Thursday, May 19, 2016

Right place, right time


How are you guys? It was sure good to see you on Skype yesterday!
Anyways, I am a little pressed for time, so let me jump into our week.
Some great stuff happened this week!

As you know, on Monday, we were in Santa Cruz. That was so much fun.
Except, we were stuck in traffic for hours! We had just enough time to
go to dinner and then go home!

On Tuesday, we had a rough morning, and we were feeling a little
discouraged. But, we decided to keep on going (ice cream helped too).
That afternoon, we had a lesson with a seven year old who is going to
get baptized soon. We taught The Gospel of Jesus Christ. He liked it.
We then stopped by a family (the Vagos) that we have been trying to
meet with for a while, but they are never home or "too busy". This
time we knocked on the door, and they answered. Not only that, they
said to come back! So, we said we would be back that night! We then
met with the Havards and helped them with their Family Mission Plan. I
was glad to be there, because she wanted help finding things on Gospel
Library, and her Gospel Library was all in French. :) We then had
dinner and went to see the Vagos. We not only got in, but we taught
the three kids The Restoration, and set baptismal dates with them for
mid-June! Pray for the Vagos please!!!! I am so glad we kept the faith
and didn't give up even though we had a rough morning!

On Wednesday, Sister Harvey wasn't feeling well so we didn't go to
service. We did go to District Meeting. That went well. We then tried
to see some people. We didn't have a dinner that night, so we went out
and decided to eat at a park. Then, in our way to the car, we saw two
girls playing basketball. Sister Harvey went over and asked if she
could shoot the ball. They let her, and we started talking to the
girls. We ended up telling them what we do as missionaries and invited
them to the Hindi singing event that was that weekend. :) Later that
night, we did some visits. It was a good day.

On Thursday, we met with some of the other missionaries in the zone
and practiced a musical number for the Hindi singing event. The member
who helps set up these Hindi events volunteered us to sing at it, so
we got together to figure out a plan. We decided to sing "Come Thou
Fount of Every Blessing". With one of the elders on the guitar and
another on the piano. It sounded awesome! We then came home, had
lunch, and did weekly planning. We then had a lesson with the
Brownlows. We taught them The Gospel of Jesus Christ. After that, we
had dinner. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication between us and
our dinner and we ended up waiting for eachother in different places!
We ironed it all out, but dinner took about twice as long because of
it. It was a good day.

On Friday, we were at MLC in San Jose. It was really good. We talked
about enduring to the end and why we need a church to do so. When
President Mella talked about enduring to the end of your mission,
Sister Lytle and I just started crying!! After that, we came back
home, had dinner, and then went to badminton. No one came for
badminton, but a member was giving her friend a church tour and we
were able to answer some of her questions. We then met up with the
elders for another song practice. It was a good day.

In Saturday, we figured out some new places to serve and had lunch
before the sisters from the zone next door came for exchanges. I got
to be with my daughter, Sister Kelly. We went to visit people, but no
one was home, so we went contacting at the park. It was fun to see hoe
much she has grown in the last six months. I think she enjoyed seeing
me again, too. :) We then met up with everyone for another song
practice (this time as a whole zone) and then went to the event.
Sadly, Sister Kelly and I had to leave early to go to a dinner, so we
didn't get to sing with everyone. I am going to get as many pictures
as I can though! Dinner was awesome. The family feeding us was from
the same place as Sister Kelly, and the dad went to France in his
mission! I felt like we were supposed to be at that dinner! We then
went back to the event and found the rest of the zone giving church
tours. So, we joined in and gave out materials to those who were
interested. They loved it! The exchange however, ended late, and we
didn't want to make the sisters drive back that late, so they crashed
at our place.

On Sunday, we went to church. It was really good. We did the regular
three hours in our first ward, and in our second we did the first two
as usual and then went to young women's instead of relief society. It
was fun. We then stopped by our dinner's house to pick up dinner and
ate before skyping. It was so good to skype you!!!!!! After that, we
visited some women in the ward who may have been lonely on Mother's
Day and wished them a happy Mother's Day. We then drove to the mission
home in San Jose because Sister Harvey had a doctor's appointment the
next morning, and Sister Mella offered to give us a ride the rest of
the way there (we have mileage limits). It was so fun to spend the
night there. I almost felt like I was home. :)

Today was Sister Harvey's appointment. Sister Mella and I aired in the
waiting room and studied and talked. She then took us back to the
mission home and we took a nap. We then had lunch at the mission home
before heading to the mission office and then back to Pleasanton. I
then worked on packing and we went shopping. It has been a busy day,
but good. Tonight, we have dinner and then we are going to the YSA
FHE. Should me fun.

Have a great week! I LOVE YOU!



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