Monday, February 29, 2016

What a week

Hello Family!

How are you doing? I hope you are doing well. We had a really busy week, as you already know. And for the first three days of the week being P-day and meetings, we did really well! :D Let me tell you about it. 

As you recall, Tuesday was P-day. We did our usual errands and then that night we had dinner with the spanish missionaries and one of the families in their ward (no one signed up to feed us that night). The father in the family is a chef, so we had really good food! It was fun to listen to everyone talk and try to figure out what was going on. :) All in all, it was a good day. 

On Wednesday, we had the worldwide missionary broadcast. It was soooo good. It was called "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts". Neil L Anderson, David A Bednar, W Christopher Waddell, Bonnie L Oscarson, L Whitney Clayton, Brent H Nielson, and Dallin H Oaks all spoke and trained us. They said that it was the first broadcast they had had like that in about ten years! I took a lot of notes, and will have to send them to you. After the broadcast, we went to lunch with the hermanas and then went back home. We then had dinner with a family in the ward and then appointments. It was a good day! :) 

On Thursday, we met with Jerri. That was funny. It was funny because when we got to Jerri's house, her mom (who lives with her) was sitting in the livingroom with the Jehovah Witness missionaries! So, we ended up meeting with Jerri in a different room in the house. There were a few times Sister Hall and I could hear what they were saying, and that was fun. Anyways, after we met with Jerri, we went and got lunch with the hermanas because it was Hermana Bocanegra's birthday. We went and got tortas (it is like a mexican burger. It is yummy!). We then went to service at Ivy League. While we were there, we plotted with the Sister Training Leaders to bring Hermana Bocanegra a cake and sing Happy Birthday to her. It was so fun! :) After that, we were going to meet with Jason, but he had to reschedule. We then went to dinner and then met with Mohammed. We taught him The Plan of Salvation. He had a lot of questions. It was an interesting lesson. I felt like Sister Hall and I taught it well together, but it could have been better. We are seeing him again next week. 

On Friday, we had service at the food bank and then had to run home because the housing coordinator was bringing us new desks! Yay! I was sitting at a table and Sister Hall's desk had nails sticking out of it. But now we have new desks! :) After we got the desks, we went to see Tifanie. Wow. That was an amazing lesson. We asked her about her religious background, and she told us about some of the things she is going through right now. She said that she had prayed last week for help and then we showed up the next day! We talked to her about our purpose as missionaries, and she asked us how soon she can get baptized! (My jaw about hit the table at this point!) So, we taught her part of the first lesson (she didn't have a lot of time) and we have another appointment for this week! Wow! We then tried to go see another referral, but he moved and we will have to send his name to other missionaries. We then wanted to see Ellen, but she had to cancel. So did our appointment with Chris. 

We then had to stop at Target to use the restroom (and their wifi). When we were coming out of Target, a man walked up to us in the parking lot and handed us a piece of paper, saying that "two gentlemen" wanted him to give it to us. We opened it up and there were two names and a phone number. Sister Hall was so excited because she thought we had a referral. I told her that I thought someone was hitting on us. So, we went home to weekly plan, and we texted the number. The number texted us back, and... I was right. So, we ended up telling them that we were the missionaries, and they stopped. We laughed about it for a long time. Who flirts with the missionaries?! Later that night, we had dinner and then we saw Betty and read scriptures with her. She had a lot of questions. It was a good day. :)

On Saturday, we spent our morning weekly planning. We then had lunch and went to a zone service project. We were helping someone move. We helped move all of the stuff out of the house and into a u-haul trailer, and then drove to their storage unit and helped unload everything. By the time we were done, it was time to go to dinner! After dinner, we went and saw Eddie. Wow again. Sister Hall was teaching his kids the alphabet, and I was chatting with him in English and French (probably 80% French, 20% English), and he asked me what we do as missionaries. So, I explained to him in French what we do as missionaries. He then asked about church and I started explaining more about it. We must have switched to English at some point, because Sister Hall looked at him and invited him to church. He said that he would be interested in coming!!!! So, I gave him the address and we talked more about it. He said that he wants to come on Saturday and look at the building and then we will meet up on Sunday and work on English some more. I was floored! When we got in the car, I told Sister Hall everything and she was shocked, too! I am so happy that Heavenly Father made it so that Eddie and I could cross paths. I mean, there is no way that any of that just happened. I feel like this is one of the reasons I am here. Even if he doesn't get baptized or join the church. 

On Sunday, we had ward council and then church. It was good. Phillip came, but Jason and Jennifer couldn't come (He was sick, and she was trying the YSA ward). After church, we had lunch and then went to the Tongan ward sacrament meeting because one of the youth who hangs out with the missionaries was giving his farewell talk. It was so cool! I really enjoyed being there! :) We then decided to make cookies for Jason to take to him (because he was sick). Well, that turned into a bigger mess than we were anticipating. First, we didn't have all the ingredients, so we went to someone's house to make them. Then, they didn't have all the ingredients, so we tried to make it work. It failed horribly. We ended up not even giving them to Jason! We then had dinner and then went to the church to work on updating our records.

Today has been good so far. We have errands to run, and then we are going to spend some time with the zone. Tonight, we have dinner and then some appointments. 

Love you soooo much!

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