Sunday, July 5, 2015

Great Week!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. Thank you so much for the mail. I love getting your letters every week :) This week has had a lot of great things happen. It was a great way to end the transfer. Can you believe I am starting my sixth transfer? I hit seven months at the end of May!
How is it even June??

On Monday, we had dinner with the McArthurs and then went to visit people instead of going to FHE. It was a good night.

On Tuesday, we met with Tina and talked to her about the temple. We went through the beginning of the temple prep pamphlet, just to see if she was interested. She was, and we are going to see if there is a temple prep class she can take. We were on our own for dinner and we went to one of Sister Wolfe's favorite places. It was a bbq place. I got their spicy sandwich and ended up having to eat my pride. It was soooooo spicy! That night, we went to teach Tiana. We finished the commandments with her. Because the stake center is closed for the first two weeks in June, and some family scheduling conflicts, we have moved the baptism to the 20th. We are happy; this gives us more time to teach her everything.

On Wednesday, we did some visits before going to Watsonville for our iPads. We got them and had a training on how to use them. Right now we have the gospel library p and had to take a course on how to appropriately use technology. Once everyone is done with that, we should be able to go to stage two which is the area book planner app. We are excited to have them! I will have to send you a picture :D the only problem is that we have to look for places with wifi so we can download everything that we need (haha).

On Thursday, we tried to visit people, but we didn't have very much luck. Things just weren't working for us. Oh well, we have those times as missionaries. That night, though, we got to teach Tiana. We have started the last lesson with her (laws and ordinances). We taught her about the priesthood and missionary work. We encouraged her to invite people to her baptism. :)

On Friday, we were going to stay all three hours for the soup kitchen, but they had a ton of volunteers, so we left and tried to visit people. One of the people we visited was Glenna. We shared President Uchtdorf's talk "Forget Me Not". She really liked it. I also had an interesting experience there. She has a couple of dogs that she usually keeps outside, but one of them slipped back in. I have gotten a lot better with dogs on my mission. A lot. But, this dog was a pit bull, so of course my first reaction was to jump up. Well the dog got scared too and sat by Glenna. I felt bad and went over and petted him. They tried to take him out but he wouldn't go. I told Glenna to let go of his collar (she was holding onto him) and that I would be okay. He came to me and started cuddling. I then learned that he was being trained to sense anxiety and help people with anxiety problems. He had refused to leave the room until he knew that I was okay. Needless to say, Jackson the pit bull is my new friend. :) that experience meant a lot to me. It was like Heavenly Father sent him to tell me that everything would be okay.

On Saturday, we went to San Jose for Michelle's baptism! It was so great to see members and missionaries from my old area! President Mella was there too. :) I cried at the baptism. To have something you have waited and prayed for for so long happen! You may not remember this but Michelle was the one I gave the French BoM too. I now have a testimony that when we act in faith, God really does answer us. After the baptism we had lunch in San Jose and then we went to SLV. We saw the lady that is still crazy. Her dog was still trying to eat his foot. She keeps threatening him. Still no meat cleaver. We also saw Alice, an older woman who is preparing to enter the temple. We also had dinner with our ward mission leader, Brother Burgon, and his wife. We showed them one of the bible videos called "for God so loved the world". If you have not seen it, please do!

On Sunday, we had church. Lots and lots of church. No primary this time. I was asked to speak in our YSA branch in two weeks. Maybe giving a talk as a missionary will be easier... Oh well. After church, we had break the fast at the McArthur's. It was fun.

Today has been a good day so far. The weather is awesome. We have planned to do our P-day errands and then we are going to the beach with the zone. We want to say goodbye to one of the elders going home this week. We also have FHE at the beach too! So this will be a fun day.

Love you lots!!!!!!!!



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