Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Week to Remember

Holy cow, what a week we had! Let's jump in, shall we?

For FHE on Monday, they had a bonfire, but we weren't able to go. I did persuade Sister Wolfe to call President Mella about her health issues and he offered to come to Santa Cruz and take us out. He said that he couldn't do it on Tuesday because he was busy, but we made plans to meet up on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, we had district meeting and zone service at Camp Lehi (in SLV). Unfortunately, I didn't think far enough ahead to wear bug spray and got eaten alive by mosquitoes. We then had service, cleaning up the camp bathrooms and one of the main buildings. If you remember from a previous email, Sister Wolfe is afraid of spiders. So, I spent most of the time at service killing spiders for her. I had to be brave and kill some of the ones that were too big for me! >< The elders, of course, found out and one of the elders started teasing Sister Wolfe about it. My fuse is already super short with them, so I snapped and told that elder that if he kept bothering Sister Wolfe about her fear of spiders, I would hit him, Sister or not. That shut him up for sure! 

On Wednesday, we got to hang out with President Mella. He suggested that we grab something to eat and then walk along the beach. So, we met up at a Jamba Juice and got drinks. It was so weird. He had Sister Wolfe save us a seat and then I went up to the counter with him. Nothing out of the ordinary. I am just with my mission president in a Jamba Juice! We sat at the table and talked for an hour about everything going on. It was so nice. We then went to the beach and walked along, still talking. After an hour talk along the beach, he had to leave for a meeting in Monterey and we went to dinner. It was so so so nice to see him! Seriously, who would take the time to do that? What a great mission president he is!

On Friday, we were at the soup kitchen again. And, once again, there were spiders in our work station. What is it with spiders this week?? After the soup kitchen, we went to get a treat to make ourselves feel better. We got to see Renee, too. We taught her about scripture study and answered some of her questions. It was good. That night, we went to a bonfire that the branch was having. It was fun, but there weren't too many people because the location was almost impossible to find. We did, however get to walk this beautiful trail overlooking the ocean.

On Saturday, everything went down the tube. It was a fine morning. We were studying, and finishing our talks for Tiana's baptism that night. We were going to have some lunch at home and then head to SLV to visit some people. I was opening a can when something slipped and it sliced into my finger. I let out a yell of pain, ran it under water, and saw that it was deep. I then told Sister Wolfe that she needed to take me to the emergency room or an urgent care. She asked if I was serious, and I made her look at it. She then ran to get the first aid kit and to get her shoes on so she could drive me. We called Sister Conner and she told me to go to the urgent care, so we did. We were stuck at the urgent care for at least an hour. You would think when you walk in with a bloody rag around your hand they would bump you up the queue! Finally, the doctor took a look at it and told me that I needed stitches.

The stitches were a nightmare. I had to lay back on this bed while they did the stitches in my finger, 
Stupid me, I didn't think to tell them that it takes a lot to numb me, and when he put the needle in to start the stitches I let out a cry of pain and burst into tears. The doctor was surprised I could feel that and I explained that it takes a lot to numb me. He got a stronger novocain and tried again. This time, I was numb. He put in three stitches and then had a nurse clean me up and put a bandage on it. I have to change the bandage every day and I have an appointment to come back in ten days to have the stitches removed. I am taking pain medicine like it is going out of style. It hurts so bad!

We got lunch after that (because I hadn't eaten!) and we got ice cream, too. We went home after that. We did go to the baptism that night and I was able to give my talk (even though I felt awful).
The baptism itself was great. I am so happy for Tiana! After the baptism, we went back home.

On Sunday, we only went to our YSA branch because they had asked me to speak. I think my talk went all right. That night, we had dinner with the Kings. I love eating with them. When we are with them, we really feel like we can be ourselves. What did you do for Fathers Day?

Well, that is about all for here. Today, we are going to take it easy.
It should be good.

Love you lots,


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