Monday, February 29, 2016

An odd week

Hello family!
Hope you are doing well. Sorry I am emailing so late. We had an eventful morning, and we are a little behind schedule. More about that in a little bit. :) Let me tell you about the rest of the week, too.
On Monday night, we went to see Betty, but we had to reschedule. So, we went home and took care of some things. That night, we got a call from the Zone Leaders saying that they were on their way to our apartment. We asked them what they meant and they told us that the Sisters couldn't stay in their apartment and they needed to stay with us, and that they (the elders) were bringing their mattresses. The Sisters then called us and explained what was going on. So, the four of them showed up and we got everything settled.
On Tuesday, we had District Meeting. We then grabbed lunch and went to see someone before going to service at Sunrise. We watched a presentation by someone who was in the Peace Corps with them, and then set up a game of bowling. Some of the residents can bowl! They then had their wine and cheese social and we read trivia to them. We then had dinner and then saw Betty. It was a good day.
On Wednesday, we went to see Joann and had a lesson with her. We then went to lunch with Jerri. Her birthday was on Monday, and Sister Hall's was on Friday, so we decided to meet in he middle and go out to lunch. It was fun! After that, we went to the horse ranch to help out with lessons. We had to leave early, though, to meet with Jason. We taught him The Gospel of Jesus Christ. We then had dinner and Sister Hall did language study before we had one last appointment. The Sisters then called us that they were still having trouble with their apartment and that they had to come over again. So, they did (although, this time they brought foam pads instead of their mattresses).
On Thursday, we had an appointment with Chris. Funny how that worked out, looking back on it. So, Chris has a tendency to cancel on us right before the appointment. So, he called us about fifteen minutes before and we were like "No, he isn't doing this again". When Sister Hall answered the phone, he started to say that he couldn't make it and Sister Hall said, "But, Chris! We got you a treat!" He paused and then asked us how long the appointment would be! I couldn't believe it! So, we went to the store and got him some donuts. We then read the story about the seminary class where the kid did pushups for donuts and how that related to the atonement. He really liked it. We then had lunch with the hermanas before going to service at Ivy League. We had papusas. :) After Ivy League, we had dinner with the McKee's before running to another dinner with Tifanie and Xiomara. It was a good night.
On Friday, it was Sister Hall's birthday! :D In the morning, we went and did service at the food bank and then went out to lunch with some of the other missionaries in the Zone. We then had an appointment with Tifanie and Xiomara. We taught them The Gospel of Jesus Christ, too. After that, we went to a Crepe Shop with the hermanas and had crepes (yum). After that, we had a nice dinner. The family knew it was Sister Hall's birthday, and we had so much fun.
On Saturday, Sister Hall did language study and then we had lunch. After lunch, we went to Sunrise and helped them paint pictures. We then played Jeopardy with them. I was competing with one of the elders to see who could get the most points. It was fun. :) Then, two of the elders found out we didn't have a dinner and invited us to eat with them at the church. We then went home and started weekly planning, before having dinner at the church with the elders and the other sisters. We then went home and continued weekly planning. It was a good day.
On Sunday, we ran out of the house to get to the car so we could be on time to church, and Sister Hall left the keys in the apartment. And I locked the door. Again. So, we called the hermanas and asked them to give us a ride to church. Church was really good. Tifanie, Xiomara, and Eddie all came! Tifanie and Xiomara even went up and bore their testimonies! I went up as well, and bore it in English and then in French. I looked over at Eddie while I was doing the French part and he was smiling at me. :)

Then, in Sunday School I got roped into playing translator! (Ahhhhh!) John Henry, who usually translates for Eddie, was helping teach so I was to help answer any questions Eddie had. We even split into groups, and I had to explain the assignment to Eddie and ask him for his thoughts. Then, Eddie and I went up to share what we had talked about. I shared what we talked about in English and then asked Eddie for his thoughts. He said everything in French and I played translator in front of the class (scary!). In Relief Society, we had a lesson about revelation, and that was really good.
We were trying to figure out how we were going to get home (given we had no car) and a member offered to give us a ride. Yay! We then went to the hermanas apartment (they left us their key) and spent some time their because we were both not feeling well (from fasting). Later that evening, our dinner (who we had told about our situation) came and picked us up to take to her house! We had a good dinner with them and they drove us home. It was so nice. Unfortunately, my body doesn't respond well to fasting and then eating, and I was really sick that night. When the elders came over with pillows and blankets for us (like they did last time we got locked out) I asked them for a blessing. Shortly after that, I went to bed.
Today has been good. We didn't get back into our apartment until later in the morning, so we have been a little behind schedule. But, after this all we have left is grocery shopping and then hanging out with the zone. Should be a good day.
Have a great week. I love you lots!
Sara <3

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