Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Better Week!

Hello family! 

How is everyone? I hope things are going well for you. We had an eventful week this week. Definitely better than last week! :D Here goes!

On Monday, we had our regular P-day errands and activities. We then had dinner with a woman in the ward, whose grandson we used to teach. We then saw Betty and read scriptures with her. All in all, it was a good night. 

On Tuesday, we got a referral of sorts. We were early to District Meeting, and another set of Elders were already there. We talked with them, and they told us that they were probably going to give us one of their investigators! :) District Meeting was good, too. After District Meeting, we had lunch and then had training. Sister Doig and I were studying finding this week (hmm that is relevant!) and finishing The Restoration. We then went to service at Sunrise. We played this really fun game called Triominoes (like dominoes, but with three sides) and then played Jeopardy with them. After Sunrise, we tried to go to dinner, but there was a huge tow truck in the way. Apparently, this huge semi was going down the hill and lost control, slamming into a house. They were just getting the semi onto the tow truck when we came. So, we waited for a little bit, and then we were able to get to dinner. We had dinner with a family in the ward that I really like. We then met with our ward mission leader to talk about the work in the area. 

On Wednesday, we tried to see some people, but they weren't available. So, we tried contacting our potentials and talking to people on the street. We then had lunch and training before going to service at the horse ranch. This time, we took the horses that weren't in lessons out to graze. It was an adventure trying to get them away from all that yummy grass when their time was up! (I pulled really one one of the horses' ropes and fell over!) :) We then had dinner with a family in the ward. After that, we saw Tifanie and Xiomara and had a lesson with them. It went really well. We talked about temples and work for the dead. They had great questions!

On Thursday, we went to the church to get directions to the homes of people we were going to go visit. We also called our potentials and one of our referrals (a man named Sam) called us back! We ended up setting up an appointment with him for Saturday morning. :) We then saw Joann and had a lesson with her about following the prophet (can you believe it is almost Conference time again?!). After that, we had lunch and training before going contacting. After some time on the street, we then tried to see some less actives and a referral from Tifanie and Xiomara. We then had dinner with the McKees. They are so awesome. We then tried to see the investigator the Elders are going to give us, but she didn't answer our calls/texts. 

On Friday, we had service at the food bank. It was fun. We then had lunch and did our weekly planning. After that, we tried to see Katherine, but she wasn't home, so we went contacting. We then realized that we were near the place where the Elders' investigator work, so we decided to do a little "creative stalking". So, we went in and looked at all the employees, trying to find out which one was her! We even bought something in the aisle that we thought was hers! We also texted the Elders, asking what she looked like, but they didn't reply till later (dang it!). We then did some more contacting. It has been raining a lot though (gasp!), so not many people were out. We then had dinner and tried to see more people. 

On Saturday, we had our lesson with Sam and his wife. We met at a coffee shop and talked. I am not sure how I feel about our lesson. We tried to get to know them and their religious background, and they asked us a lot of questions about what makes our church different. Then Sam was asking some deep doctrine questions, and those were really tricky to answer. I don't know how I feel about how we handled it. He wasn't antagonistic at all. There were very good feelings the entire time, but there wee just a lot of hard questions. I am not a theologian! We have done some research on his questions, and are giving him some materials to read before our next appointment. Hopefully this time we can teach the Restoration. We then had lunch before going to service at Sunrise. We drew pictures with them and then played Jeopardy. They seemed to enjoy it. We then tried to see some people before having dinner and going out again. We then did training that night. 

On Sunday, we had church. It was really good! Tifanie bore her testimony in Fast and Testimony Meeting, and she did well. In Gospel Principles, we talked all about repentance. Then, in Relief Society, the lesson was about kindness and not being offended. I really enjoyed it. We also got to talk to Phillip. We asked him if we could come see him and he said next week! :D I am SO excited to finally start teaching him! After church, we went to see Marta and then did training. We then did contacting before going to dinner. After dinner, we tried to see Eddie (we have some church materials in French that we want to give him) but he wasn't home. We then called a member in the ward who asked us to call him when we could. He is Tifanie's home teacher and asked if we could do her "new member lessons" at his house! We said yes! :D 

We are having a good day so far. It is raining, again. We are going to get our errands done and then spend some time with the zone. We also have to clean our car. We just found out that we have Zone Conference this week. 

Love you! Have an awesome week!


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