Monday, December 28, 2015

T'was the week before Christmas

Hello Family!

How are you guys doing? We had a good week this week. Lots of great stuff happened. It was hard to teach people (everyone leaving and/or unavailable during the holidays) but we had a good week! Here we go! :D

On Monday, Sister Hall had a meeting so I went on a short exchange with Sister Pule. We went to go see Betty, but we weren't able to. So, we went and got ice cream (to make up for going all the way to where she lives, haha). :D Anyways, it was a good night. 

On Tuesday, our appointment cancelled, so Sister Hall did language study and then we did visits. It was good. Later, we went to Sunrise. Mainly, we helped out with the wine and cheese social. We aren't allowed to serve the wine, but we give them the cheese/fruit plates and we read trivia with them. They were supposed to guess songs just by hearing words from the middle of the song. Some of them were Christmas, and some of them were songs that were big when they were growing up. It was so fun. :) After that, we did some contacting before going to dinner. We then met with Betty and had a lesson with her. It was a good day. 

On Wednesday, we went contacting and showed people the video "A Savior Is Born" (on the iPads). People really seemed to enjoy it! We met one guy named Sergio who may be interested in meeting with us! :) We then had lunch before going to the horse ranch for service. This time, I was leading one of the horses while someone was riding. That was fun. It's not too different than walking a dog, really! Just a whole heck of a lot bigger! :) After that, we had dinner with the Gills. They are so great! We had a good time eating with them and talking. After that, we stopped by a family that someone in the ward asked us to see. It was nice. :) 

On Thursday, we had ZTM (Zone Training Meeting). It was all about earthquake preparedness. The mission is working on an emergency plan, and wanted to train the missionaries on what to do in case of an earthquake. We also found out that someone in the area is making 72 hour kits for all the missionaries for his Eagle Scout project! :) So, we are prepared! After that, we had lunch with a member in the ward. After that, we had service with the rest of the zone. We went down to a dry creek bed and picked up trash. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff we found! We found a volleyball, a radio, a shopping cart, and more! We then had dinner with the McKees. They are so great.

On Friday, most of the zone went to do service at the food bank. Mainly, we were sorting cans. After that, we had lunch and then we weekly planned. President Mella wants the missionaries to plan following every single step in Preach  My Gospel, so our planning was long. It was good, though. After that, we had dinner and then we went to see Dawn. It was a good night. 

On Saturday, we had breakfast with Kathy. It was so fun! After that, we came home and did our studies before making lunch. We had a recipe and ingredients for soup, so we made it together. It was so fun! It was yummy, too. :D After that, we went to Sunrise and played dominoes with everyone. We then left to help with another service before grabbing a quick dinner. We then had a temple trip. We planned with John Henry (our ward mission leader) and another less-active member of the ward to go up to the temple and see the Christmas lights (the Oakland Temple Christmas lights are beautiful). So, we went. We also saw a couple of the concerts going on up there, too. It was fun. 

On Sunday, we had a great day! For Sacrament Meeting, we had a really nice Christmas program. There were lots of songs by the ward choir and other members, along with readings from talks by Thomas S Monson. Also, Phillip came! (I emailed about him two weeks ago). He came to church again and we sat by him. He really enjoyed the Christmas program. :) For this particular Sunday, they bumped up the third hour to the second hour so we asked John Henry to take Phillip to priesthood. We were talking with them, and then turned to talk to another person, and when we were turned back to them, they were talking in Chinese (Phillip is Chinese)! This is what happens when your ward mission leader knows so many languages! XD So, we had Relief Society the second hour and then for the third hour they had a bell choir preform (all made of ward members). Afterwards, they had cookies and milk and people just talked. Phillip was talking to so many people! We asked if he would be interested in learning more and he said YES! So, after the holidays, we are going to start teaching him! :) After church, we went to see Marta and told her all about church. We then went to see Bonnie and watched a BYU Devotional with her. We then went to dinner. 

Oh my goodness, dinner was so fun! We ate with the Lepretres. They are a fairly young couple in the ward with a little baby. The husband is from Paris and the two of them met at BYU. I asked him where in Paris he was from and Sister Hall told him that I speak French. He lit up and asked me to say the prayer for dinner. I was sooo nervous! When I finished the prayer, he beamed at me and said "Bravo!" :) We had a fun time talking with them and occasionally Brother Lepretre and I would start speaking French (his English is perfect and his wife understands French, so it wasn't awkward...except maybe for Sister Hall). When we were about to leave, Brother Lepretre looked at me and said (in French) "Sister Palmer, whenever I see you, we will speak in French." I told him that I would LOVE that! :D After dinner, we tried to see Elizabeth, but she was busy. So, we went home and watched "The Restoration" in Samoan for Sister Hall's language study. :) It was a fun day!

Today has been good so far. Sister Hall and I have quite a few errands to run, so we will be pretty busy. Tonight, we have dinner and then we are going to see Betty. We plan to read Luke 2 with her tonight. Makes me think of when you would read it aloud to us, Dad. :) 

Love you lots. Have an amazing week. I will skype you in FOUR DAYS!!!!! 8D


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