my apartment so that way my trainee doesn't walk into a dump. After that, we rewarded ourselves with a treat and then tried to go teach people. I should have realized that it was the weekend and it was summer. We were STUCK in traffic! We ended up going back to Watsonville early. In Watsonville, we got to see Mary and do more service for her. That night, we stayed up again waiting for transfer calls. They came, and Hermana Robinson was told that she is getting transferred. So is one of the Watsonville Elders. So, our whole district will be at Transfer Meeting tomorrow. 

On Sunday, we had Church. That was interesting, as it always is there. We then came back home and had lunch before going to see people that Sister Robinson wanted to say goodbye to. That night, we had dinner with a really fun family and then went home. 

Today has been good so far. We have some errands to run and Sister Robinson has some last minute packing to do, but that is about it. I think for today we are going to get together as a district and play games. It will be fun. :) 

Well, I have to run. I love you all so much! Have a great day! *hugs*



Exciting things (13 July 2015)


We had an exciting week this week. :) 

On Monday, we went bowling as a district. I told my district that I am really bad at bowling, and they didn't believe me. They sure did by the time we were done! I got a strike in the first game, but after another game or two, I did really bad! :D It was really fun though. 

On Tuesday, we met with Joanne and then with an older woman named Sylvia. She is a less-active member who wants to come back to Church. She asked us a couple of weeks ago to come over and teach her the lessons, so we are. We taught her The Restoration. After that, we had a lesson with Joanne. That night, we met with a woman named Norma and her daughter Angie.

On Wednesday, we had District Meeting. We had a lesson about The Gospel of Jesus Christ and then went out for lunch. It was fun, but we had to leave early because we had service. For service, we took Joanne to her doctor's appointment. After Joanne's appointment, we visited a woman named Vicki. We had a great lesson with her and showed her the Mormon Message "Forgiveness: My Burden Was Made Light". We also went and saw a woman named Paola and her son.

On Thursday, we were in Santa Cruz for most of the day. We went and saw Rhonda and shared a message with her about hope. She is really worried about the future, so I think that that gave her some peace of mind. We also saw Carol Beth, who is finally back in the United States. We had a good lesson with her about The Book of Mormon, but we are really unsure what to do next with her. We won't see her again, though, until after I have my new companion. We tried to visit some more people in Santa Cruz, and then we went back to Watsonville where we had an appointment with a new investigator. Her name is Elsa. We taught her The Restoration. She told us that she had already read it and she knew that it was true! We set a baptismal date for 1 August! We are so excited!!!! :D

On Friday, we had service at that place similar to the soup kitchen. They had us cleaning and then working in the kitchen pulling apart half-frozen chickens. Yuck. Later that day, we also went and saw Mary. We have been sharing messages from President Monson with her. We also water her plants. 

On Saturday, we were in Santa Cruz again. One of our first stops? 7-11 for the "free" slurpees. :D (we had to pay 11 cents). We then tried to visit people, but no one was home. We did, finally get to see Sister McArthur and read scriptures with her. We then went back to Watsonville.

Church was interesting.We had ward council, and then sacrament meeting (with me watching the translator again), and then ward council, and then sacrament meeting. In the second ward, I was asked to bear my testimony, so I did and I basically called the whole ward to repentance. (*nervous laugh*) What I mean is that I invited them to strengthen their testimonies and faith, and when you invite someone to do something (commit them) you are inviting them to repent. So, yeah...Anyways! We then went to Gospel Principles and Relief Society. Gospel Principles taught about scriptures, and in Relief Society we were taught about the temple (the poor woman teaching Relief Society had never done it before and she was so nervous!). After Church, we went to an appointment and then to dinner. After dinner, we came home and weekly planned. 

Today has been a great day so far. After this, we will run our errands and then we may go on a hike (aka: walking through the redwoods because we are all out of shape). We will see. 

Have a great day! I love you!!!! 




This morning, we went sword fighting!! You read that right. There's a guy in one of the wards who knows sword fighting (he fights in re-enactments and stuff) and he taught us how to fight with long swords and daggers (all made of wood, I promise). It was soooo cool! I got some neat pictures. :) I feel like I did okay. It is hard for me to learn things in groups and I need a lot of visuals. Plus, whenever the teacher went against me, I was terrified! He invited us to come again in a couple weeks. I am totally taking my new companion with me down there! :D 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Super Emotional Week


This has been a very emotional week for us. Here goes...

On Monday night, we had dinner with the McArthurs. We were going to go to FHE, but it was a movie night at someone's house, so we had time to have a lesson with Sister McArthur. We watched "The Testaments". 

