Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Hi Family! 

This email is coming to you live from the suddenly sunny Redwood City! Why is this a big deal, you ask? Because it has been raining ALL week and it was predicted to rain this week, too! Who knew the sky could hold so much water? Looks like all of our fasting for rain has been paying off! :D Anyways, let me tell you about the rest of the week. We had more than just rain!

On Monday, during P-day, we went to the church and played games with the rest of the zone. Sister Doig and I played Uno with the hermanas and one of the spanish elders. It was so fun. After that, we had a dinner appointment, and they asked us to stay for part of their family home evening. So, we did. We gave a spiritual thought and played mafia with them. So fun. :) We were then going to see Betty, but she had to cancel.

On Tuesday morning, we cleaned our car (to prepare for Zone Conference on Friday). We then had lunch and did training. This week for training, I taught Sister Doig how to teach the Plan of Salvation and went over some chapters in Preach My Gospel. We then went to service at Sunrise. We played games with them. :) We then had dinner with our apartment manager and her husband (they are in our ward). After that, we decided to stop by Eddie's and give him some french materials (French Book of Mormon, pamphlets, etc.). He wasn't home, but his wife answered the door and had us come in. She doesn't speak English, so Sister Doig watched as I explained what everything was to her in French. (Thank goodness I had practiced how to explain everything in French!) She said she would tell him that we came by. He is working a lot, though, and it is going to be hard to catch him. 

On Wednesday, we tried to visit some people, but they weren't home. After lunch, we went to the service at the horse ranch. This time, we were helping with the lessons. I got to help with a student I had never worked with before. It was fun. I am still a little nervous around the horses, though. After the service, we were supposed to have dinner with Tifanie, but she forgot (we confirmed the day before!), so we ended up just eating a pizza with her. Oh well. It isn't really about the food. :) That night, we did more training.

On Thursday, we went with someone in the ward to see Sandy (a less-active). We had a good time. We then had lunch and tried to see Katherine (turns out, she moved). We then didn't have anyone to see, so we went contacting. In the rain. After about an hour and a half of being soaked and having no one to talk to (and our service being cancelled because of the rain), we went back home and worked on things from the apartment.We then had dinner and then went home and did training. It was an okay day. 

On Friday, we had Zone Conference. Thankfully, our zone was hosting, so we didn't have to travel as far this time. They also cancelled car inspections because of the rain (I had mixed feelings about that!). Zone Conference, though, was really good. President Mella, Sister Mella, and the Assistants all taught us. I left feeling super motivated! We then had a really good dinner. A couple in the ward fed us and invited another couple over. We taught all four of them The Restoration for our dinner message and invited them to give a Restoration pamphlet to someone. They were already trying to think of someone they could give it to! :D That night, we did more training. 

On Saturday, we went to a baptism. There is a family in the ward where the mom is a member and the dad has been investigating the church for a very long time, and their daughter was getting baptized. So, we went because the mom asked us to speak and to support them. It was a very good baptism! We then had lunch before going to sunrise. We helped out with the art activity and games and then the elders ran their big Jeopardy game. It was fun. After that, we were on our own for dinner (well, a member gave us money because she lives outside our boundaries) so I took Sister Doig to a yummy pizza place. We then had training and went home to weekly plan. 

When we got home, we realized that one of the elders' investigators (who they gave to us and we have been trying to contact) called us! So, we called her back and she asked if we could meet in an hour! So, we got about halfway through our planning and went to her apartment. She was going through a rough time, so we shared a message about Jesus Christ and got to know her a little better. We then set up an appointment for the next day. I think I have mentioned her before. Her name is Crystal. We have a new investigator now! :D We then went home and finished weekly planning.

On Sunday, we had Stake Conference (so many conferences!). It was really good too! The speakers all spoke about being kind to one another and helping each other. I really enjoyed it and took notes. We then met with our ward mission leader (John Henry) and had a quick conversation with him because we weren't able to have MCM on Tuesday. We then had lunch and did training. We then worked on a list of people the bishop gave us after the baptism the day before. After that, we had our appointment with Crystal. We taught her The Restoration. It was pretty funny teaching her, because we were teaching in the lobby of her apartment building, and there were people walking by a lot. Heck, there were about ten people there when I was sharing the first vision! :) She liked it though and we are going to meet again next week! We then had dinner with a woman in the ward and then tried to see Eddie, but we couldn't find parking (the curse of living in California). 

Today has been a good day so far. We had Sister's P-day. Meaning, the Sisters in our zone and two other zones got together and had breakfast and talked with Sister Mella. I got to see Sister Hall and talk with her. :) We got most of our errands done too, so I think now we are going to play games with the zone and I have some letters to write. 

Have a great week.



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