Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Exchanges, Investigators, and More

Hi Family! 

How are you? I hope things are going well. I can't believe it is almost Easter time! And General Conference is coming too! The Zone Leaders texted us earlier this week and told us that our Zone gets to go to the temple this weekend (like we do every time it is General Conference). Anyways, let me tell you about this week! 

Monday was P-day and Pi-day. We did our errands and spent time with the zone, before going to have dinner with a family in the ward. They have a family tradition of having pie for dinner on Pi-day, so we got to eat pie with them. It was so fun! We then went and read scriptures with Betty. It was a good day. 

On Tuesday, we were on exchanges. They have a really odd way of doing exchanges now. Instead of us splitting with the Sister Training Leaders and one companionship is in their area while the other is in our area, we split and both worked in their area. I don't really get it. Anyways, I was with Sister Iloa. We had so much fun! We visited some people, had lunch, and then went to service at the horse ranch. We took the horses out to graze again. This time, I didn't fall over (haha). The elders were there too, and I made them take one of the really big horses (I am too short for them). We left early and decided to head back to the apartment to change and then see if they needed any help at Sunrise. They didn't need us at Sunrise, so we decided to go back to the apartment because I had a headache. When we got there, Sister Iloa realized that she lost the key. We retraced our steps, but didn't find it. So, we called the other sisters and asked them to look for it for us while we went to dinner. On our way to dinner, they called us and said that they found it. Dinner was in our area, because the family feeding us had never fed us before and the husband is Tifanie's home teacher. On the way to dinner, though, something really funny happened: 

Just so you know, we have pepper spray in our car. Just in case. So, we were going along and all of the sudden Sister Iloa starts coughing. I look over at her and she shows me pepper spray on her hand. I asked her what happened and she told me that she saw the can of pepper spray an ddin't know what it was. She thought it was perfume! She was going to spray herself with it, but the Spirit said "just spray it on your hand". Thank goodness! So, she was a little uncomfortable driving to our dinner, but at least she could see and breathe!

Our dinner was great. They are such an awesome family. They were really excited to meet Sister Iloa too. After that, we went back home and exchanged back. Sister Doig had a great time on exchanges, too.

On Wednesday, we had ZTM. It was really good. Something that stuck out to me was a game that we played. The whole zone did a scripture chase game and talked about ways to find people to teach. We then did a relay race against each other. Afterwards, the Sister Training Leaders asked us how we felt and how badly we wanted to win the games. We told them that we really wanted to win. They then asked us if we wanted to find people as badly as we wanted to win. That sure got us fired up! :D After that, we had lunch and went to the horse ranch again. This time we got to help with lessons. I loved it. It is one of those services where you can really see how your service helps people. We then had dinner with a fun family in the ward. That night, we did training. 

On Thursday, we saw Joann and talked to her about the temple. She loved it. I haven't had a lesson with her where she asked so many questions! :) We then had lunch and did training before having a lesson with Phillip. It was awesome! We met at John Henry's house and taught him The Restoration. He said that he enjoys coming to church, and when we invited him to be baptized he said YES!!!!! He wouldn't set a date yet, but we will work on that! Pray for Phillip! :D After that, we had dinner with our Relief Society president and her family. It was great. We then dropped by to see Eddie and see if he got the French materials that we left for him the previous week. He was actually home! So, we talked to him. He saw the stuff and looked at it. He told us that he wouldn't be able to come to church on Sunday but that he would try on Easter. We then asked him if we could show him an Easter video. I had downloaded the #Hallelujah video in French right before we came, and showed it to them. Eddie, his wife, and one of their kids watched it. They all really liked it! 

On Friday, we had service at the food bank. We then went out to lunch with the other missionaries who were there. While I was standing in line to order my food, I saw Eddie's wife behind the counter! I was so excited! I'll bet the elders were so confused. One minute I am in line, and the next I am spazzing out in French! She and I chatted for a minute and then I ordered my food. Sister Doig and I waved at her every time we saw her, too. :) We will have to go back there soon! We then did a few hours of weekly planning (we had a lot to do!). We then went over to Tifanie's because it was Ron's birthday. Ron is always trying to offer us wine or alcohol (in a joking way), so we bought him a six pack of root beer and gave it to him for his birthday. He loved it! He was like "Hey, you guys are all right!" :D We then had dinner at someone else's house. It was so fun! 

On Saturday, we helped at the primary Easter party. We got there early to help hide eggs and stayed for the party. They had a little breakfast and then did some games and the Easter bunny came. During the games, Sister Doig and I ran the "tattoo station". You read that right. The sister missionaries were giving tattoos! (haha) We left after the kids all ran outside to hunt for eggs. We then finished our studies and then had lunch and training. We then went to sunrise and helped with art and jeopardy. It was fun. After that, we had dinner with a member in the ward and then went and saw Kathy. It had been a few weeks.

On Sunday, we had church. It was really good. In Gospel Principles, we talked about baptism. How convenient, given our lesson with Phillip! :) After church, we had lunch and then did training. We also had dinner with some people in the ward. It was fun. We then went over the ward list that the Bishop gave us and tried to figure out who we could go see. All in all, it was a good day. 

Well, that is about all for here. Tonight, we have an appointment with Sam and his wife. We are hoping it goes well! Also looking forward to going to the temple on Saturday. The member taking us asked if we could go to an early morning session, so we have to get up really early to get there on time! We will see how it goes! :) 

Love you lots. Have an awesome week. Have a great Easter. #Hallelujah


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