Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I Feel Like a Yo-Yo

Hello Family! 

Sorry this is so late. We were at the beach for most of our P-day. But, I will get to that! This week has been an emotional roller-coaster. Although, I shouldn't complain too much. I know of some missionaries who are going through really rough things! I will take my own trials, thank you!

Last Monday, we ended up not going to the beach with other missionaries. Instead, we just hung out as companions. It was fun.We then had dinner with the McArthurs and read scriptures with Sister McArthur. It was great. 

On Tuesday, we did some training and finding before lunch and then going to district meeting. It was a really good meeting! After the meeting, we went and saw Nicolette and taught her some of the commandments. She is so much fun to talk to. After that, we went and saw Nancy Jo. She was the less-active who came to Church on Sunday who I had been trying to meet since I came to Santa Cruz! Anyways, we met with her and got to know her better. We plan on seeing her regularly now. :) After that, we did some more finding before having dinner at home. (For finding, we have been looking at parks in our area and figuring out which ones would be good to go to to talk to people.) We then went and visited a member named Fether. That was really fun. We plan on seeing them again soon, too. 

Wednesday started out hard. We had our morning schedule, plus training, and then all of our plans were falling apart. Nobody we wanted to see was home and the appointment we had cancelled. So, after eating our feelings, we decided to go to a park and see if we could talk to someone before our next appointment. We were walking around this park when I saw a guy sitting on a bench. I felt that I needed to talk to him. I hesitated and walked past him. It then felt like the Spirit was saying "Sara, go talk to him! Right now!" Finally, I told Sister Kelly that I felt we needed to talk to him. So, we turned around and I started talking to him. We had a lesson with him and set up an appointment for this week! You know what that means? We got a new investigator!!!!!!!! His name is Michael. After that, we were on cloud nine, and went to our appointment with Rhonda, Phillip, and Joseph. We shared a message with them about families. After that, we did more finding and then went to dinner with the Kings (I love them!). After dinner, we called former investigators to see if they wanted to meet up. It was a very good day! :D 

On Thursday, we were busy. After training, we went and visited Glenna and shared a really awesome talk about families ("What Matters Most Is What Lasts Longest" by M Russell Ballard. Look it up if you want!). We then went with a member named Phyllis to see Adelaide. We talked to Adelaide about the Spirit. Something fun happened though, when we left that appointment. I gave Phyllis a hug and told her that one of my grandmas was named Phyllis. She smiled and said that she would be my "other grandma"! :D I thought that was so cute! We then tried to visit a member named Rina. We set up an appointment to see her this week. We then went and saw Renee (I love her!). We answered her questions about Gospel Doctrine and then talked more about nerdy language things and twin stories. :) After that, we had dinner at home and went to visit Sister Crain. She asked if we can do the missionary lessons with her, so we taught her the Restoration. It went very well! 

On Friday, we had service at the soup kitchen. Sister Kelly and I were pouring drinks for the homeless people and helping them out. I went to go get some more water in my pitcher when all of the sudden someone starts yelling for the woman in charge of the kitchen (turned out to be Sister Kelly)! I rush over there, because it happened by our drink station, and a woman was lying on the floor. Apparently, she had started shaking and slipped off her chair. Her sons were there, holding her. The director of the kitchen rushed over and told me to go call 9-1-1, so I ran into the back where the phone was and called 9-1-1 for the first time in my life. Once again, I also learned that human beings are USELESS in a crisis! People were just standing there! Come on, help or move out of the way! Anyways, the police and an ambulance came and I went back to the drink station. In the end, the woman refused to go to the hospital and stormed out of the kitchen. The police stayed to ask people questions (they didn't talk to us). After that, Sister Kelly and I went and got ourselves a treat! I don't think either one of us calmed down for at least an hour! Thankfully, all we had right after that was weekly planning. After weekly planning, we set up some appointments with people and then had dinner with the Hayes. It was fun. We then did some more finding. It was a pretty hectic day! :) 

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon and evening in SLV. We tried to go see Alice, but she was still in Oakland (she went through the temple that day). We then went and saw Sister Dallenbach. She is doing about the same as usual. Her dog, Gigi, is doing better, though. We helped her put puzzles together for a couple of hours. :) We then had a dinner appt. on the other side of the valley and up a mountain. I got so carsick! :( We had a great dinner there, though. I took a Dramamine for the way down the mountain! After that, we texted the ward mission leaders for Sunday and reminded Michael about church. 

On Sunday, we only had six hours of church. Yay! We went to SLV for sacrament meeting. I like church in SLV. You never know what is going to happen. :) I was asked to bear my testimony. Thankfully, I had had a little warning! After that, we raced back to Santa Cruz for lunch and then we went to branch council. We texted Michael about Church, but he never texted back. We waited for him before sacrament meeting, but he never came. He did text a couple hours later apologizing for not coming, though! :) The rest of church went well, too. We talked about feeling the spirit and about keeping the sabbath day holy. After that, we did some training and then went to the Martins for dinner (I love them! Sister Kelly always teases me because apparently I say I love everyone. I only say it for people I love though!). We talked to them about sharing the gospel with their neighbors. We also found out that a French couple just moved in to their neighborhood and Sister Martin wants to have them and us over for dinner! :D That would be so cool! What if we got to teach them?! :D 

Today was really fun. One of the people Elder Staker came down and brought the Livermore Zone, too. We got to play on the beach and have lunch with them. I got to see Sister Lytle and Sister Pattison, too! :D President and Sister Mella also came down. It was so much fun. I got sunburned, though (haha). 

Well, I better run. We still have some last minute P-day things to do and then we have dinner. 

Love you lots!!!!


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