Friday, August 7, 2015

Training Adventures and a Heart Break

Hello Family, 

I won't beat around the bush. This week was hard. Let me tell you about it. 

P-day was really fun. After emailing you and getting our errands done, we hung out on the beach with the Zone. It was super fun to see the Watsonville missionaries again! :D We had a great time running around and trying to avoid the water (haha). For FHE, the Branch did an "iron chef" activity where we all divided into teams and worked together to make pancakes. It was so much fun!

On Tuesday, we had District Meeting. I really like our district. After district meeting, we had lunch and training at home. I worked with Sister Kelly on "How to Begin Teaching" (basically, making a good impression with the investigator and explaining to them what is going to be happening). We then tried to visit people and then tried contacting. It was all right. Contacting doesn't really work in Santa Cruz. Everyone is at the beach, and then most people there aren't even from here. So, it is hard. That evening, we went and saw Renee and shared a message with her about the Spirit. We then went to the Stake Pioneer Picnic. It was so much fun! After that, we went and saw Brenda, and shared a message with her about charity. She liked it. 

On Wednesday, I hit nine months! Wow! In the morning, we did some more training and I taught Sister Kelly how to teach The Restoration with the pamphlet. We then saw Glenna before going out to lunch to celebrate my nine months. We then went and saw Juana and shared a message with her about the Holy Ghost. After that, we decided to go see Laura (see if she was back in town yet). We knocked on the door, only to have someone tell us that she had died three days ago. My heart broke. As Sister Kelly and I walked back to the car, I said that I wanted ice cream and we went and got frozen yogurt. She wanted to tell the elders what had happened and I said okay. My district leader and his companion called and wanted to talk to me. I asked them to give me a blessing that night. I wanted to keep working though, so, after frozen yogurt, we went and saw a sister who someone in the Relief Society had asked us to see. We had fun talking with her and shared a message about how the worth of souls is great in the sight of God. We then went home to work on things and had dinner. After dinner, we went to the church and I talked with the elders about Laura before they gave me the blessing. That night, I didn't go out. I worked on other things. It was a really really hard day. 

On Thursday, we tried to see a less-active family in Scott's Valley, but they live at the top of a mountain and getting up there was a nightmare. So...that didn't happen. We then had lunch before going to see Nicole. She wasn't home, and while I was backing Sister Kelly out of the driveway, she slipped off the side (it is a big driveway with a curb) and got stuck. *facepalm* So, we had to walk back up to Nicole's and go up to where her landlord lives and ask him if he could help us. He tied a rope to his truck and our car and was able to yank us free. Thank heavens! We then went and met with Rhonda, Phillip, and Joseph. After that, we went and saw the  Bush family. We then had dinner before doing more training on the Restoration. We then went to Marianne's with Courtney and Trevor. It was mainly to say goodbye to Trevor, because he left for Utah this weekend.

On Friday, we went to the soup kitchen for service. It was good. :) I really like serving there. After the soup kitchen, I had a doctor's appointment in Aptos. I went so that they could send a referral for me to get a sleep study. Hopefully, they will call me back this week and I can get tested! After that, we came back home and weekly planned. After planning we had dinner, and then we went to see Krystal.

On Saturday, we did more training on the Restoration and then went to SLV. We saw Dottie and taught her about The Holy Ghost. She really liked it. We then saw Alice and talked to her about the temple. The Oakland temple opens back up tomorrow and she should be going through this week or next! :D After Alice, we tried to see Sister Dallenbach, but she wasn't home. We then went back home and picked up some things before going to Watsonville for Elsa's baptism. :) I can't describe the feeling of coming back and seeing someone you taught baptized. I love it! It was a really good baptism. After the baptism, we got dinner and then spent some time with our YSA's.

On Sunday, we went to three of our wards again. There were some really great testimonies shared. One man talked about the difference between progress and perfection. He shared that life is about progress and shared Mosiah 4:27. He also said that the Atonement makes progression and perfection possible. That really meant a lot to me. One of the elders also shared his testimony about how no effort is wasted in missionary work. That meant a lot to me, too. After church, we stayed for Break the Fast (they call it Sabbath Supper here). After that, we did some training and Sister Kelly taught me the Restoration. She did a great job! :) 

Today has been good so far. We did our laundry, and now I am emailing you. Not sure what we are doing as a zone today. I heard a rumor that the missionaries from Monterey are coming up, so we may hang out with them. :) I also plan to finish The Book of Mormon today! I am soooo close to being done! (Then I am going to start reading it in French again). 

Have a wonderful week! I love you so much!!!! 

Love, Sara
Coast of Santa Cruz, CA
Sister Palmer with her brand new trainee, Sister Kelly
Getting ice cream with some of the YSA's
Sister Palmer and Sister Kelly on the Santa Cruz beach

Sister Palmer and Sister Wolfe at the soup kitchen volunteering (in July)

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