Monday, February 2, 2015

Not A Normal Week


Well, this is going to be quick considering P-day is almost over and that I had a really uneventful week. Here goes...

Monday to Friday I was sick. I went out a little bit and worked, but it was really hard. We went to the Urgent Care and both the strep test and the flu test came back negative. They gave me antibiotics for a bacterial infection and I am feeling a lot better. The weekend, though, went well. 

On Saturday, we went to Veggilution for service and spread mulch. Reminds me of working in a certain someone's garden. ;) We then went out to lunch as an apartment. After that, we went home and did a massive weekly planning session. We had to get everything that Sister Bliss knows onto paper so I am super prepared for my new companion. We also talked a lot about my getting a new companion (what my concerns are, how to get to know her, etc.). We then went out to get dinner and we got in another car accident. Our car (we named her Lucinda) is cursed!!!! We were stopped in traffic when this guy tried to turn into our lane and scraped the end of our bumper. He then sped off! Seriously?! Anyways, we were totally fine. Just irritated because we got our car back from the shop this week! We then met up with some elders in our zone so Sister Bliss could practice her song for the outgoing. We then went home. I was exhausted by the end of it! 

On Sunday, we went to Branch Council and then to Church. This Sunday, the Branch cancelled classes for the last two hours of church and everyone paired up and went to round up all of the less-active YSAs who don't attend the Branch. They were given specific assignments on who to find and those without vehicles were to pair up with those who had one. Sister Bliss and I didn't go because we had Michelle with us and we weren't about to just leave her. So, for those who didn't want to go, we taught a gospel principles class. There were about six of us total and we all read Alma 32 and discussed it. It was a success. After that, Sister Bliss had SMCM (a meeting that she has to go to because she is in leadership. It is an MCM but on the Stake level, I think). This meant that I was with Sister Lytle! :D Before Break the Fast, we taught Linda (she is doing great! She just started school and she is trying to balance school and work) and then had Break the Fast. After that, Sister Lytle and I helped Sister Layton do the dishes and then our companions came back. After that, we came back home and did some things before going to the outgoing fireside. Did I explain what an outgoing is last time? If not, it is a fireside where all the missionaries who are leaving speak (they share their testimonies). You can only go if you bring someone with you (an investigator, a recent convert, etc...). Or, as in my case, if your companion is leaving. It was really great. Afterwards, Sister Bliss got to talk with a lot of people and get pictures. I also got to say goodbye to some of the missionaries that I know who are leaving. After that, we came home. 
Sunday night was also transfer calls. About half of our zone is being transferred. We are losing Sister Bliss, Sister Hill, Hermana Robinson, Elder Ball, Elder Davis, Elder Arnell, and Elder Puente. I am so sad to see them go!!!! Tomorrow, though, is transfer meeting, so I will get to see where they go and who they are with. That is also when I get my new companion. :)

Let me give you a quick run down on our investigators. We have picked up some people: 

Jose - Jose dropped us. I wasn't there and I don't completely understand his reasoning, but he has some things that he needs to work out. I hope that some day he is baptized. 

Kyle - Kyle is taking a break. He has a lot going on right now and he needs to really decide if these things are true. 

Michelle - Michelle is progressing well! I am excited to continue to teach her with my new companion. 

Elio - Elio is doing well too. He was taught The Restoration this week.

Akki - Akki is Elio's friend who was also taught last week. He is Hindu. 

Nathan - Nathan is another investigator that we are teaching. He is taking a Book of Mormon class at the Institute (for the free parking) but doesn't really get what he is learning about. So he is meeting with us.

Let me end with a really funny story:

So, when I was sick, I asked Elder Ball and Elder Methvin to give me a blessing. Elder Methvin then asked me for my middle name...

Elder Methvin: Your middle name is Jean, right?
Me: ?
Elder Ball: What the-?
Elder Methvin: What, I thought her middle name was Jean. Sara Jean...
Me: No, it's Kelsey. Sara Kelsey
Elder Methvin: Oh, okay
Elder Ball: where did you get Jean?
Elder Methvin: I don't know...
*after the blessing*
Elder Methvin: maybe I was thinking Sara Jane...
Me: My grandma used to call me Sara Jane. Thanks, Elder. That makes me smile. 

Grandma Allshire, are you messing with "my" elders? ;) 

Anyways, I gotta run. Love you lots! Have a wonderful week <3 <3 xoxoxoxo...

Did Sister Palmer really go to Santa Cruz? Who will be her new companion? Stay tuned for her next email! Same missionary time, Same missionary address! :D 



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