On Tuesday, we had Zone Conference. It was really good, except the Zone Leaders gave us the wrong time so we didn't have time to clean our car as well as we should have (they do car inspections at Zone Conference). Oops. Anyway, the actual meeting was good. We had a discussion about Lynn G Robbin's talk "Tasting the Light" and then we had a presentation by the APs on Extending Comittments. We then had a short training on how to use the AreaBook App on our iPads. Then, after lunch, we had a presentation about JustServe and then President Mella reminded us of our purpose as missionaries and what our goals are for the California San Jose Mission. After that, we met as a district with President Mella to talk about changes to the area. The elders are going to be affected by it, not us. We are still over the Stake. After that, it was about dinner time. We also saw Brenda and shared a message with her. Although, in the case of her lesson, it was really the Spirit teaching all three of us! 

On Wednesday, we visited with more people, including Glenna. We shared with her from President Monson's talk "Ponder the Path of thy Feet" (October 2014 Conference). It was great. We also had dinner with Lillian and shared a message with her. 

Thursday is where things got hard. Sister Wolfe has been struggling with her health and we had a talk about it. As we talked, we decided that it would be best for her to go home. After prayer and pondering, it really became clear that she needed to go home. So, she called President Mella and told him. The rest of the day, well week really, passed in a daze. We did, however, get to see Renee and share a message with her.

On Friday, President Mella informed us that Sister Wolfe would be leaving on Monday and that I would be going to Watsonville to be with Hermana Robinson and Hermana Scarr for the rest of the transfer. So, we started packing and ended up not going to the soup kitchen this week. That night, after dinner, we went out with our YSAs. It was all right. 

On Saturday, Sister Wolfe and I kept packing and then we were going to go to SLV when the elders told us that someone was coming to take my bed to Watsonville. So, we helped with that before going to SLV. We didn't get to see or "crazy lady" (not sure where she was. She is always home...), but we saw Alice and shared a message with her. That night, after dinner, Sister Wolfe and I went out for ice cream and we saw someone get arrested. I also was hit on by a homeless man on a bike. Oh, Santa Cruz.... 

Sunday was painful. We went to Church in SLV and grabbed lunch before going to teach Young Women's class in another ward. You read that right. We taught the Young Women about missionary work and serving missions. After that, we went to a meeting that the Relief Society presidency asked us to attend and then we went home to finish packing . After packing, we went to dinner and then came back home and cleaned. After cleaning, and after Sister Wolfe and I said goodbye, President Mella and the Watsonville hermanas showed up. We loaded Sister Wolfe's stuff into President's car, and then my stuff into the hermanas car. Then, Sister Wolfe and I hugged one more time and we went our seperate ways. That night I cried a lot. I miss her terribly!

Today has been OK. We had a Sisters P-day with Sister Mella in Monterey. We met at the house of someone in the Mission Presidency and had breakfast and listened to a talk by President Eyring (the guest speaker couldn't make it). We then went on a bike ride along the coast (man am I out of shape!) before going to the park for lunch. After that, we left and now we are here. :) We have just a few hours left, but that should be enough time for laundry and shopping. Tonight, we have dinner and some appointments (the hermanas do quite a bit of teaching in English, so I will survive). 

Hope you all have a great week. I love you so much. 



A Week to Remember

Holy cow, what a week we had! Let's jump in, shall we?

For FHE on Monday, they had a bonfire, but we weren't able to go. I did persuade Sister Wolfe to call President Mella about her health issues and he offered to come to Santa Cruz and take us out. He said that he couldn't do it on Tuesday because he was busy, but we made plans to meet up on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, we had district meeting and zone service at Camp Lehi (in SLV). Unfortunately, I didn't think far enough ahead to wear bug spray and got eaten alive by mosquitoes. We then had service, cleaning up the camp bathrooms and one of the main buildings. If you remember from a previous email, Sister Wolfe is afraid of spiders. So, I spent most of the time at service killing spiders for her. I had to be brave and kill some of the ones that were too big for me! >< The elders, of course, found out and one of the elders started teasing Sister Wolfe about it. My fuse is already super short with them, so I snapped and told that elder that if he kept bothering Sister Wolfe about her fear of spiders, I would hit him, Sister or not. That shut him up for sure! 

On Wednesday, we got to hang out with President Mella. He suggested that we grab something to eat and then walk along the beach. So, we met up at a Jamba Juice and got drinks. It was so weird. He had Sister Wolfe save us a seat and then I went up to the counter with him. Nothing out of the ordinary. I am just with my mission president in a Jamba Juice! We sat at the table and talked for an hour about everything going on. It was so nice. We then went to the beach and walked along, still talking. After an hour talk along the beach, he had to leave for a meeting in Monterey and we went to dinner. It was so so so nice to see him! Seriously, who would take the time to do that? What a great mission president he is!

