Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hard Week...

Sara and Sister Wolfe
We had a difficult week this week. We just feel like there is a lot that we have to do, when we are just two young adult girls. Let me tell you how it went.

For the zone activity on P-day, we went to the beach. It was called shark fin cove or something like that. I will send a picture. It was beautiful. We tried to build a sand castle, but we gave up. We just had fun playing on the sand and talking. I also taught Sister Wolfe some card games, including cribbage. :)

On Tuesday, we had a zone breakfast. Apparently, here, they have a zone breakfast before transfer meeting to say goodbye to everyone being transferred. One of the Spanish elders went home and another elder took his place. Anyways, after breakfast, we came home and finished getting ready for the day. We then saw Jen and got to talk with her. She is moving to Arizona next week, so we won't get to meet with her for much longer. :( We then visited Adelaide, a less active who now considers herself catholic. It was a strained visit. She has no desire to go back to church. She really only joined the church because she likes LDS people. After dinner, we met with Tiana. We finished the lessons with her, and we are so excited for her baptism this weekend.

On Wednesday, we met with Tina. We shared a Mormon message with her called "your potential your privileges". It is really good! We also met with Nicole who we hadn't seen in a couple of weeks because she was in the hospital. She is doing better now. That night, we had dinner with Lillian, which is always fun (she feeds us every week).

Thursday was hard. We went to see a recent convert named Laura. She was just declared cancer free from liver cancer. The problem is, she needs a new liver. All of the toxins in her body plus all the drugs she takes for it (including medical marajuana) make her crazy. Her mom came and they got in a fight, resulting in Laura yelling at us and wanting us to take her side. (Not to mention her three crazy chihuahua has going crazy and one Maltese who had just sat in his own poop and made the whole house stink.) Thankfully, we were able to leave pretty quickly after that! After that, because I had never seen Laura that crazy, I cried (and we went to get ice cream). *sigh*

On Friday, a lot of crazy stuff happened. There is a homeless woman named Cecila, who lives in the church parking lot. Well, she got our number and called us about fifteen times that day. It was so frustrating because we cannot help her! We ended up not going to the soup kitchen because we had some appointments, but those appointments all fell through. So, it was hard. Then, we saw a guy ride by on his bike with a vacuum cleaner. Only in Santa Cruz!! Thankfully, we got to see Renee. We shared one of those "I'm a Mormon" videos with her and she loved it. It was about a French, English, and Spanish family. I got to bear my testimony to her in French. It made me feel better. We keep running into French speaking people.We had our dinner in Alma branch with the Reimers. That was fun.. That night, we spent time with our YSAs.

On Saturday,we went to San Lorenzo Valley.We saw the crazy lady (but we love her!). She is still crazy and the dog is still going after his foot. We also saw Alice, who is preparing to go to the temple. After that, we went back to Santa Cruz for dinner and saw Brenda. 

Sundays are hard. We had ward council, and then sacrament meeting, and then ward council. After that, we went back home because Sister Wolfe wasn't feeling well. We then came back for all of our last ward. The messages were great, it was just a long day. After that, we came home and planned before going to dinner. After dinner, we tried to visit some people.

Today has been challenging. We aren't going to any zone activity today. We are exhausted. Definitely wanting a nap today. Maybe Sister Wolfe and I will take a walk too.

Love you all. Hope you are doing well. Don't have a heat stroke up there in Washington.

Please remember, I love my mission. Even if we have really hard weeks. "We are as the army of Helaman. We have been taught in our youth. We will be the Lord's missionaries, to bring the world his truth."



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