Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I was in Primary!

Hi! How is everyone? I hope you are all doing okay. :) This week has been an interesting one. 

Monday was Memorial Day. Along with our regular P-day errands, Sister Wolfe and I went to a nearby cemetery and walked around. There were graves there of people who had been born in the 1800s and died in the 1900s! Super old! It was a pretty big cemetery, and we only walked around part of it. Then, we did our normal P-day errands. It was fun. 

On Tuesday, we saw Juana. We taught her about service. We then met with Tina, a recent convert. We shared President Uchtdorf's talk "Forget Me Not". She really liked it. :) We then had dinner with the Hickens. Sister Hicken wasn't home so we had to eat outside with Brother Hicken and Trevor. It was fun. I got such a kick out of watching them scramble around and heat up leftovers from the other night. Silly boys. :D After that, we met with Tiana. Because the church building will be closed the day of the baptism, we are moving it to Sunday the 7th. I am excited for that because now we can go to San Jose for Michelle's baptism!!!! :D We taught Tiana more of the commandments. We will be finishing her lessons this week! After that, we cleaned out our car because we had a big missionary meeting in San Jose the next day. 

On Wednesday, we went to San Jose for the big meeting. Those meetings are different after you have been transferred. So many people you don't see on a regular basis anymore! I was hugging so many sisters that I haven't seen and shaking hands with the elders. :) I actually knew people! I was so excited to see Sister Lytle, too! She is in Livermore now, so I never see her. She's doing great. :) We all assumed this was the meeting where we would be trained on how to use the iPads and finally get them. Instead, it was a four hour meeting on how to use technology as a missionary. We were all a little bummed! (We did find out though that they are going to start giving them out zone by zone and each zone will have a training meeting on how to use them. We get our iPads this Wednesday!) After the meeting, we had a meal and President Mella took a big mission picture. After that, Sister Wolfe and I left. We then went to the McArthur's for dinner. We then went home because Sister Wolfe wasn't feeling well. 

On Thursday, we were going to see Laura, but she wasn't available. That afternoon, we went to Marianne's with Courtney. We then went to visit  Renee. We also shared "Forget Me Not" with her. After that, we decided to get dinner, because our dinner cancelled on us. Don't make us pick dinner. We both are awful at making decisions. We did, however finally pick a place to eat (we didn't want to eat at home) and it was good. You have to be careful in Santa Cruz, especially downtown. A lot of the restaurants serve what I like to call "hippie food"! 

On Friday, we went to the soup kitchen. Bre asked me in a recent letter what we do at the soup kitchen, so let me break it down for you. We arrive at the soup kitchen at 10h00 and we help them get food ready until 11h00. Then at 11h00 they serve us. One of the Catholic saints said that when you serve  food, you should be full so that you are happy when you are serving. So, they feed us while the homeless people are in the courtyard. While they wait, there is a building in the courtyard where they can take a shower. After we eat, we help get everything the rest of the way ready and then we go out into the courtyard to have a prayer with them before they eat at 12h00. From 12h00 to 1h00 we serve the food. Then we help clean up and we are gone a little after 1h00. It is fun. After the soup kitchen, we tried to see some people, but they weren't home. We then went to see Rhonda and her sons, Phillip and Joseph (not investigators). We taught them about scripture study. We then had dinner, by ourselves again. This time, to a really yummy restaurant. After dinner, we went and saw Krystal. We had a really powerful lesson with her about repentance. It was one of those lessons when the Spirit says "Good job, Sisters, but now I am here. Let me teach." It was incredible.

On Saturday, we did service for the McArthur's. Sister McArthur has a huge flower garden and we did some weeding for her. After that, we had lunch before heading to San Lorenzo Valley. First, we saw Sister Dallenbach. She is doing about the same. She and her crazy dog. Her house was like an oven though! We didn't stay as long as we usually do, because Sister Wolfe hates heat. We then tried to visit some people before going to dinner at the Mock's house. They have a couple of little dogs, so eating with them is interesting. It was fun, though. 

On Sunday, we went to one of our branches for sacrament meeting. This branch is up in the mountains and is about halfway between Santa Cruz and San Jose. As you would guess, it is pretty small. After sacrament meeting, we went back to Santa Cruz for lunch and then went to primary in another ward. We were in primary because they had asked us to do singing time. You read that right! Sister Wolfe played the piano and I lead Singing Time. Thankfully, there were not many kids there this week, and I know how to lead music! We survived. Actually, it went okay. :) Sister Wolfe and I had fun watching Sharing Time. You never know what those kids are going to say! After primary, we went to Sunday school and then a combined meeting (5th sunday) in our YSA Branch. We then came home and planned before we were going to go to dinner. Our dinner, however, couldn't have us over and she sent her husband to meet us near our apartment with plates of food. It was so nice. :) We then weekly planned and called it a night. 

We have noticed something interesting. A lot of people don't seem to realize that Jesus Christ is IN The Book of Mormon. As in, He makes an appearance. Everyone knows about when He appeared to Joseph Smith (even non-members) but people don't seem to get that He appeared in the Book of Mormon. Even some members! So, for the last little while Sister Wolfe and I have been sharing 3 Nephi 11 in our dinner messages. I encourage you to go back and read it! Every time Sister Wolfe and I teach it, I learn something new. :) 

Today has been a good day. We have some errands to run, but it should be a pretty relaxed day. :) It should be a great week too! :D

Love you lots! Thanks for all you do!