Monday, February 29, 2016

My week in Hell and Heaven

Hi Family!

How are you doing on this holiday weekend? I hope well. A lot is going on here! The transfer ended, we had Tifanie's baptism, and a slough of things that happened before that that made us scared that this baptism wasn't even going to happen! All I can say is that there is opposition that comes when someone chooses to be baptized!

On Monday, after our errands, we went and played games with the Zone. We were playing soccer, and one of the elders kicked the ball and it bounced off another elder's back (giving him a big welt) and smacked me right in the eye. The game stopped as Sister Hall and another Sister went and got me ice. It hurt soooo bad. Thankfully, I didn't have a black eye! We also went to see Tifanie that night to continue teaching her the commandments. 

On Tuesday, we didn't have district meeting, so Sister Hall and I worked on the baptismal program for Tifanie and Xiomara. Sister Hall then had language study before we grabbed lunch and met with our Relief Society president. She wanted to talk about some of the sisters in the ward, figure out visiting teaching for Tifanie, and have us come with her to visit some of the sisters who can't make it to church. It was good. Later that night, we went to see Tifanie and Xiomara and taught them. 

On Wednesday, we had ZTM (Zone Training Meeting). For it, we had to read "Beware of Pride" by Ezra Taft Benson. I have read it a few times, but I always get something new out of it. Sister Hall and I also taught. We taught about commitments and following up with people on their commitments. Everyone told us that we did a good job. :) After that, we had lunch and then went to Sunrise and helped out. We played Pictionary with them. It was fun. :) Later that night, we went to see Tifanie and she told us that she had been in the hospital. We asked her if she wanted a priesthood blessing and she said yes. We said that we would bring the elders with us the next day and that they would do it. We then finished the rest of the commandments with her and Xiomara.

On Thursday, our morning appointment cancelled, so we did visits. We then had lunch before going to service at Ivy League. We were pulling weeds by this creek. I enjoyed it. After that, we went to see Tifanie and Xiomara. The elders gave Tifanie a blessing and then left. For our lesson, we did a mock baptismal interview with them (before the real one on Friday). The interview with Tifanie didn't quite go as planned, and we left the house freaked out. We called the Zone Leaders and asked them what to do. They could tell we were freaked out and they were able to help us calm down. We then had dinner, which we were late to, because we were trying to figure out the whole thing with Tifanie. Our dinner was really understanding, though. We then went home and worked on some final plans for the baptism. Then, the Coordinating Sister Training Leaders called and told me that I would be training again! We also found out that Hermana Bocanegra is training, too! Lots of things happened that night! 

On Friday, Hermana Bocanegra and I went to the meeting for trainers in San Jose. It was a lot like the one I went to the first time I trained. President Mella and the Assistants talked to us about how important it is to train a new missionary, how we are going to have an impact on them, how we are going to be an example to them, and more. To be honest, I am nervous to train again, but I know that I can do it (I have done it once before). After the meeting, we went back to our companions and Sister Hall and I worked on the baptismal program for Tifanie and Xiomara. While we were there, Xiomara called us and told us that they had to take Tifanie to the Emergency Room! He said that he would. We then finished the program as fast as we could and rushed over to the hospital. Tifanie did NOT look good. When Sister Hall and I left the hospital, we got in the car and cried (Sister Hall doesn't cry much, so that is a big deal). We went and got ice cream (to eat our feelings) and then went to our dinner. After dinner, we came back home, exhausted. We did call Tifanie that night, to see if she could do her interview tomorrow instead, and she was home from the hospital. Thank heavens!

On Saturday, Tifanie and Xiomara had their baptismal interviews. It all went well! We were so excited! We then went home and did studies before going to the church to finalize the baptismal program. We then had lunch and helped out at Sunrise. They played Jeopardy. It was fun. :) We then had dinner and appointments. That night, we waited for transfer calls. Sister Hall is being transfered. :( But, she is going to the zone right next door, so I will see her at Zone Conferences! Yay! 

On Sunday, we had that Stake Conference broadcast. It was so good! I loved Elder Renlund's talk! :D After the meeting, we were finally able to catch our ward mission leader and make sure that he knew what was going on for the baptism. We then went home and had lunch. Sister Hall then packed and I weekly planned before we went to the baptism that the hermanas were having right before ours (to help out). It was great. It was someone who had been meeting with missionaries for a long time, so a lot of missionaries came to the baptism. 

Tifanie and Xiomara's baptism was beautiful! The people who gave their talks were great, and Tifanie started to cry (which made Sister Hall and me start to cry too!). Then, a woman in the ward did a musical number and then we had the baptism. As soon as Tifanie came out of the water, she hugged the man who baptized her and then came out of the font and hugged us. She was so happy! Xiomara was baptized next and she came and hugged us too! After that, they were confirmed by our ward mission leader (John Henry). He actually started to cry during Tifanie's! After that, Tifanie bore her testimony (Xiomara didn't want to) and the meeting closed. I wish you could have been there. I haven't been so happy in so long! It made this whole crazy stressful week worth it!

After the baptism, we had dinner and then went home so Sister Hall could keep packing. It was a good night. 

Today has been good so far. We still have errands to run and then the zone is getting together one last time before everyone gets transferred. 

Have a great week. I love you!



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