Monday, December 28, 2015

Crèche and Christmas

December 7th

Hello everyone, 

We had a good week this week. With the holidays coming up, we had a lot of service opportunities, especially at the crèche happening that weekend. We also decorated our apartment. There was a fake Christmas tree in the apartment, and Sister Hall's mom sent us decorations. :) We are getting so excited for Christmas now! Let me tell you about last week though...

On Monday, we were at the crèche helping set up. Sister Hall and were staining wood and made a mess of ourselves. :) We then had a surprise birthday party for one of the elders in the Zone. He was so surprised! It was fun. :) That night, we had dinner with the Hollbrooks. Their daughter comes home from her mission this week, and it was so fun to hear what they are going to do once she is home. :) We then visited Betty and read scriptures with her. It was a good day. :)

On Tuesday, we had District Meeting. We talked about how to use "A Savior is Born" in our work. We are excited for it! We then tried to see some people before going to do service at the crèche. We then had dinner with a woman and her grandson. It was an interesting dinner. We also found out that her grandson, Bradley, wasn't a member of the Church! We asked him if he would be interested in learning, and he said yes!  He just has to get back to us on his schedule! Unfortunately, we got out of dinner late, and when we went to Elizabeth's (we had an appointment), she wasn't there. So, we went back home and Sister Hall did language study. 

On Wednesday, we tried to see Jerome (that guy who was in the hospital), but he went home! We were happy that he is okay, but a little sad that we didn't get to see him again before he left. We then tried to see Joann, but she was busy. We then tried visiting some less-actives in the ward. Nobody was home, or they were all busy! That afternoon, we went to service at the Horse Ranch. It was fun, but I got super tired. Walking alongside a horse trying to help someone when the horse is TALLER than you is hard! Ah well, I have to remind myself that I like my height. (Like Mushu says in Mulan, "I'm travel sized, for your convenience." :D) It was really fun though to help those people ride. Just watching them light up! It's a service that is so rewarding! After that, we changed and went to our dinner appointment. The woman who we ate with just had twin girls. It was fun to talk about twin stuff with her! I should have given her your number, Mom. ;) That night, we went back to that house where we set up their Christmas decorations (the one with over 100 boxes) and looked at their stuff all set up. It was so nice! :) They even invited us to their Christmas party this weekend! 

On Thursday, Sister Hall did Language Study and I did my own thing. That afternoon, we had a song practice for the crèche. Sister Mella asked our zone to sing on Sunday night at the crèche (outside, as people are walking in and our of the building), so we had a practice. It was all right. We then had lunch before going back to the crèche to help them set things up. People were bringing their crèches, so Sister Hall and I were helping them carry them inside. One woman brought a Bethlehem Village that had a 1,000 pieces! That night, we had a lesson with Sione. We invited him to be baptized again, and he said yes! Only, to then say "wait, in your church? Hold on a second. I still need to go my church and think about it." Sister Hall and I about had a heart attack when he said yes! (We hope he went to his church on Sunday and that he can make his decision SOON!). That night, we did an exchange because Sister Hall and Sister Sherwood had a meeting. 

On Friday morning, I was with Sister Pule. We pretty much spent the whole time doing service. We went to the crèche and helped a little before going to the People of Ammon set to help there. We then went on a walk with a woman named Shelley. It was an hour long walk, and I was dying by the end of it! We then went and walked a super cute dog named Miel (the owner is out of town and asked the missionaries to feed and walk their dog). We then went back to the crèche and our companions came back. Before they came back though, Sister Hall and Sister Sherwood met this guy named Peter and taught him a lesson. He is in our area, so we got a new investigator!!! :D 

On Saturday, we had breakfast with Kathy. It was yummy. :) We then came back and did studies before going to visit people. Not really anyone was home, and one guy was super rude to us. :( We then went to sunrise and helped them paint pictures and then played Christmas Themed Pictionary. It was so fun! We then had dinner with Lesieli and her fiancé, Will. It was great. We then tried to go see Elizabeth, but she wasn't available. That night, we had to do another exchange because Sister Hall and Sister Sherwood had another meeting. 

On Sunday, we went to Church. At the end of Sacrament Meeting, someone came up to us and told us that there was a man there who had just walked in! Sister Pule and I went and chatted with him, and invited him to come to Sunday School. He couldn't, but we got his phone number. We hope to be able to teach him! His name is Phillip. :) We then taught Gospel Principles, about prayer. It was good. :) Our companions then came back and Sister Hall and I went to Relief Society. We then went to see Bonnie, but she wasn't home. We then went to the crèche to prepare for singing. The singing went well. We sang Christmas carols from the hymnbook and Sister Pule and I did a duet of "What Child is This?". We then left for a dinner with one of the families in the ward. We then went home and weekly planned. It was a good day. 

Today has been good so far. We do have a lot left to do, though. After P-day, we have dinner with a great family in the ward and then we have an appointment. Should be good. :) 

Love you lots. Have a good week!!!!


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