Monday, December 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Aftermath

November 30th


Sorry I am writing so late! We have been at service all morning. We were helping set up for the Christmas Crèche this weekend. But, now I am here. :) This week was an interesting week, with the holidays and eveything. Let me tell you about it!

On Monday, we went to a super awesome place for lunch (a member gave us lunch money). It was a build your own pizza place! It was so much fun! That night, we went to see Betty and read scriptures with her. That was fun. We are in the Isaiah chapters of 2 Nephi, but the Institute Manual is helping. It was a good night. :)

On Tuesday, we were going to go to district meeting, but it was cancelled because of Transfer Meeting. That afternoon, we took Jerri to lunch at Cheesecake Factory. It was sooooo good! :D After that, we were going to go to the service at the horse ranch, but they were closed for the week. So, we went to Sunrise (senior center) instead. We played dominoes with them and then we went and listened to a music group that came. It was so fun to watch some of those little old ladies dance! :D 

On Wednesday, we went and did some service for a woman named Anita. We made her bed and took out her recycling. It was fun. :) We then went and helped Kathy. It was a hard day to try to see people, because everyone was gone or leaving for Thanksgiving. We tried though. :) That night, however, we saw a little miracle. The woman feeding us gave us a pecan pie that she didn't want, and we decided to stop by Elizabeth's (new investigator) house and give her the pecan pie. It turns out that she and her family love pecan pie, and that they weren't going to have a Thanksgiving dinner! Heavenly Father is amazing! :D 

On Thursday, the whole zone got together and played flag football. I even participated, but I had more fun when we decided to play gatorball later. ^^' After that, we went to dinner at the Hollbrook's. It was good! :) After that, we went to the Acreman's for dessert. That was really fun, too. After that, we wanted to take Elizabeth with us to someone else's house, but she never texted us back, so we went to another dinner (with a Polynesian family) that almost the whole zone was at. We ended up eating so much, and I was unbelievably sick. So was the rest of the zone! We went to bed early that night for a very well deserved food coma!

On Friday, we went to a service project helping a family set up their Christmas decorations. They wanted help because it usually took them all day. So, we went. Oh. My. Goodness. At first we helped them get all of the decorations out of their attic. They had OVER ONE HUNDRED boxes of decorations for every room in the house! There were five Christmas trees and Christmas candy everywhere! Then, we stayed for a couple of hours and decorated one of the trees. It was fun. Completely crazy, but fun. After that, we went to help set up for the Crèche this weekend. We then went over to help with the set of People of Ammon (they are filming it right now). After that, we came home and weekly planned. It was a hectic day!

On Saurday afternoon, we helped Kathy again. We also went to Sunrise again. This time, we played pictionary with them. They loved it. That night, we went and saw a less-active woman named Martha. She was really happy to see us. :) It was a good day. 

On Sunday, we had Church. It was great. We had a really interesting lesson in Gospel Principles about The Holy Ghost. We dissected the hymn "Let The Holy Spirit Guide" and talked about the roles of The Holy Ghost. It was great. In Relief Society, we had a lesson about the commandments. The sister teaching it did a great job! After church, we met with the Relief Society president and she talked to us about some of the less-active sisters in the ward. We then went home and had lunch and watched "A Savior is  Born" (the Church's new Christmas video). It was good! :) After that, we visited Bonnie. She is doing great. We then went to dinner before going to see Elizabeth. Our lesson with her was a little crazy (lots of background distractions) but good. All in all, it was a good day. 

Like I said, we have been at service almost all day. Now, we have to go run our errands and such before the day is over. I think we are hanging out with the zone too, to have a surprise birthday party for one of the elders. :) 

Love you lots. Have an amazing week. #ASaviorIsBorn

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