Sunday, July 5, 2015

Super Emotional Week


This has been a very emotional week for us. Here goes...

On Monday night, we had dinner with the McArthurs. We were going to go to FHE, but it was a movie night at someone's house, so we had time to have a lesson with Sister McArthur. We watched "The Testaments". 

On Tuesday, we had Zone Conference. It was really good, except the Zone Leaders gave us the wrong time so we didn't have time to clean our car as well as we should have (they do car inspections at Zone Conference). Oops. Anyway, the actual meeting was good. We had a discussion about Lynn G Robbin's talk "Tasting the Light" and then we had a presentation by the APs on Extending Comittments. We then had a short training on how to use the AreaBook App on our iPads. Then, after lunch, we had a presentation about JustServe and then President Mella reminded us of our purpose as missionaries and what our goals are for the California San Jose Mission. After that, we met as a district with President Mella to talk about changes to the area. The elders are going to be affected by it, not us. We are still over the Stake. After that, it was about dinner time. We also saw Brenda and shared a message with her. Although, in the case of her lesson, it was really the Spirit teaching all three of us! 

On Wednesday, we visited with more people, including Glenna. We shared with her from President Monson's talk "Ponder the Path of thy Feet" (October 2014 Conference). It was great. We also had dinner with Lillian and shared a message with her. 

Thursday is where things got hard. Sister Wolfe has been struggling with her health and we had a talk about it. As we talked, we decided that it would be best for her to go home. After prayer and pondering, it really became clear that she needed to go home. So, she called President Mella and told him. The rest of the day, well week really, passed in a daze. We did, however, get to see Renee and share a message with her.

On Friday, President Mella informed us that Sister Wolfe would be leaving on Monday and that I would be going to Watsonville to be with Hermana Robinson and Hermana Scarr for the rest of the transfer. So, we started packing and ended up not going to the soup kitchen this week. That night, after dinner, we went out with our YSAs. It was all right. 

On Saturday, Sister Wolfe and I kept packing and then we were going to go to SLV when the elders told us that someone was coming to take my bed to Watsonville. So, we helped with that before going to SLV. We didn't get to see or "crazy lady" (not sure where she was. She is always home...), but we saw Alice and shared a message with her. That night, after dinner, Sister Wolfe and I went out for ice cream and we saw someone get arrested. I also was hit on by a homeless man on a bike. Oh, Santa Cruz.... 

Sunday was painful. We went to Church in SLV and grabbed lunch before going to teach Young Women's class in another ward. You read that right. We taught the Young Women about missionary work and serving missions. After that, we went to a meeting that the Relief Society presidency asked us to attend and then we went home to finish packing . After packing, we went to dinner and then came back home and cleaned. After cleaning, and after Sister Wolfe and I said goodbye, President Mella and the Watsonville hermanas showed up. We loaded Sister Wolfe's stuff into President's car, and then my stuff into the hermanas car. Then, Sister Wolfe and I hugged one more time and we went our seperate ways. That night I cried a lot. I miss her terribly!

Today has been OK. We had a Sisters P-day with Sister Mella in Monterey. We met at the house of someone in the Mission Presidency and had breakfast and listened to a talk by President Eyring (the guest speaker couldn't make it). We then went on a bike ride along the coast (man am I out of shape!) before going to the park for lunch. After that, we left and now we are here. :) We have just a few hours left, but that should be enough time for laundry and shopping. Tonight, we have dinner and some appointments (the hermanas do quite a bit of teaching in English, so I will survive). 

Hope you all have a great week. I love you so much. 



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