Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hi Family!

This is my last email to you as a missionary. I don't know how I feel about that. Let me talk to you about last week. I know how to do that! :D

Monday was a crazy P-day because Sister Harvey had her dentist appointment, so I don't really have much to say. We got everything done though, and that is what is important! 

On Tuesday, we went to a thrift store to do service (we signed up to come the week before, so this was our first time). We stayed in the back and reviewed the things that had been donated to see if the store could really sell them. It was great! We then went to a lesson with Linda. She had also requested that the elders come and do yard work for her, so we asked the elders to come, too. In the end, all three sets of elders in the zone came to work in her yard! It was pretty funny. The lesson was great. We answered her questions about her Book of Mormon reading and taught her about Faith in Christ. It was a great lesson. After that, we had lunch and then went to visit a family in the ward. We had a good lesson with them. After that, we went to San Jose for my exit interview with President Mella. That went really well! We grabbed dinner on our way out of San Jose and didn't get home until pretty late because the traffic was so bad. We then met with the Zone Leaders to plan ZTM. It was a good day. 

On Wednesday, we had service at the kitchen that we usually go to. Sister Harvey and I were cutting onions and the elders were teasing us about crying (haha). We then had lunch and tried to see some people. We also picked up a new investigator! We visited a less active and his ex-fiancĂ©e who was a potential. We taught them The Restoration and she agreed to meet with us again! Woohoo! Her name is Gail. She is awesome! We then visited a woman who recently moved into the ward and set up an appointment with her for this week. We then met with our ward mission leader in the YSA ward before going to dinner with Piyush. We had so much fun! After dinner, we dropped by another family and visited them. It was a good day. 

On Thursday, we went to Livermore for their ZTM. It was great. After that, we went to lunch with the Livermore sisters. We then went back home and weekly planned. After weekly planning, we went to see another one of the seven year olds that we are teaching. We then had dinner and splits. Only one of the ward missionaries came, so Sister Harvey and I were in a trio with her. We tried to see some people, but they weren't there. We then went to see someone else and managed to find her home and set up an appointment for later that week. It was great. 

On Friday, we had our Zone's ZTM. It went really well (long, but well). The Zone had me get up and give my final testimony, too. Thankfully, I didn't cry. It was really hard to do it. Especially because a couple of those missionaries I have known since the beginning of my mission. We then tried to see some people and then went to the church to give a tour to a hindi group that is doing a show this weekend. They were late, though, and we had to go to dinner. Someone else was able to give them a tour though. :) We then had dinner and then had a lesson with the Vagos (our three baptismal dates). We were going to teach The Plan of Salvation, but we ended up reading scriptures with them. We read Ether 3. It was so good! :) We were then going to meet with a family, but they had to cancel. It was a good day. 

On Saturday, we had coorelation with one of our ward mission leaders. We then had lunch and tried to see the girl who we set up an appointment with on splits. She wasn't home though. We then went to Fremont for their ZTM. It was a really good ZTM. We then tried to see some people before dinner. We ended up having dinner with a family in the ward and the elders, because the mother forgot she had signed up to feed the elders before she had invited us to come because she saw that we didn't have a dinner that night. It was a fun dinner. We then dropped by a potential investigator who we had been trying to see for weeks. She was home! We met with her and her husband and taught them a lesson. So, we got two more investigators! :) That night, we had transfer calls. The Zone Leaders told me that I am going home (big surprise) and they told Sister Harvey who her new companion is going to be. It will be my daughter, Sister Kelly. We asked who else was leaving and we found out that every companionship is changing. So, we are all going to transfer meeting on Tuesday! 

On Sunday, it was ward conference, so we didn't have our ward councils. Ward conference was great. The Bishop and the Stake President spoke. :) We then had lunch and went to church with our YSA. That was good, too. We then met with Amity and had a lesson with her. After that, we tried to visit someone the Relief Society asked us to see, but she wasn't home. We then stopped by some people so I could say goodbye. We then went to dinner and then I said goodbye to more people. It was an emotional day. 

Today has been good. We did our errands and now we're here. We are going to hang out with the zone today too. Tonight, we have dinner and there are a couple more people I want to say goodbye to. We also have a meeting with one of the high councilmen. Should be a good day. 

Well, have a good one. I will see you on Wednesday!


Right place, right time


How are you guys? It was sure good to see you on Skype yesterday!
Anyways, I am a little pressed for time, so let me jump into our week.
Some great stuff happened this week!

