Monday, March 23, 2015

Starting off the Transfer with a Bang 2.0


The first week of the transfer is done, and what a week it has been. On Tuesday morning, Sister Chu Shing and I went to transfer meeting. It was weird to be at transfer meeting and not have to worry about what was going to happen to me. On a side note, Sister Lytle is now with Sister Sakamoto (a Japanese sister who came to California the same time we did. She was in the MTC longer though, because she was learning English). After Transfer Meeting, we had Institute lunch. At lunch, we met a girl named Susana. We had seen her around, but never really talked with her. She had been talking to Sam (a recent convert) and had heard that you could schedule appointments to meet with missionaries, so she asked us when she could meet with us! We were so excited.....until we found out that she got married. On Sunday. So, we will have to give her to another set of missionaries (darn it!). We didn't do much for Saint Patrick's Day, but I made sure to wear a lot of green. :D

We had an interesting Wednesday. This was the day that the new missionaries were coming in, but because there were so few of them, we weren't taking them contacting on campus. While we were studying, the APs called and asked us to watch one of the sisters for a couple of hours! She was the only one coming from the Provo MTC and they didn't want to make her wait at the airport for the Mexico missionaries. So, Sister Mella dropped her off and she hung out with us. Her name was Sister Iloa (from Tonga). We took her to District Meeting and then to lunch. She then came with us to meet with Sam (from Bible Study). She had asked us a while back after Bible Study if we could meet up and talk about the Bible. We met with her and I feel like we walked a fine line between discussion and Bible Bash. She said that she wanted to see how we were different and what we believed, but her actions were completely different. We are probably not going to meet with her again. She is very strong in her Church. After that, we helped the Nelsons prepare for Institute and Sister Mella came with the new Hermanas to pick up Sister Iloa. One of the Hermanas and I had an interesting conversation...

Me: Hi
Hermana: Sister you know Bre Palmer from Byu-Idaho?
Me: That's my twin sister! How do you know her? How is she?
Hermana: I used to go to the dance workshops. I haven't been in a while...I think she is okay...
Me: You made my day Hermana! Give me another hug! :D

I think it was a Hermana Patterson? Ring a bell, Bre? 

Institute was great. We actually got to go to one of the classes. It was Elder Nelson's class on the New Testament. It was really good. 

Thursday was interesting. We were at service when President Mella called us. He talked to Sister Chu Shing and asked if we would be able to take in a third sister this transfer. So, I will be in a trio this transfer. It will be interesting. After service, we went to Brother Nelson's class so we could teach Milene. Unfortunately, we didn't have time because we had to run to lunch appointment. After lunch, we went to Bible Study. It was good. After Bible Study, on our way home, we got a potential investigator! Her name is Alejandra. She is in one of the Institute classes and recognized us from that. We talked to her and she said she would be interested in learning more! So, we have an appointment to see her this week. :D That night, we didn't have a dinner so the Nelsons, the elders, and we bought dinner and ate at the Institute. Two other companionships in our Zone came to the Institute to eat as well, so it was almost a Zone dinner! Haha!

Friday was good. We had a lot of service. First we went to Guadalupe and helped pull weeds. And by pulling weeds, I mean pulling out giant tree-like things that you had to hack with a shovel. I felt like I won an epic battle! We then had service at Roosevelt. It was fun, except one of the guys there asked Sister Chu Shing to dance and would not take no for an answer. He said that he would teach her, grabbed her wrist, and off they went! So, she had to dance with him. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time in the kitchen after that. After that, we had weekly planning and some other appointments. It was a good day. 

Saturday was busy. For morning sports, we played soccer. This was a big deal, because President Mella banned soccer last transfer, thanks to missionaries getting injured, and had just allowed us to play again. It was fun! Except when I fell over backwards running after someone. Thankfully, I wasn't hurt. We then helped out at a big Activity Days conference. We sat in one of the classes and helped the girls pay attention.  It was good. We then had a lunch appointment with a woman in another ward (her granddaughter is YSA age) and then we were off to see Daniel (an investigator). We taught him and set a new baptismal date with him!!!! We are also planning on taking him up to the temple this weekend. I am so excited! We then went contacting, met with the elders, had dinner, and finished our weekly planning. 
Sunday was good. For Sunday school, we had a lesson on family history. I thought of you, Mom. We then went and tried to visit less-actives. We ended up finding new investigators for other missionaries! After a few hours of that, we had a quick dinner and then went contacting with the elders. It was a very productive day. I like those days. 

Well, that is about all for here. All we have left today is cleaning our apartment, the Zone Activity, dinner (with the Nelsons!), meeting with Linda, and FHE. 

Give yourselves big hugs from me! 



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