Monday, March 30, 2015

I'm a Poly!

Malo! <-- Hello in Tongan

How are you? I hope you're doing well. This has been a crazy week, so I better start now. :D 

On Monday, the Nelsons took us out to dinner. We had jamaican food! I was so excited to have jerk chicken again! I thought of you Dad! <3 I hope to go there again! :) For FHE, we played a game called Murder. Sister Chu Shing was the murder for one of the rounds and she killed almost everyone! She even got everyone to convict me and kill me off. Sleeping with one eye open this transfer... (haha)
Sister Palmer, Sister Chu Shing, Sister Tuitupou

On Tuesday, we picked up our new companion. Her name is Sister Tuitupou (two-ee-two-poh), from Tonga. So, I serve now with a Samoan and a Tongan! I am a polynesian! :D (Albeit, I am a very short polynesian!!!!) We went straight to work with her. When we were contacting, we met some interesting people on campus. There were two guys sitting on a bench smoking weed and Sister Chu Shing decided to talk to them. That was interesting. 

Sister Chu Shing: you like to smoke?
Them: Yeah
Sister Chu Shing: You know what's better than smoking?
Them: What? (interested)
Sister Chu Shing: Jesus Christ
Them: ............

Then, while I was on the phone with our dinner appointment, Sister Chu Shing and Sister Tuitupou were talking to this guy. I finished the phone call and walked over to them. 

Me: Hi there
Him: Excuse me, but, how old are you?
Me: 21
Him: What? You look 16!
Me: Umm...thank you?

I've gotten that I look younger than I am before, but come on! 16?! Ah well. :) After that, we had dinner with Shane. It was fun. I love dinner with him. 

On Wednesday we had another adventure. Right after Personal Study, I was headed to the back (half) bathroom when all of the sudden I hear a "help! help!" from the front (full) beathroom. Immediately, I knew that our toilet had overflowed. Again. So, I opened the door, and poor Sister Lytle was standing on the scale in a small lake of water! So, all five of us stopped the toilet and cleaned the mess. Not how I thought I would spend companionship study! We sang a hymn while we were doing our cleaning. We sang I am a Child of God and Sister Tuitupou was singing in Tongan. Then Sister Sakamoto started singing in Japanese. So I decided to sing in French. So Sister Chu Shing decided to sing in Samoan. It was so cool! :D We sang it again at the end of District Meeting and made one of the Zone Leaders (a spanish speaking elder) sing with us! One of the other elders recorded it, so I need to see if I can get a copy from him! 

On Thursday, we got our temple date for this week (we get to go to the temple around General Conference)! We are going on Thursday, 2 April. I am so excited! We have to decide which session we want to go to and find a member to take us, but we are going! I am so excited I could cry!!!! :D

On Friday, we were on an exchange. I was in my area with Sister Tuitupou and Hermana Leavitt (Hermana Gilvarry's new companion). It was stressful for me! I was the one who knew the area and the people! We survived though and that is what matters. :D 

On Saturday, we went to the General Women's meeting. It was so good! I loved what they talked about. They talked about The Proclamation to the World and the importance of the family. It made me think of how important all of you are. I love you guys. *big hugs* 

On Sunday, Michelle came to Church! She is back from Israel! Hurrah! We had fast and testimony meeting, so I went up and bore my testimony in French again. It really touched her and she said that she understood everything I said (yes!). Sister Tuitupou also shared things in Tongan and Sister Chu Shing shared things in Samoan. It was cool. 

Let me update you on our investigators, even though we didn't really get to see them this week. 

Michelle: Just got back from Israel. We had a lesson with her today. She is opening up more and more to the idea of baptism. We plan on taking her to one so she can see what it is like. Hopefully, that will help her make a decision. 

Daniel: We wanted to take him to the temple last weekend, but he cancelled. He didn't come to Church either. We told him that he has to come to Church if he wants to get baptized! So, hopefully, he will come. He still has a baptismal date for 25 April. 

Nathan: He is opening up. Not sure what will happen with him. 

Ivan: He has been out of town. :(

Milene: We haven't quite been able to get our schedule just right to meet with her. We really want to though! :( 

Have you heard about the Easter initiative the Church is doing? They are doing an Easter video, like what they did for He Is The Gift at Christmas time. It is called Because He Lives. If you haven't seen it yet, please do! It is awesome! Please share it too, and let me know about your efforts. :) We have been given cards to pass out (and have already given some of them out) and plan on showing the video to everyone we can! #BecauseHeLives ! 

Quick funny story:

*We went to see one of Sister Chu Shing's friends today and we were sitting with him; Sister Chu Shing was on one side of me and Sister Tuitupou was on the other. All of the sudden, he looks at us and says "You're an oreo!" (Because you had me, white, in the middle of two polynesians, brown). I laughed really hard at that! XD

I have a quick minute, so let me tell you something. I love being on my mission. It is hard at times, but I am loving it. I hit five months on Sunday (29 March) and I can't believe everything that has happened in those five months. I have learned so much so fast and I am learning more every day. I am supposed to be here, even if I don't know entirely why. Heavenly Father is preparing me for something. I will have to wait and see what it is! :)

Well, that's all for here. I gotta run. We are having an awesome night tonight. We have dinner with a couple of members of the Branch and then we are playing pukana for FHE! I love pukana, so I am excited!!!! :D 

Have a great week! Have a great Easter! Enjoy Conference! Go to the temple! Make good choices! 



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