As you know, on Monday, we were in Santa Cruz. That was so much fun.
Except, we were stuck in traffic for hours! We had just enough time to
go to dinner and then go home!

On Tuesday, we had a rough morning, and we were feeling a little
discouraged. But, we decided to keep on going (ice cream helped too).
That afternoon, we had a lesson with a seven year old who is going to
get baptized soon. We taught The Gospel of Jesus Christ. He liked it.
We then stopped by a family (the Vagos) that we have been trying to
meet with for a while, but they are never home or "too busy". This
time we knocked on the door, and they answered. Not only that, they
said to come back! So, we said we would be back that night! We then
met with the Havards and helped them with their Family Mission Plan. I
was glad to be there, because she wanted help finding things on Gospel
Library, and her Gospel Library was all in French. :) We then had
dinner and went to see the Vagos. We not only got in, but we taught
the three kids The Restoration, and set baptismal dates with them for
mid-June! Pray for the Vagos please!!!! I am so glad we kept the faith
and didn't give up even though we had a rough morning!

On Wednesday, Sister Harvey wasn't feeling well so we didn't go to
service. We did go to District Meeting. That went well. We then tried
to see some people. We didn't have a dinner that night, so we went out
and decided to eat at a park. Then, in our way to the car, we saw two
girls playing basketball. Sister Harvey went over and asked if she
could shoot the ball. They let her, and we started talking to the
girls. We ended up telling them what we do as missionaries and invited
them to the Hindi singing event that was that weekend. :) Later that
night, we did some visits. It was a good day.

On Thursday, we met with some of the other missionaries in the zone
and practiced a musical number for the Hindi singing event. The member
who helps set up these Hindi events volunteered us to sing at it, so
we got together to figure out a plan. We decided to sing "Come Thou
Fount of Every Blessing". With one of the elders on the guitar and
another on the piano. It sounded awesome! We then came home, had
lunch, and did weekly planning. We then had a lesson with the
Brownlows. We taught them The Gospel of Jesus Christ. After that, we
had dinner. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication between us and
our dinner and we ended up waiting for eachother in different places!
We ironed it all out, but dinner took about twice as long because of
it. It was a good day.

On Friday, we were at MLC in San Jose. It was really good. We talked
about enduring to the end and why we need a church to do so. When
President Mella talked about enduring to the end of your mission,
Sister Lytle and I just started crying!! After that, we came back
home, had dinner, and then went to badminton. No one came for
badminton, but a member was giving her friend a church tour and we
were able to answer some of her questions. We then met up with the
elders for another song practice. It was a good day.

In Saturday, we figured out some new places to serve and had lunch
before the sisters from the zone next door came for exchanges. I got
to be with my daughter, Sister Kelly. We went to visit people, but no
one was home, so we went contacting at the park. It was fun to see hoe
much she has grown in the last six months. I think she enjoyed seeing
me again, too. :) We then met up with everyone for another song
practice (this time as a whole zone) and then went to the event.
Sadly, Sister Kelly and I had to leave early to go to a dinner, so we
didn't get to sing with everyone. I am going to get as many pictures
as I can though! Dinner was awesome. The family feeding us was from
the same place as Sister Kelly, and the dad went to France in his
mission! I felt like we were supposed to be at that dinner! We then
went back to the event and found the rest of the zone giving church
tours. So, we joined in and gave out materials to those who were
interested. They loved it! The exchange however, ended late, and we
didn't want to make the sisters drive back that late, so they crashed
at our place.

On Sunday, we went to church. It was really good. We did the regular
three hours in our first ward, and in our second we did the first two
as usual and then went to young women's instead of relief society. It
was fun. We then stopped by our dinner's house to pick up dinner and
ate before skyping. It was so good to skype you!!!!!! After that, we
visited some women in the ward who may have been lonely on Mother's
Day and wished them a happy Mother's Day. We then drove to the mission
home in San Jose because Sister Harvey had a doctor's appointment the
next morning, and Sister Mella offered to give us a ride the rest of
the way there (we have mileage limits). It was so fun to spend the
night there. I almost felt like I was home. :)

Today was Sister Harvey's appointment. Sister Mella and I aired in the
waiting room and studied and talked. She then took us back to the
mission home and we took a nap. We then had lunch at the mission home
before heading to the mission office and then back to Pleasanton. I
then worked on packing and we went shopping. It has been a busy day,
but good. Tonight, we have dinner and then we are going to the YSA
FHE. Should me fun.

Have a great week! I LOVE YOU!



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How is it May?!

Hi Family!

