Monday, February 29, 2016

Week of Changes

Hello family!

This week was definitely eventful. Not the best week for teaching people (with the holiday, people were out of town) but still an eventful week. Let me tell you about it. 

We were very busy running errands on P-day. We did, however, get to be with the Zone and say goodbye to those who were being transferred. That night, we had dinner with Tifanie and Xiomara and they got to say goodbye to Sister Hall, too. 

On Tuesday, we drove down to the mission office for transfers. They got rid of transfer meetings, so all we had to do was meet Sister Hall's new companion and move her stuff from our car to theirs. We got Hermana Peterson's stuff moved too, and then Hermana Bocanegra and I left to go back to our area (we were together until the new missionaries came in). We were both really sad to say goodbye to our companions. We then went and had lunch before going to the horse ranch, because they called us and asked us to help out. In the end, they ended up having more people than they needed, so we went to help at Sunrise instead. They usually have their wine and cheese social, but they had strawberry daqueries instead because it was so hot out. We got one too, without alcohol. :) We also read them trivia questions. It was fun. After that, we went and visited people that the Spanish sisters are meeting with. We then had dinner with a family and the Spanish elders. It was fun, and I was able to get the gist of what was going on (it was all in Spnish).

On Wednesday, we had district meeting (in English). We then had lunch and visited some people before going to help out at Sunrise again. We then went to the church to wait for the woman who was bringing us dinner (and dinner for the spanish elders). The four of us ate at the church before going to the Bible class that the Spanish missionaries teach (that members and their friends can come to). It was all in Spanish, but I was able to understand some of it. Plus, Hermana Bocanegra sat by me and translated the things that I didn't understand. It was all about the miracles of Jesus Christ and the priesthood. It was good.

On Thursday, we had to leave early because Hermana Bocanegra had an appointment in San Jose. Thankfully, we left with plenty of time because the office in San Jose was closed and we had to go to one in a nearby city. We got to the appointment and had plenty of time to get to the mission office to pick up the trainees. I am with a sister named Sister Doig. She is from Canada.  I already like her a lot. :) After I got Sister Doig, we went back to our area for a quick lunch and some training before going to service at Ivy League. It was a good chance for Sister Doig to meet most of the zone. We then had dinner and tried to see some people. 

On Friday, we had service at the food bank. It was really fun. We also went out to lunch with some of the other missionaries. After lunch, we went home and did our weekly planning. It took longer than usual because I had to explain to Sister Doig who everyone was, but that was fine. We then tried to see some people, but no one was home (we do try to have appointments, but sometimes we just drop in on people too). It was raining too, which made it hard to go talk to people on the street. We then had dinner and went to the ward game night at the church. Lots of members from the ward were there, and it was a great chance for them to meet Sister Diog. Tifanie and Xiomara were able to go too! 

On Saturday, we had studies and then did training. We then went to see Joann and had a lesson with her on Tithing and Fasting. Sister Doig did such a good job! :D We then had lunch and went contacting (because no one was available). After that, we went to Sunrise and played Jeopardy with them. We then had dinner with Claudia. We were planning on going to see Tifanie and Xiomara, too, but they had to cancel. So, we went home and did some finishing touches on our weekly planning. 

On Sunday, we had church. There were a lot of people to keep track of this time. Philip is back in town (hoping we can start lessons with him soon!). Eddie also came to church again (hopefully we can start things with him, too!). The lesson in Gospel Principles was great. It was about the Church of Jesus Christ today, and they mainly focused on the Restoration. It was good for Phillip and Eddie to hear it, and a good reminder for everyone else. The Spirit was definitely there! After church, we had lunch and did training before going to visit people. We met with one woman named Sandy. She is a member, and can't come to church right now because of her health. We met with her and had a great lesson. :) After that, we tried to see some potential investigators, but people weren't home. Drat. We then had dinner. After dinner, we tried to see some people. I wanted Sister Doig to meet Kathy, but she wasn't home. 

Today has been all right so far. We still have errands to run and then we will hopefully get to spend some time with the zone. There are three of us who are training new missionaries and a couple of missionaries who just transferred in here, and I want to get to know them all. 

Love you lots. Have an awesome week! 


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