Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Investigators and Indian Food

Hello family! 

I hope things are going well for you. I am doing well in San Jose. We had a really good week this week. For FHE, we played a bunch of improv games. It was fun.

On Tuesday, we had service at Veggilution. That was an adventure! While there, I caught a lizard! There was a lizard chilling inside one of the pallets we were moving and I offered to catch it. Elder Crawford got a picture of me holding it. I really need to remember to take my camera to Veggie. It is a farm run by interesting people so there are plenty of things to take pictures of! There was also a black widow in one of the pallets but we didn't touch it! :) We then had lunch and came to the Institute so Sister Bliss could figure out her stuff for BYU. Registration opens right before she goes home and she couldn't work on it on Monday because it was a holiday. So, she worked on that and I provided moral support. We then had a lesson with Linda. We then met with the Laytons to talk about some branch things and then had dinner with John and Vivekk. John made us calzones. It was really yummy! We then had a movie night! We taught Sam The Restoration (using the new way we learned how to do it at Zone Conference) and then we watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. Apparently, there are two versions of that movie! Because the one we watched was not the one I saw years ago!

On Wednesday, we had district meeting and then went to lunch. We then came back and helped the Laytons prepare for Institute Dinner. We then worked on our new way of finding people. We are going to contact with a survey. We are going to have people take a fast Religious Interest Survey and leave us their information if they are interested. It should be great once we figure out how to approach people with it. We then did some training before meeting with two new investigators! When I was on exchanges last week, Hermana Sinclair found two guys named Elio and Arnab. We called them up and set up an appointment to meet with them before dinner. They came and they are so solid! They are really looking for the truth and we are so excited to teach them! We then had institute dinner (tacos!) and taught Ali. We were going to teach Kyle and another new investigator (Kelsey) but they never came. 

On Thursday, I went on an exchange with Sister Hill and Sister Jessen. It was my first time in a trio. It was a little weird. Before the exchange though, we went and did service for Brother Merkley. We went and painted a fence. Brother Merkley lives on a mountain, so when we were painting the fence, we were having to paint and go uphill. I got paint all over myself! I got it in my hair, on my pants, and on my coat! Brother Merkley fed us lunch and then we went home to clean up. After that, I was on exchanges. We tried to visit some less-actives in the wards, but no one was home. We then went home to make some more plans and then we were off to dinner. Dinner was great. A sister in one of the wards and her son took us to Sweet Tomatoes. I really like that place. So yummy! We then went and visited the Donavans, another family in one of the wards. They have the coolest house! Anyways, we talked with them for a while and taught about baptism. Brother Donovan is not a member, but his wife is. It was a good lesson. I hope that someday Brother Donovan will get baptized. 

On Friday, I went with Sister Hill and Sister Jessen to clean a dance studio for service. It was fun, but man was it cold in there! After that, we went to lunch with Sister Bliss and Sister Card and exchanged back. Sister Bliss and I then went to practice the song she is singing for the outgoing fireside next week and then we started our weekly planning. After weekly planning, we waited for Sachin so we could have MCM. We then met with Linda and her boyfriend, Anthony! It was a really good lesson. He seems interested (whether that is because he wants the gospel or to continue to date Linda remains to be seen). All four of us taught him (Elder Ball, Elder Methvin, Sister Bliss, and me). We also decided to have the elders teach Anthony from now on. So, they have a new investigator! :D We then went to the Rogers for dinner. Vivekk made indian food and a decent chunk of the branch showed up! It was super yummy and so much fun. They also watched a Bollywood movie, but Sister Bliss and I left before that. 

Saturday was Sister Bliss' 18 month mark. So, after service, we went out to lunch with Sister Hill and Sister Lytle to celebrate. It was really fun. Sister Bliss says that it doesn't feel like 18 months! She's also really stressed about going home. This week will be crazy! After that, we did visits. No one answered the door, but that is okay. Maybe some other missionaries will have a chance. :) We then did training and had dinner at home. We also finished our weekly planning. We have good plans for this week! 

On Sunday, we had Branch Council and then Church. Michelle came and we were super excited to have her with us. She is a language nut like me (she is a french major and speaks multiple languages) so I gave her a sheet of paper with instructions on how to pray in French. She was so excited! After church, we had a lesson with Hana, a less-active member of the branch. She was really struggling and we gave her a quick lesson about how God loves all of us. I think it helped. We then had a meeting with Sachin and the Elders to plan our missionary activity this week! On Friday, we are having personal pizzas and game tournaments (air hockey, pool, ping pong, fooseball...). It is an activity for people to hang out with the missionaries and with investigators and recent converts. It will be so much fun! We then had a lunch/dinner before going to see Ceidy. She is doing fairly well. We then went and saw Colin. We taught him about the Spirit (we are reading Preach My Gospel with him) and it was a really great lesson. We then came home and did training before the end of the night. 

Today, we did our laundry and went to the store for groceries. We also bought me a coat because my other one was covered in paint. It has been a pretty successful day so far. We have dinner with Carolyn, a member of the branch, and then we are going to FHE. It should be a good night. 

Have a great week!

Love, Sara

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