On Friday, we were at the soup kitchen again. And, once again, there were spiders in our work station. What is it with spiders this week?? After the soup kitchen, we went to get a treat to make ourselves feel better. We got to see Renee, too. We taught her about scripture study and answered some of her questions. It was good. That night, we went to a bonfire that the branch was having. It was fun, but there weren't too many people because the location was almost impossible to find. We did, however get to walk this beautiful trail overlooking the ocean.

On Saturday, everything went down the tube. It was a fine morning. We were studying, and finishing our talks for Tiana's baptism that night. We were going to have some lunch at home and then head to SLV to visit some people. I was opening a can when something slipped and it sliced into my finger. I let out a yell of pain, ran it under water, and saw that it was deep. I then told Sister Wolfe that she needed to take me to the emergency room or an urgent care. She asked if I was serious, and I made her look at it. She then ran to get the first aid kit and to get her shoes on so she could drive me. We called Sister Conner and she told me to go to the urgent care, so we did. We were stuck at the urgent care for at least an hour. You would think when you walk in with a bloody rag around your hand they would bump you up the queue! Finally, the doctor took a look at it and told me that I needed stitches.

The stitches were a nightmare. I had to lay back on this bed while they did the stitches in my finger, 
Stupid me, I didn't think to tell them that it takes a lot to numb me, and when he put the needle in to start the stitches I let out a cry of pain and burst into tears. The doctor was surprised I could feel that and I explained that it takes a lot to numb me. He got a stronger novocain and tried again. This time, I was numb. He put in three stitches and then had a nurse clean me up and put a bandage on it. I have to change the bandage every day and I have an appointment to come back in ten days to have the stitches removed. I am taking pain medicine like it is going out of style. It hurts so bad!

We got lunch after that (because I hadn't eaten!) and we got ice cream, too. We went home after that. We did go to the baptism that night and I was able to give my talk (even though I felt awful).
The baptism itself was great. I am so happy for Tiana! After the baptism, we went back home.

On Sunday, we only went to our YSA branch because they had asked me to speak. I think my talk went all right. That night, we had dinner with the Kings. I love eating with them. When we are with them, we really feel like we can be ourselves. What did you do for Fathers Day?

Well, that is about all for here. Today, we are going to take it easy.
It should be good.

Love you lots,


Hard Week...

Sara and Sister Wolfe
We had a difficult week this week. We just feel like there is a lot that we have to do, when we are just two young adult girls. Let me tell you how it went.

For the zone activity on P-day, we went to the beach. It was called shark fin cove or something like that. I will send a picture. It was beautiful. We tried to build a sand castle, but we gave up. We just had fun playing on the sand and talking. I also taught Sister Wolfe some card games, including cribbage. :)

On Tuesday, we had a zone breakfast. Apparently, here, they have a zone breakfast before transfer meeting to say goodbye to everyone being transferred. One of the Spanish elders went home and another elder took his place. Anyways, after breakfast, we came home and finished getting ready for the day. We then saw Jen and got to talk with her. She is moving to Arizona next week, so we won't get to meet with her for much longer. :( We then visited Adelaide, a less active who now considers herself catholic. It was a strained visit. She has no desire to go back to church. She really only joined the church because she likes LDS people. After dinner, we met with Tiana. We finished the lessons with her, and we are so excited for her baptism this weekend.

On Wednesday, we met with Tina. We shared a Mormon message with her called "your potential your privileges". It is really good! We also met with Nicole who we hadn't seen in a couple of weeks because she was in the hospital. She is doing better now. That night, we had dinner with Lillian, which is always fun (she feeds us every week).

Thursday was hard. We went to see a recent convert named Laura. She was just declared cancer free from liver cancer. The problem is, she needs a new liver. All of the toxins in her body plus all the drugs she takes for it (including medical marajuana) make her crazy. Her mom came and they got in a fight, resulting in Laura yelling at us and wanting us to take her side. (Not to mention her three crazy chihuahua has going crazy and one Maltese who had just sat in his own poop and made the whole house stink.) Thankfully, we were able to leave pretty quickly after that! After that, because I had never seen Laura that crazy, I cried (and we went to get ice cream). *sigh*

On Friday, a lot of crazy stuff happened. There is a homeless woman named Cecila, who lives in the church parking lot. Well, she got our number and called us about fifteen times that day. It was so frustrating because we cannot help her! We ended up not going to the soup kitchen because we had some appointments, but those appointments all fell through. So, it was hard. Then, we saw a guy ride by on his bike with a vacuum cleaner. Only in Santa Cruz!! Thankfully, we got to see Renee. We shared one of those "I'm a Mormon" videos with her and she loved it. It was about a French, English, and Spanish family. I got to bear my testimony to her in French. It made me feel better. We keep running into French speaking people.We had our dinner in Alma branch with the Reimers. That was fun.. That night, we spent time with our YSAs.