How are you? I hope you are doing well! We had a great week, and we went to Santa Cruz today. We caught the bus in San Jose, so I got to visit two of my old areas today! It was awesome! Oh, before I forget,
thank you for all the kind birthday wishes! I loved it! Anyways, let
me tell you about our week. It was a good one!

Last Monday, for Pday, one of the zones near us invited us to go
bowling with them. By he time Sister Harvey and I got there, they were
all done. So, we went to a park and played frisbee. It was windy, so
we ran around and laughed at ourselves trying to catch the frisbee (my
height doesn't help either!). After that, we had dinner and then FHE
at the Stake President's house. They invited Piyush and we invited
Abisheck. Piyush couldn't make it, but Abisheck did. It was great. We
have an awesome Stake President here. That night, we went to fill up
our car with gas and we had a great conversation with a guy named Jo.
We invited him to church, too (I don't remember seeing him yesterday

On Tuesday, we did service at the kitchen again. We then had lunch and
went to an appointment with some kids. We taught them about Family
History. Sister Harvey found some famous people she is related to on and so we were able to keep the kids entertained.
:) Later that afternoon, we went to see a less active woman named
Sister Carter. She is awesome! She plays piano and she was an opera
singer. She knows lots of import ant people in the music world! We
asked her to play for us and she did. When she sat at the bench, she
said, "Do either of you like Bring Him Home from Les Mis?" I told her
that I did and she played it for us! I was having a rough time during
that day, and as she played it was like Heavenly Father was saying
that it would all be okay. I totally cried. After that, we visited he
Havards (French family I met my first day here) and helped them start
a family mission plan. Sister Harvey had me explain it in French (even
through their English is fine). I feel like I did okay. I need to hit
the French books hard when I get home! After that, we had dinner and
dropped by other families to help them with a family mission plan too.
Hopefully we can find some more people to teach!

On Wednesday, we had service at the kitchen again. It was fun. :) We
then had lunch and district meeting. In district meeting, we talked
about making sure our investigators understand the importance of the
Book of Mormon. We then hart attacked a less active who we visit. We
then checked on another less active who is moving. We then had dinner
and met with Brittany and had a great lesson with her. We then met
with a family. After that, we tried to visit some more people. It was
a good day.

On Thursday, we had an appointment with Dominique. We had a great
lesson about The Gospel of Jesus Christ. We then had lunch and did our
weekly planning. After that, we had dinner ad then a lesson with the a
family. We taught the Allan of Salvation. After that, we had a lesson
a part member family. We taught them about tithing and fasting. That
night, we had splits, but only one ward missionary could come so we
were a trio. We went to a family's home and did FHE. It was fun. :)

On Friday, I hit 18 months. Holy cow! In the morning, we finished
weekly planning and then went to visit someone. We then he lunch and
tried to visit people. We visited a woman who loves her family history
and that was super fun. We also visited another family and helped them
start a family mission plan. We also dropped by the Wendletons. We are
going to push back the baptismal date for a few weeks from now. We
then went and helped set up for the ward Cinco de Mayo party. We also
thought there would be badminton that night, so we went for part the
party and part of badminton. It was fun. We also got sent home with a
ton of taco leftovers! Yum!

On Saturday, we helped out with the special olympics at a nearby high
school. It was so much fun! Sister Harvey and I helped with the
awards. We loved it. We then met up with the sisters in the zone next
door and did exchanges. They were in a trio, and I was with two while
Sister Harvey was with the other one. The five of us had lunch and
then we split up. The sisters with me went to see Amity, but she
wasn't home. We then went to a really awesome dinner appointment.
Later that night, we met at the church and exchanged back. It was fun.
All in all, a great day.

On Sunday, Sister Harvey surprised me with a birthday present. I loved
it! We then had church, and Sister Harvey and I taught Sharing Time.
We taught the kids and got them excited to do their family history! We
also taught Gospel Principles in our other ward. It was about the
Priesthood. After that, we went to our YSA for Break the Fast. We then
went to our dinner and then to help out at the Crystal Apple Awards.
Basically, they are these awards that some students do to honor their
teachers. I thought it was so cool! Afterwards, we went around and
congratulated the teachers. We then went home. It was a good day.

Today has been good. Like I said, we were in Santa Cruz. It was so
much fun! We went to the wharf, had lunch, and played on the beach.
Now, we are headed back home. Tonight we have dinner and then we have
something with our YSA. Should be fun. :) Have a great week. Love you,
and can't wait to see you on Mother's Day!



Hi Family!

