Saturday, July 25, 2015

Exciting things (13 July 2015)


We had an exciting week this week. :) 

On Monday, we went bowling as a district. I told my district that I am really bad at bowling, and they didn't believe me. They sure did by the time we were done! I got a strike in the first game, but after another game or two, I did really bad! :D It was really fun though. 

On Tuesday, we met with Joanne and then with an older woman named Sylvia. She is a less-active member who wants to come back to Church. She asked us a couple of weeks ago to come over and teach her the lessons, so we are. We taught her The Restoration. After that, we had a lesson with Joanne. That night, we met with a woman named Norma and her daughter Angie.

On Wednesday, we had District Meeting. We had a lesson about The Gospel of Jesus Christ and then went out for lunch. It was fun, but we had to leave early because we had service. For service, we took Joanne to her doctor's appointment. After Joanne's appointment, we visited a woman named Vicki. We had a great lesson with her and showed her the Mormon Message "Forgiveness: My Burden Was Made Light". We also went and saw a woman named Paola and her son.

On Thursday, we were in Santa Cruz for most of the day. We went and saw Rhonda and shared a message with her about hope. She is really worried about the future, so I think that that gave her some peace of mind. We also saw Carol Beth, who is finally back in the United States. We had a good lesson with her about The Book of Mormon, but we are really unsure what to do next with her. We won't see her again, though, until after I have my new companion. We tried to visit some more people in Santa Cruz, and then we went back to Watsonville where we had an appointment with a new investigator. Her name is Elsa. We taught her The Restoration. She told us that she had already read it and she knew that it was true! We set a baptismal date for 1 August! We are so excited!!!! :D

On Friday, we had service at that place similar to the soup kitchen. They had us cleaning and then working in the kitchen pulling apart half-frozen chickens. Yuck. Later that day, we also went and saw Mary. We have been sharing messages from President Monson with her. We also water her plants. 

On Saturday, we were in Santa Cruz again. One of our first stops? 7-11 for the "free" slurpees. :D (we had to pay 11 cents). We then tried to visit people, but no one was home. We did, finally get to see Sister McArthur and read scriptures with her. We then went back to Watsonville.

Church was interesting.We had ward council, and then sacrament meeting (with me watching the translator again), and then ward council, and then sacrament meeting. In the second ward, I was asked to bear my testimony, so I did and I basically called the whole ward to repentance. (*nervous laugh*) What I mean is that I invited them to strengthen their testimonies and faith, and when you invite someone to do something (commit them) you are inviting them to repent. So, yeah...Anyways! We then went to Gospel Principles and Relief Society. Gospel Principles taught about scriptures, and in Relief Society we were taught about the temple (the poor woman teaching Relief Society had never done it before and she was so nervous!). After Church, we went to an appointment and then to dinner. After dinner, we came home and weekly planned. 

Today has been a great day so far. After this, we will run our errands and then we may go on a hike (aka: walking through the redwoods because we are all out of shape). We will see. 

Have a great day! I love you!!!! 




This morning, we went sword fighting!! You read that right. There's a guy in one of the wards who knows sword fighting (he fights in re-enactments and stuff) and he taught us how to fight with long swords and daggers (all made of wood, I promise). It was soooo cool! I got some neat pictures. :) I feel like I did okay. It is hard for me to learn things in groups and I need a lot of visuals. Plus, whenever the teacher went against me, I was terrified! He invited us to come again in a couple weeks. I am totally taking my new companion with me down there! :D 

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