Monday, February 29, 2016

Best of Times, Busiest of Times

Hello family!

How are you doing? :) I hope things are going well. Can you believe it is Frebruary?! I certainly can't. Anyways, we had a crazy week (in a good way!). Here's what happened! 

On Monday night, we met with Betty and read scriptures together. We are still in the Isaiah chapters, and I have to have the Institute manual open right alongside what we are reading. We have great discussions though.

On Tuesday, Sister Hall had a doctor's appointment and then we had District Meeting. It was really good. We then had lunch, and were going to see Jason, but he had to cancel. We did, however, get to go to Sunrise. We played games with them and then went to the wine and cheese social. They had their wine and cheese, and we read trivia to them. They enjoyed it. We then went to see Tifanie and her daughter, Xiomara (pronounced zee-oh-maw-ruh). Tifanie wasn't able to stay for the lesson, so we taught Xiomara the Restoration and invited her to be baptized. She said yes!!!!! So, she and her mom now have a baptismal date for 14 February!!!!! :D :D :D :D We had dinner that night with a family that just moved into the ward. They were so nice! We then had a meeting with our ward mission leader to talk about what is going on. It was a great day!

On Wednesday, we met with Jerri. She is doing so well. :) We then had lunch and went to service at the horse ranch. One of the riders was being difficult, but all in all it went well. I got to learn a lot about one of the other riders and her story. Some of these people are so incredible. It is great to see them and watch what the horseback riding does for them. :) We then had dinner and appointments. 

On Thursday, we had interviews with President Mella. Mine went so well! We talked about the fact that I am going home in a couple of months and what my plans are. It was really good. Then, while Sister Hall was talking to him, I was talking with Sister Mella. It was fun to just visit with her. We then had lunch before service at Ivy League. Mainly, we pulled weeds and picked up trash. I did, however, find a big winter coat that was buried in the mud by the riverbank. Trying to rip that thing free was an adventure! (Yuck!) After dinner that night, we went to see Katherine. We had a really good lesson with her about the Atonement. We shared that story I asked you to send me about a year ago, Mom. The one about pushups for donuts. :) It was great.  

On Friday, we had service at the food bank. We then had a lunch appointment. We ate with a member of the ward and one of her non-member friends. It was fun. We then tried to see a referral, but they weren't home. We tried to see some more people too, before going to dinner. After dinner, we weekly planned. Friday was also my fifteen month mark. I am officially as old as my trainer was when she trained me! 

On Saturday morning, I called Eddie to see if he still wanted a tour of the church that day and when he was available. He said (in French), "No, I want to see a meeting." He wanted to come to Sacrament Meeting!!!!! We then had to run to a zone meeting. After the meeting, we had lunch and then went to sunrise. We helped them paint pictures and then played jeopardy with them. It was fun. :) After sunrise, we had dinner, and then we then had another lesson with Tifanie and Xiomara. We taught The Restoration to Tifanie and Xiomara helped. :) It was a good day. 

On Sunday, we were soooo busy. Through the help of the Lord, we managed to find a ride for Tifanie and Xiomara and a ride for Eddie. Thankfully, Eddie's ride was John Henry (our ward mission who speaks 18 languages). So, while I was sitting with Tifanie and Xiomara, John Henry was in the back translating sacrament meeting for Eddie. We then had gospel principles, and that went really well. Then, for the third hour (because it was a fifth sunday) we all met in the chapel for a special presentation. Again, we sat with Tifanie and John Henry translated the whole thing for Eddie. After the meeting, Tifanie and Xiomara got a ride home and we went to talk with Eddie for a minute. I explained that we wouldn't be able to meet with him that night to work on English, and he said that that was fine. We set up an appointment with him for this weekend. 

We then went to our lesson with Jason. We taught about the Plan of Salvation. I feel like it went well. Afterwards, we had another chat with John Henry and he told us that Eddie wanted to come to church this upcoming Sunday too!!!! We are going to see if he would be interested in taking the lessons, too! I don't even know what to think! :D That night, we had dinner with the Makasinis. Their niece (who isn't a member), was visiting and she is from Tahiti. Being from Tahiti, she speaks French, English, and Tahitian! So, she and I chatted in French a little and in English. She is visiting here for a few weeks before she goes back to Tahiti. After the dinner, we had a lesson, and Sister Makasini asked me to pray in French. It was really special. That night, we went and saw Dawn and had a lesson with her. By the end of everything, we were exhausted! 

Today has been good so far. We are going to run our errands after this and probably spend time with the zone. Hope you all have an awesome week! 

Love you, 

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