Thursday, May 19, 2016


Hi Family!

How are you? I hope you are doing well. Can you believe April is almost over? It sure flew by! So did this week. Sister Harvey and I were looking over everything we did this week and we were surprised at how much we accomplished!

Monday was P-day. After we got all of our errands done, we played games at the church with most of the zone. Some of the elders begged me to play slaughterball with them. It was fun. It reminded me of a game we played in my last area. I mainly wrote letters, though. That night, we had dinner and then had FHE with a family in the ward. We taught them about The Book of Mormon and invited them to read together as a family. It was fun. They told us to go visit one of their friends (named Telissa) too! We had a little bit of time after that, so we dropped by someone in the ward who hasn't been able to come. It was a good day. 

On Tuesday, we didn't go to service because I was feeling sick. But, after that, we went out and saw people. We visited a family in the ward and another family whose niece is one of our investigators. After that, we went contacting at the park. We didn't get to talk to too many people, but we did have an interesting conversation with some young guys who were probably trying to flirt with us (haha). We then had an early dinner with a member in the ward. We then had a lesson with another seven year old, and encouraged him to invite friends to his baptism. We then met with a couple in the ward that just got called to be a Mission President and wife. They asked us questions about President Mella and the way things work in the mission. We then taught them one of the lessons to show them how we teach. They loved it! We then went with the wife to someone's house to do service (we didn't really have a set appintment). We then went to a family's house for FHE. We played Uno and shared a message. They loved it! 

On Wednesday, we went to service at the kitchen. It was fun! We then went home and had lunch before going to District Meeting. We had a super fun object lesson in District Meeting! Our District Leader brought "exaltation" (ice cream) and put it in the fridge in the kitchen. Then, he told us that we all had to be perfect to obtain exaltation and asked us to do what "perfect mormons/missionaries" do and recite D&C 4, articles of faith, scriptures, etc. The elder with him (they were on exchanges) and Sister Harvey didn't make it very far, but I was able to recite D&C 4, and the first six articles of faith before he made me start reciting random scripture masteries. He was like "Dang it, Sister Palmer! I need you to mess up for this to work!" I finally stopped and then he talked about what we need to do to be perfect. We talked about repentance and baptism and we all agreed to be better. He then went and got the "exaltation" for us to eat. It was so much fun! After District Meeting, we visited some people and then had dinner. After dinner, we had a lesson with a recent convert named Brittney. She is so awesome! We then tried to see some people, but one wouldn't answer the door (we knew they were there!) and one actually wasn't home. It was a good day. 

On Thursday, we went to service at the kitchen again. It was fun. We then had lunch before going to visit a family. We had a good conversation with the wife. We then tried to visit a family, but they lived on a military base and they wouldn't let us get passes because of something with our car. Didn't know I would be going to a military base on my mission! We then did some contacting before having a lesson with some more seven year olds. We taught about The Gospel of Jesus Christ. They loved it! We then had dinner at a party for a ward member who was opening her mission call. Unfortunately, we didn't get to stick around long enough for the call opening (we had an appointment). She texted us that night though that she is going to Brazil. :)  That night, we had splits. Sister Harvey and I went out with ward missionaries to try to see people. The sister I was with was awesome! We went to see someone in the ward and we had an awesome time. The woman we saw cried and told us that she had needed someone to come see her. The spirit was so strong! It was an awesome night!

On Friday, we weekly planned and tried to see some people. Weekly planning took a looooong time.We then tried to see our referral, Telissa. We caught them about to have dinner, and they asked us to come by next week. So we will see what happens with her. We then tried to see some other people before going to dinner. We then went to the badmitton night at the church. One of our investigators came and we had a lot of fun. Mainly, Sister Harvey and I just tried to keep a rally going (haha). It was super fun. 

On Saturday, we were busy! A Hindi group was having a dance/Bollywood show at the stake center that night, and we were there helping for most of the day. We did take a break in the afternoon and tried to see people, but then we were back helping. About 180 Hindi people came to see it and Sister Harvey and I tried to talk to all of them. We even stayed for the show! It was so fun! Two other companionships from our zone were there, too. We had a great time. Sister Harvey and I even met a woman and her daughter who were originally from France! So, I got to speak French with her! We also helped clean up and got some yummy Indian food to take home. 

On Sunday, Sister Harvey wasn't feeling well, so we ended up not going to church. Later that afternoon, though, we went out to see people. It was a good day. 

Today has been good. We got our errands done, and we are going to see what the rest of the Zone is up to. We heard a rumor about going bowling with another zone. :) Have an awesome week! I love you!


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