Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hello from Pleasanton!

Hi family!

How are you doing? :) I hope things are going well. Did you have a good Spring Break? It was Spring Break here, too. Made it tricky to meet with people (I am so glad I am not in Santa Cruz! That is where all the Spring Break people go! There and Monterey!). It was still hectic though with transfers and everything. Let me tell you all about it!

On Monday, Sister Doig and I mainly packed for transfers the next day. We then went to the church to be with the zone one last time. While we were there, our dinner called and said that they were out of town and couldn't feed us, but they asked for our address and ordered us pizza. It was so nice of them! After dinner, we went to see Betty and read scriptures with her. It was fun. :) That night, the hermanas came over to say goodbye and we finished packing.

On Tuesday, Sister Doig and I loaded everything into the car and drove to San Jose. I then found my new companion, Sister Harvey, and we left. We went home and had lunch and I unpacked. We then went to an appointment with a family. One of the things that the missionaries have been doing here is teaching the seven year olds who are about to be baptized and then inviting them to invite friends to their baptisms. My jaw dropped when Sister Harvey told me that the family we were headed to see is French! I got to speak French with them! We taught their daughter The Restoration. It was really fun. :) After that, we stopped by a part member family and asked if we could practice the lessons on their kids. We have an appointment for this week. The rest of the day was mainly going around so I could meet the members of the ward councils (I am in two family wards and a YSA). That night, we had a correlation with the ward mission leader in the YSA. It was a good, busy day. 

On Wednesday, we went to service at a community center and helped in the kitchen. It was fun. I got soaked doing dishes! We left early because we had an appointment. Unfortunately, our appointment wasn't home, so we tried to visit someone else. After that, we had lunch and then went to District Meeting. I really like our district! Afterwards, we tried to see some people and visited a family who has a son about to be baptized. His name is Chance. We asked if we could teach him the lessons before his baptism and we taught him a couple of them that day. Later that night, we had dinner and then taught an investigator who is getting baptized this weekend. His name is Piyush. He is actually meeting with the Elders and us, so we work together with them. He is so awesome! We taught him Tithing and Fasting. It was a good day. 

On Thursday, Sister Harvey had a doctor's appointment, so we were there most of the morning. Then, on our way back home, we decided to have lunch with one of the companionships of Sisters that we work with. One of them was my former child/companion, Sister Kelly. We had a fun lunch with them. We then went back home and started our weekly planning. We then went to see Chance and do more of the lessons with him. It was fun. We then did some more visits and had dinner before going to see the Stake President (so I could meet him). I really like him! It was a good day. 

On Friday, we went to a big leadership meeting in San Jose (MLC; it was my first time). It was good. After that, we were stuck in traffic and it took a while for us to get home. We then had dinner and then had a lesson with Piyush. We taught him about the priesthood. It was great! We then stayed and played volleyball (here, the YSA gets together and plays games and they are supposed to invite friends). It ended up being us, the elders, the zone leaders, and Piyush. We had fun. :) 

On Saturday, we finished our weekly planning and had lunch before seeing a recent convert named Amity. She is super nice! We then did some more visits, and stopped by to see a part member family. Missionaries have been trying to teach the kids for ages (only one is baptized), but it is hard to get in and to sit down and have a lesson. So, we weren't expecting much when we knocked on the door. To our surprise, the mom let us in. She wasn't feeling good from a medical procedure and quickly fell asleep after we came in. We decided that this was probably divine intervention, and asked the daughter if we could teach her the lessons. She said yes, and we started. Then her brothers came out and we started teaching the one who isn't baptized, too. We made it through all of the lessons except chastity! And the mom stayed asleep the whole time! It was a miracle! We invited the kids to be baptized, and they said yes. We told them to read The Book of Mormon and pray that their parents would let them get baptized. It was one of the craziest teaching moments I have ever had! :D We then zipped down to the church for Chance's baptism. After that, we had dinner and then tried to see people. 

On Sunday, we had church. I am back to having long Sundays. At 8h00 we had ward council and then the other ward council at 9h00. (Ward council was funny. One of the members of the bishopric was like "Don't fall in love with [the new sister missionary]! She is leaving in a month!". Haha!) We then had the whole three-hour block with one ward and then we went through it again with our other ward. Sister Harvey and I also taught Young Womens. The lesson was about The Restoration (specifically The First Vision). It was great! After church, dropped by the part member family we were teaching on Saturday and gave them copies of The Book of Mormon. We then tried to visit some people before going to dinner (my favorite part of Fast Sunday!). We then did some more visits. We had one that was really powerful. We then met with the zone leaders to plan ZTM (where we share the things we learned in MLC). It was really good.

Today has been good so far. We have some errands to run and then we may hang out with the zone (I haven't met everyone yet). Or... I may take a nap. I haven't been sleeping very well. Anyways, have an awesome week! I love you so much!


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