Saturday, July 25, 2015

I'm Going To Be a Trainer!!! Aaaaaaah!!! (20 July 2015)


Man, this has been the craziest week! Let's dive in!

On Monday, we went hiking as a district. We went to this nice park/forest and hiked around. I got really frustrated with the others in the district though because they wanted to cross these rivers, sometimes on a bridge they made themselves. (Dirty water and bridges no thank you!) After that, though, we went and got frozen yogurt. :) It has been so much fun being here in Watsonville these last few weeks!

On Tuesday, we went and saw Carmina. She is an older woman who lives alone. She is also very Catholic. It is fun to talk to her. We had some good appointments after that, too. For dinner, we ate with the Youngs. He is the ward mission leader in Watsonville, so we had a correlation meeting with him before dinner. Then, they decided to teach us some of what they have been learning at her childbirth classes (she is pregnant). They had us stand in a circle and squeeze ice cubes and see who could take the pain the longest. Three of us gave up (myself included). It was a fun night. 

On Wednesday, we had Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) in Santa Cruz. It was okay. *shrugs* The Zone Leaders are going home at the end of this transfer, so they were distracted with that. After ZTM, we went to lunch before heading back to Watsonville. That afternoon, we had some appointments before dinner. After dinner, we went and saw Mary and did some service for her. It was fun. 

On Thursday, we were in Santa Cruz. Always an adventure when we go back up there! While we were there, we saw Adelaide and Nicole before going to lunch at the only Dairy Queen in the area (the brownie batter blizzard is back!). We then went and saw Glenna and then Renee. We couldn't stay too long because we had a dinner appointment. For this dinner, a woman in the Aptos Ward invites a bunch of her friends (some members, some not) and the missionaries and we all had a super yummy dinner. I got to eat rabbit for the first time! Seriously, it tastes like chicken. :) That night, we stayed up waiting for leadership/training calls. We were all so nervous! Finally, my phone rang and I was told that I am going to be training!! I am going to have a greenie!! :D I was so freaked out that night, but now I am nervous AND excited. Hermana Scarr also got a call that she is going to be an STL.

On Friday, we had to go to San Jose for the leadership/training meeting. It was fun to see who was called the night before! I actually knew a couple of the missionaries who are training (none of them are in my zone though). The part of the meeting for trainers was not what I thought it would be. Instead of, "you got this! you can do it!" it was more of "think of your trainer and your trainer's trainer. Your legacy lives on. Don't screw this up. You are their first impression of the mission." D: (I also found out that I will be getting my trainee on Thursday, so I will be in Watsonville until then.) They then had the other leaders called in and they talked to us about being an example and such. I found out that Sister Lytle got called to be an STL! :D After the meeting, Hermana Robinson and I got lunch and wandered downtown San Jose (my old area) while Hermana Scarr was in her meeting for STLs. After that, we picked up Hermana Scarr and went back to Watsonville. We ended up taking a nap after we got home and then did  weekly planning.

On Saturday, we were back in Santa Cruz. The first thing we did was go and clean up my apartment so that way my trainee doesn't walk into a dump. After that, we rewarded ourselves with a treat and then tried to go teach people. I should have realized that it was the weekend and it was summer. We were STUCK in traffic! We ended up going back to Watsonville early. In Watsonville, we got to see Mary and do more service for her. That night, we stayed up again waiting for transfer calls. They came, and Hermana Robinson was told that she is getting transferred. So is one of the Watsonville Elders. So, our whole district will be at Transfer Meeting tomorrow. 

On Sunday, we had Church. That was interesting, as it always is there. We then came back home and had lunch before going to see people that Sister Robinson wanted to say goodbye to. That night, we had dinner with a really fun family and then went home. 

Today has been good so far. We have some errands to run and Sister Robinson has some last minute packing to do, but that is about it. I think for today we are going to get together as a district and play games. It will be fun. :) 

Well, I have to run. I love you all so much! Have a great day! *hugs*



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