Tuesday, March 17, 2015

End of Transfer 3


This has been a good week. It was also the last week of the transfer. I now have three transfers under my belt! Sister Chu Shing and I are staying here for another transfer too. To answer your question about transfers, Mom, you typically stay in one area for four transfers (six months). So, at the end of this transfer I might leave. Sister Chu Shing goes home the transfer after this one (in June) so I don't know if they will have me just stay with her or if they will send someone in and have her teach them the area. We will see. Our Zone was affected by transfers too, so we will be getting some new missionaries in our Zone this week. 

On Monday, as you know, we went to Santa Cruz. It was so much fun. There were three other Zones of missionaries that decided to go to Santa Cruz that day too, so we got to hang out with so many missionaries! :D We ate on the pier and played on the beach. I got sunburned, but not as bad as some of the elders! Mental note: In California, you can get sunburned in March. Seriously though, lots of fun! After that,came back to San Jose and went to FHE. We taught the FHE lesson on Missionary Work. We then played a memory game called "What is Missing?". I had fun. :D

On Tuesday, we didn't go to service because Sister Chu Shing had a doctor's appointment. We were early, so we decided to go get breakfast and found this French bakery called Cocola. I was so excited! I went in and bought a millefeuille (pronounced me-foy). The best part? I pronounced it like a French person and the guy knew exactly what I wanted! It was really yummy too. <3 I would love to go again, but it is out of the way, and kind of hard on the wallet. ^^' After Sister Chu Shing's appointment, we went to lunch at the Institute. We then taught Ivan. After teaching Ivan, we taught Michelle. We talked to her about the Spiritnd asked her what her end goals are. She is praying about baptism, and really wants guidance. We invited her to receive a priesthood blessing and she accepted. Our Zone Leaders were at the Institute for something and they were able to give her a blessing then. She is in Israel right now and won't be back until the 24th. Hopefully, she will feel the Spirit and find what she is looking for (and hopefully that involves us!). 

On Wednesday, we had district meeting and helped the Nelsons prepare for Institute dinner. We had so much fun helping them. After that, Sister Chu Shing and I did some visits (visiting less-actives) and then came back to teach Carmina. She is doing all right. She is just really busy with everything going on in her life. After that, we had dinner. It was so much fun. Also, a French guy goes to the Institute dinner! I just found this out! Sister Chu Shing introduced me to him! His name is Douglas. Sadly, I didn't have time to talk to him, but I will try again this week! We stayed at the Institute the rest of the night, meeting with people. It was good, but it was also a long night (Institute night usually is). 

On Thursday, we had lunch with Brother Sydall (Sister Chu Shing's friend). He took us to a seafood buffet and I about made myself sick! It was really good though. After that, we went to Elder Nelson's class because he had a new investigator for us! One of his students, Melini (Meh-lay-knee). We met with her after class and talked with her. She seems interested in what we have to say. We plan on teaching her The Restoration this week. Which should be interested, considering she looked us in the eye and told us that she is a prophet... After meeting with Melini, we were talking to a YSA member when a homeless guy walked in and started handing out flyers. We went and got the elders, because we can't have homeless people in the building. We then went looking for Brother Bohn (the institute director) but he wasn't there. So Sister Fitzpatrick, the support specialist, had to kick him out (she had the elders back her up). It would have been interesting to hear what he had to say, but he had no teeth and we couldn't understand him. Sister Fitzpatrick also showed us what to do next time this happens, because it will happen again. Poor homeless guy... After that, we had Bible Study. It was good. We are hoping to meet with one of the girls in that group this week. We also saw Nathan. His heart is softening! 

On Friday, we met with Chris. He is thinking about a mission, and we taught him about home teaching and how that will help him prepare for a mission. There is a quote in Preach My Gospel by Harold B Lee (I think) that says that missionary work is home teaching for non-members and home teaching is missionary work for members (see the end of chapter one). We also went out with Manny and Christina, two less-actives in the Branch. We then had dinner with one of Sister Chu Shing's friends, Asi.

On Saturday, I was on an exchange. I was in my area with Sister Gilvarry and Sister Chu Shing was in the Spanish program with Sister Reyes. We had a great day! We went and did service at Veggilution and I met a girl from Canada who speaks English and French. We talked to her about missionaries and I got to speak with her in French (I understood her!). I hope we get to see her again. After that, we went and picked up trash with the Zone. That was fun too, but man there is a lot of trash! After that, Sister Gilvarry and I met with Jessica (a recent convert in the branch) and then went to dinner. We ate with the Langevins (they are in another ward). Sister Langevin had invited Sister Chu Shing and I for dinner a few weeks back. We had Samoan food (I am sad Sister Chu Shing missed it). It was yummy! After dinner, we did some visits and then exchanged back. It was great!  

On Sunday, we had Church. It was good. I am so excited for Conference in a couple of weeks! After Church, we went contacting at an Aztec festival in town. This week was Aztec new year, and they were celebrating. It was really cool and I got some pictures of the people who were really dressed up for it. After that, we weekly planned and then went to the outgoing fireside. It was good to see missionaries who I  don't normally see, and say goodbye to the ones who are leaving. Sister Lytle's trainer and her current companion are going home. I hope she has another great companion! 

Well, I gotta run. Sorry, no pics this time. I left my camera cord at home on accident. Love you lots! 

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