Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Warning: Baptisms Ahead ;-)

Hello family! 

How is everyone? I hope you are doing well! *hugs* Can you believe we are halfway through April? I know I can't! It is scaring me how fast time is going now! Anyways, let me tell you about our incredibly fast and busy week. It was a great one! 

On Monday, we met up with the zone at one of the church buildings and played games. It was fun. Then, Sister Harvey and I went to dinner before going to an appointment. It was a good day. 

On Tuesday, we had interviews with President Mella (and Sister Mella). It was good. We were then going to go to the Livermore Zone ZTM, but President Mella was behind schedule on interviews so we couldn't make it. So, we had lunch before going to visit people. Later that afternoon, we had an appointment with a couple of kids who are getting baptized soon. We taught them chastity (we kept it super vague). We then dropped by another family before going to dinner. That night, we had a lesson with Piyush. We taught him about Family History. He was so excited! 

On Wednesday, we were going to go to service but this week was national volunteer week and they had more people than they could handle. So, we visited people instead. Later that afternoon, we met with the Livermore sisters to give them some materials they had asked for. We then went to the church to finish planning ZTM with the Zone Leaders. We then had an appointment with a family before going to dinner. Our dinner was with a non-member Hindi family. Basically, there is an agreement that the Hindis can use our church building for some of their events if they feed the missionaries. It was really fun! I learned a lot about their culture. Plus, one of their daughters was taking French, so I got to talk to her. :)

On Thursday, we did our weekly planning. We then had some appointments and visited people. We taught a couple of kids The Plan of Salvation and drew it on the iPad. That was fun. :) We also met with this family that hasn't been coming to church and they invited us to come back this week for dinner. After that, we then had dinner before going to the visiting teaching conference that our relief society was having (so I could get to know the members). While there, I met a woman from the Tri-Cities! Her parents are in the Richland Stake! :) We stayed for the whole conference and met some non-member friends that the women had brought. 

On Friday, we had ZTM (Zone Training Meeting). It was my first one as a STL. During it, Sister Harvey and I taught the zone about The Holy Ghost. It went well. Unfortunately, we had to leave early, but it was because we had an appointment with an investigator. Her name is Linda. We went to her home and reviewed The Restoration and then taught The Plan of Salvation. She really likes her church, but she is open. We will see where it goes. She is one amazing lady. :) We then had lunch before going out and inviting as many people as we could to Piyush's baptism the next day. That night, we went to see the Wendletons (they are the kids we taught last week when the Mom fell asleep). This time, the mom was awake and we reviewed the lessons with the kids. We also covered the ones we weren't able to teach the time before. Then, WE SET A BAPTISMAL DATE WITH THE KIDS! May 8th! Pray for the Wendletons!!!! :D

On Saturday, we had Piyush's baptism! So many people came, and it was awesome. He is so great. I will send pictures from it when I get them! After the baptism, we had lunch and then tried to visit some people. We then gave a church tour to a bunch of Hindi people who wanted to use the building for one of their events. We took them through and they looked around. We then used the pictures on the wall (of Joseph Smith, the First Vision, etc.) to teach them The Restoration! It was so cool! :D We then went to part of an activity/fundraiser the ward was having before rushing off to dinner. We then heart-attacked a couple of people in the ward. It was a great day! 

On Sunday, we were super busy. We had our two ward councils and then in the first sacrament meeting, Piyush was confirmed. It was great. :) We then went to Sunday School and then left before Relief Society to see if we could catch the Wendletons (because they weren't at church). They weren't home, so we went to our YSA ward. We stayed for sacrament and sunday school again and had to leave early to go to a meeting with the ward mission leader in another ward. We then went to an appointment and then dinner. After dinner, we had FHE with the bishop in one of our wards. It was really fun. We then heart-attacked some more people before going home. It was a busy day! 

Today has been good so far. We ran our errands and soon we will be off to spend time with the zone. Tonight, we have dinner and fhe with someone in the ward. Love you!


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