On Saturday,we went to San Lorenzo Valley.We saw the crazy lady (but we love her!). She is still crazy and the dog is still going after his foot. We also saw Alice, who is preparing to go to the temple. After that, we went back to Santa Cruz for dinner and saw Brenda. 

Sundays are hard. We had ward council, and then sacrament meeting, and then ward council. After that, we went back home because Sister Wolfe wasn't feeling well. We then came back for all of our last ward. The messages were great, it was just a long day. After that, we came home and planned before going to dinner. After dinner, we tried to visit some people.

Today has been challenging. We aren't going to any zone activity today. We are exhausted. Definitely wanting a nap today. Maybe Sister Wolfe and I will take a walk too.

Love you all. Hope you are doing well. Don't have a heat stroke up there in Washington.

Please remember, I love my mission. Even if we have really hard weeks. "We are as the army of Helaman. We have been taught in our youth. We will be the Lord's missionaries, to bring the world his truth."



Great Week!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. Thank you so much for the mail. I love getting your letters every week :) This week has had a lot of great things happen. It was a great way to end the transfer. Can you believe I am starting my sixth transfer? I hit seven months at the end of May!
How is it even June??

On Monday, we had dinner with the McArthurs and then went to visit people instead of going to FHE. It was a good night.

On Tuesday, we met with Tina and talked to her about the temple. We went through the beginning of the temple prep pamphlet, just to see if she was interested. She was, and we are going to see if there is a temple prep class she can take. We were on our own for dinner and we went to one of Sister Wolfe's favorite places. It was a bbq place. I got their spicy sandwich and ended up having to eat my pride. It was soooooo spicy! That night, we went to teach Tiana. We finished the commandments with her. Because the stake center is closed for the first two weeks in June, and some family scheduling conflicts, we have moved the baptism to the 20th. We are happy; this gives us more time to teach her everything.

On Wednesday, we did some visits before going to Watsonville for our iPads. We got them and had a training on how to use them. Right now we have the gospel library p and had to take a course on how to appropriately use technology. Once everyone is done with that, we should be able to go to stage two which is the area book planner app. We are excited to have them! I will have to send you a picture :D the only problem is that we have to look for places with wifi so we can download everything that we need (haha).

On Thursday, we tried to visit people, but we didn't have very much luck. Things just weren't working for us. Oh well, we have those times as missionaries. That night, though, we got to teach Tiana. We have started the last lesson with her (laws and ordinances). We taught her about the priesthood and missionary work. We encouraged her to invite people to her baptism. :)

On Friday, we were going to stay all three hours for the soup kitchen, but they had a ton of volunteers, so we left and tried to visit people. One of the people we visited was Glenna. We shared President Uchtdorf's talk "Forget Me Not". She really liked it. I also had an interesting experience there. She has a couple of dogs that she usually keeps outside, but one of them slipped back in. I have gotten a lot better with dogs on my mission. A lot. But, this dog was a pit bull, so of course my first reaction was to jump up. Well the dog got scared too and sat by Glenna. I felt bad and went over and petted him. They tried to take him out but he wouldn't go. I told Glenna to let go of his collar (she was holding onto him) and that I would be okay. He came to me and started cuddling. I then learned that he was being trained to sense anxiety and help people with anxiety problems. He had refused to leave the room until he knew that I was okay. Needless to say, Jackson the pit bull is my new friend. :) that experience meant a lot to me. It was like Heavenly Father sent him to tell me that everything would be okay.

On Saturday, we went to San Jose for Michelle's baptism! It was so great to see members and missionaries from my old area! President Mella was there too. :) I cried at the baptism. To have something you have waited and prayed for for so long happen! You may not remember this but Michelle was the one I gave the French BoM too. I now have a testimony that when we act in faith, God really does answer us. After the baptism we had lunch in San Jose and then we went to SLV. We saw the lady that is still crazy. Her dog was still trying to eat his foot. She keeps threatening him. Still no meat cleaver. We also saw Alice, an older woman who is preparing to enter the temple. We also had dinner with our ward mission leader, Brother Burgon, and his wife. We showed them one of the bible videos called "for God so loved the world". If you have not seen it, please do!

On Sunday, we had church. Lots and lots of church. No primary this time. I was asked to speak in our YSA branch in two weeks. Maybe giving a talk as a missionary will be easier... Oh well. After church, we had break the fast at the McArthur's. It was fun.

Today has been a good day so far. The weather is awesome. We have planned to do our P-day errands and then we are going to the beach with the zone. We want to say goodbye to one of the elders going home this week. We also have FHE at the beach too! So this will be a fun day.

Love you lots!!!!!!!!