Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lots of Changes

Talofa! <-- hello in Samoan

How are you guys? I hope things are going well. Life goes on in San Jose. This has been a crazy week. We went to Santa Cruz on Monday, Transfer meeting in Tuesday, and then trying to work with all of life's curve balls. The Lord is preparing us for something, I just don't know what! Let me get this all out quickly. We have a busy day planned!

On Monday, we went to Santa Cruz. We got most of our P-day things done early and then we caught the bus to Santa Cruz. It was really fun to sit in the back of the bus with the whole zone. We then made it to Santa Cruz! We went onto the pier and looked at the sea lions. We then went to Woody's and got lunch. They have amazing clam chowder!!! We then went shopping on the pier before going to play on the beach. Sister Bliss took a nap in the sun and I ran around with other missionaries in the zone. It was so much fun. We then caught the bus back to San Jose. It was super fun!! I have a lot of pictures!! For FHE, we played a really fun game where we shared random facts about ourselves and everyone said goodbye to Sister Bliss. 

On Tuesday, we had transfer meeting. This is where all the missionaries who are getting transferred and their companions go to the mission office and we find out where we are going and/or who our new companions are. I am staying in Washington Square and my new companion is Sister Chu Shing! She is from Wellington, New Zealand. She is Samoan and Chinese (hence the greeting in Samoan. I have asked her to teach me some phrases). She has two brothers, one of whom is on his mission in Arizona. This is her first time in the United States. She has been out for about fifteen months. Also, she has not seen Lord of the Rings. Everyone asks her that when they find out where she is from! ;) We also saw Michelle that day. She is doing well and we came up with an idea to help her with her scripture reading, but I am getting ahead of myself. :) We also met with Christina. We then had dinner with Guy and Ali and the elders. It was fun. 

On Wednesday, we welcomed the new missionaries and took them out contacting. I took Sister Jones out and she did a great job! It was fun to see all the new missionaries too because Elder McGann, from when I was in the MTC, was there! Also, the new Elder that Elder Methvin is training was there (Elder Forsgren). That night, we had Institute dinner too. It was really fun. Sister Chu Shing served in the other YSA ward and would come to Institute dinner, so she already knew a lot of the people there. I also met a girl there who is a French teacher! We haven't spoken in French yet, but it was so cool! I hope to see her again :D

On Thursday, we met with quite a few people. We went to lunch with one of Sister Chu Shing's friends. He is from New Zealand too (I felt very short being with him and Sister Chu Shing!). We then came back and taught Michelle. We taught her about prophets and gave her a talk by President Monson to read. I also gave her something to help her with her reading: I gave her my French copy of The Book of Mormon. The one I brought with me. Someone suggested that I get her a copy in French. I won't say too much, but I prayed about it (because I didn't want to just give it away!) and gave it to her. I hope that she treasures it. It was so hard to give that away! :< We also had dinner with Ismael and then had a lesson with Nathan. He is an interesting individual. We also helped Carmina prepare for her FHE lesson (which is tonight). She'll be great! :D

On Friday, we had district meeting. Normally, we have them on Wednesdays, but we did Friday this week. Half of the district is new (to the zone) so we did a lot of get to know you things. I think we are going to have a great zone. :) We also went and did service at Roosevelt. It was so much fun. We also met with Linda. She and Sister Chu Shing are both very friendly so it was great. 

On Saturday, I went to morning sports. You read that right. Sister Chu Shing likes sports and so we went. We played volleyball. Later, we did our weekly planning and we focused on finding more people to teach. It took most of the day. It was really good though. Hopefully, now that we are on the same page, things will be easier and I won't feel like everything is on me. 

On Sunday, we had Branch Council and Church. We left Church early because Sister Chu Shing wasn't feeling well and we went home to rest and she also unpacked.

Oh, here is your funny story for the week! So, when we welcome the new missionaries, we wait at the Institute building for them to come and the APs keep us updated on where they are (because the APs and President Mella are the ones who bring them to the Institute). Every time we do this, Elder Fisher (one of the APs) can't remember the address to the Institute, so I cornered both of them before transfer meeting to confirm and give them the address. 

Me: Do you know the address to the Institute?
Elder Fisher: Yeah, *street name*, right?
Me: Yes. *gives address*
Elder Fisher: Right by *cross street*
Me: Yes. 

The next morning, they called us as we were waiting at the Institute...

Me: This is Sister Palmer
Elder Fisher: Hello Sister Palmer, how are you?
Me: Good. How are you Elder Fisher?
Elder Fisher: Good. ...can you give us the address to the Institute?
Me: *tries not to laugh* ...Yeah, I can do that. *gives address*
Elder Fisher: One of these days, we'll get this. 
Me: you need anything else Elder?
Elder Fisher: Nope. We'll be there soon.
Me: Okay, see you.
Elder Fisher: Take care. 

Seriously elders?! XD Just write down the address instead of calling us every transfer! XD

That is about all for here. I hope you are having a great week. Have a happy Valentine's Day <3

Love you lots, 


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