How are you? I hope you are doing well. Can you believe April is almost over? It sure flew by! So did this week. Sister Harvey and I were looking over everything we did this week and we were surprised at how much we accomplished!

Monday was P-day. After we got all of our errands done, we played games at the church with most of the zone. Some of the elders begged me to play slaughterball with them. It was fun. It reminded me of a game we played in my last area. I mainly wrote letters, though. That night, we had dinner and then had FHE with a family in the ward. We taught them about The Book of Mormon and invited them to read together as a family. It was fun. They told us to go visit one of their friends (named Telissa) too! We had a little bit of time after that, so we dropped by someone in the ward who hasn't been able to come. It was a good day. 

On Tuesday, we didn't go to service because I was feeling sick. But, after that, we went out and saw people. We visited a family in the ward and another family whose niece is one of our investigators. After that, we went contacting at the park. We didn't get to talk to too many people, but we did have an interesting conversation with some young guys who were probably trying to flirt with us (haha). We then had an early dinner with a member in the ward. We then had a lesson with another seven year old, and encouraged him to invite friends to his baptism. We then met with a couple in the ward that just got called to be a Mission President and wife. They asked us questions about President Mella and the way things work in the mission. We then taught them one of the lessons to show them how we teach. They loved it! We then went with the wife to someone's house to do service (we didn't really have a set appintment). We then went to a family's house for FHE. We played Uno and shared a message. They loved it! 

On Wednesday, we went to service at the kitchen. It was fun! We then went home and had lunch before going to District Meeting. We had a super fun object lesson in District Meeting! Our District Leader brought "exaltation" (ice cream) and put it in the fridge in the kitchen. Then, he told us that we all had to be perfect to obtain exaltation and asked us to do what "perfect mormons/missionaries" do and recite D&C 4, articles of faith, scriptures, etc. The elder with him (they were on exchanges) and Sister Harvey didn't make it very far, but I was able to recite D&C 4, and the first six articles of faith before he made me start reciting random scripture masteries. He was like "Dang it, Sister Palmer! I need you to mess up for this to work!" I finally stopped and then he talked about what we need to do to be perfect. We talked about repentance and baptism and we all agreed to be better. He then went and got the "exaltation" for us to eat. It was so much fun! After District Meeting, we visited some people and then had dinner. After dinner, we had a lesson with a recent convert named Brittney. She is so awesome! We then tried to see some people, but one wouldn't answer the door (we knew they were there!) and one actually wasn't home. It was a good day. 

On Thursday, we went to service at the kitchen again. It was fun. We then had lunch before going to visit a family. We had a good conversation with the wife. We then tried to visit a family, but they lived on a military base and they wouldn't let us get passes because of something with our car. Didn't know I would be going to a military base on my mission! We then did some contacting before having a lesson with some more seven year olds. We taught about The Gospel of Jesus Christ. They loved it! We then had dinner at a party for a ward member who was opening her mission call. Unfortunately, we didn't get to stick around long enough for the call opening (we had an appointment). She texted us that night though that she is going to Brazil. :)  That night, we had splits. Sister Harvey and I went out with ward missionaries to try to see people. The sister I was with was awesome! We went to see someone in the ward and we had an awesome time. The woman we saw cried and told us that she had needed someone to come see her. The spirit was so strong! It was an awesome night!

On Friday, we weekly planned and tried to see some people. Weekly planning took a looooong time.We then tried to see our referral, Telissa. We caught them about to have dinner, and they asked us to come by next week. So we will see what happens with her. We then tried to see some other people before going to dinner. We then went to the badmitton night at the church. One of our investigators came and we had a lot of fun. Mainly, Sister Harvey and I just tried to keep a rally going (haha). It was super fun. 

On Saturday, we were busy! A Hindi group was having a dance/Bollywood show at the stake center that night, and we were there helping for most of the day. We did take a break in the afternoon and tried to see people, but then we were back helping. About 180 Hindi people came to see it and Sister Harvey and I tried to talk to all of them. We even stayed for the show! It was so fun! Two other companionships from our zone were there, too. We had a great time. Sister Harvey and I even met a woman and her daughter who were originally from France! So, I got to speak French with her! We also helped clean up and got some yummy Indian food to take home. 

On Sunday, Sister Harvey wasn't feeling well, so we ended up not going to church. Later that afternoon, though, we went out to see people. It was a good day. 

Today has been good. We got our errands done, and we are going to see what the rest of the Zone is up to. We heard a rumor about going bowling with another zone. :) Have an awesome week! I love you!