Monday, February 16, 2015

The Search For Investigators

We had a great week this week, full of adventures and excitement. Okay, maybe I raised your expectations too high. Anyways! We had a great week :D (Gotta keep this short too, I have a lot of pics to send!)

On Monday, we met with Linda and taught her. She is doing so well! For FHE, we made valentines and I made valentines for my roommates. It was so much fun. Sister Chu Shing made me a valentine too! 

On Tuesday, I went out with Hermana Reyes while her companion (the other STL) and Sister Chu Shing had a meeting with the Zone Leaders. We went to visit someone, but they weren't home, so we went and got ice cream. It was fun. Sister Chu Shing and I also taught some other members of the branch. Later that night, Sister Chu Shing and I saw Hana and her friend Alexandra. We read "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox with them. It was really good. Thank you for sending me that talk (we read from the copy you sent me). Hana is also teaching Sister Chu Shing how to play the ukulele. It is really fun to watch and listen to Sister Chu Shing practicing. When we were walking home that night (just around the corner, it was okay) Sister Chu Shing was practicing and a guy stopped us and asked if he could play. We talked with him for a bit before going our separate ways. We are both considering taking the ukulele with us contacting!!!!

On Wednesday, I finished reading The Book of Mormon in French!!!! All I can say is wow. The Church is true, no matter what language it is in! I am trying to decide for when I read it through again this time if I want to do it in English or French. Sister Chu Shing and I also went trash tacting downtown. You meet interesting people downtown! I can't repeat what was said...not appropriate. Anyways! Institute dinner was really fun too. We had pizza! I also went on an exchange and ventured into the Spanish program! Hermana Reyes and I went and visited a family that she and her companion teach with the elders. They were having a birthday party so they fed us cake and then we had a lesson with them. I mainly sat and watched. I caught a little of what was going on, but not much. After that, we went back to Hermana Reyes's apartment to get ready for bed. It was really fun. 

On Thursday, we exchanged back and had lunch with one of Sister Chu Shing's friends (the same guy from last week). His name is Brother Sydall. We had lunch with him and then went to have our interviews with President Mella. I love President Mella! My interview with him was just what I needed. We talked a lot about some of the things that I have been struggling with since Sister Bliss left. It was so nice. We also picked up a new investigator named Serena. We met her contacting on campus. Unfortunately, she texted us this morning saying that she didn't have time right now to meet with us. :( We were really excited to have her as an investigator though! I also got your valentines box that day. Thank you so much!

On Friday, we had ZTM (Zone Training Meeting). It was all about finding people to teach, because we are all trying to find people. That, and President Mella has set a high goal for us to find six new investigators a week! We can totally do it! :D

On Saturday, during weekly planning, we decided to call a bunch of former investigators and called a guy named Harry. He asked if we could meet right then and we said yes! We met him at the library at SJSU and talked with him. He is from Nigeria. He has a strong belief in God and really knows his Bible. He doesn't like t he idea of The Book of Mormon though. We will see what happens. :) Right now, he is an investigator. 

Sunday was great! Both of our speakers (I think they are from the Stake or the High Council...) spoke about the sacrament. I feel like I understand the sacrament so much more since coming on my mission. In Gospel Principles, Elder Layton taught us. He is such an awesome teacher! I wish I could go to his Institute classes, but we usually teach people then. In Relief Society, we talked about finding happiness in troubled times. I needed that! It was all great. After that, we finished weekly planning and then went to visit members of the branch who aren't coming. We had a cool experience! We were looking for a girl and the address she had listed was her grandpa's house. It turns out, the grandfather is Samoan! So, he and Sister Chu Shing got along really well.  It was so much fun to talk to him, his wife, and one of his daughters. He and Sister Chu Shing might be related too! They invited us to come over some time for Samoan food too. They are members of the church and love missionaries. 

Today has been great. We did laundry, got groceries, had lunch, and later today we are going to go play lazer tag with the zone. Then, we have dinner with a member of the branch and possibly her non-member roommate and FHE.

I forgot to tell you last week, after Transfer Meeting the Polynesian Elders did the Haka in the parking lot. It is really INTENSE when they do it! I loved it. It was so cool!

Have a great one!

Oh, and here is a picture in Santa Cruz with the sisters I lived with before Sister Bliss left.

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