Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Busy Learning and Teaching


How are you all doing? I hope everything is going well. We had a busy week this week! 

Beautiful California Sunset
On Monday, after P-day, we had dinner with a family in the Capitola ward. It was a young married couple with a new baby. They were so nice! We had a great dinner outside on their  back deck and
talked. The husband also has a love for languages, so we talked about languages for a while. After dinner, we went to FHE. For FHE, everyone was painting with water-colors. It was fun to just draw and paint! :D Everyone had really great pictures, too!

On Tuesday, we had an appointment with Nicolette. We taught her about The Gospel of Jesus Christ. She had a lot of really great questions. She is hoping to leave for school soon, so we may not have much longer to teach her "new member lessons". After that, Ruby met us to go see Juana. Ruby did a great job as an interpreter. The only problem is that Juana remembered that I prayed in Spanish last time, so she asked me to pray. *facepalm* Ah well, if she wants to hear my horrible spanish, she wants to hear my horrible spanish. We talked to Ruby afterwards about Juana, and we have decided not to teach her the lessons. Given her age, she just doesn't understand what we are teaching her. We will still come and share a spiritual message with her, though. She is so cute and she loves it when we come. :) We then went and saw Renee. She had a lot of questions about what she learned about in Church, so we mainly talked about that. She and I also talked about twins and nerdy language-loving stuff. :) It was fun. We then had dinner and then went to see Brenda. Brenda's lesson was...well, it was a learning opportunity, for sure. 

On Wednesday, we were on exchanges. But, it wasn't a normal exchange. So, we had our morning routine (exercise, breakfast, personal study, companionship study) together, and then the STLs came to our apartment and we split off. I was with Sister Snyder and we went finding. Meaning, we talked around the mall and talked to people. We had an interesting conversation with one guy. 

Him: You guys are Mormons?
Us: Yes! Have you seen missionaries like us before?
Him: Yeah. I usually reject them.
Us: ...Oh. 

We did end up giving him a card in case he ever changes his mind. :D After that, we had lunch and did some more finding before going to the Church for interviews with President Mella. My interview went well. He asked how everything was going and we had a nice chat about it. I needed that. :) After that, we changed companions and I was with Sister Scarr. We went to a park and looked for people to teach, too. After that, we went to dinner. Where I was attacked by four adorable fluffy malteses. It was fun. :) After dinner, we exchanged back and Sister Kelly and I tried to go see someone. She wasn't home, though. 

On Thursday, we had a lot of our plans fall through, but it was still a good day! We went and saw Glenna, and shared a message with her. We then tried to visit former investigators, but no one was home. We then had some appointments cancel, so we tried to find a referral someone had given us. We found her and she is going to call us when she is available!!!!!! :D We then had an early dinner and checked out this chocolate shop near our apartment. It was so cool! I got a tiny chocolate Eiffel Tower! :D I totally want to go back there! After dinner we prepared the part we were supposed to teach in
ZTM the next day and then went and read scriptures with the McArthurs.

On Friday, we had ZTM in Watsonville. It was really good.We also had lunch as a zone before leaving to go back to Santa Cruz. We then weekly planned before going to see a less-active who the elders asked us to see (they have been giving us less-actives to see! Yay!). We had a great lesson. We then had dinner before going to see Krystal. We had a really good lesson with her. We read 2 Nephi 31 and talked about it. She shared some things with us that were really helpful to me. I love it when that happens. :) 

Our 3 practice "investigators. They listen very well! :)
On Saturday, we worked a lot on training. I have been training Sister Kelly on The Plan of Salvation. She is doing well with it. :) We then went to SLV. We saw Alice and answered some last-minute questions about the temple (she goes through this Saturday!). It was fun. We then saw Dottie and shared a scripture story with her. After that, we had lunch with our ward mission leader and his wife. It was hot in SLV that day. Our car said 108! Anyways, after lunch, we went to see Sister Dallenbach. She is doing about the same. :) We then had dinner at home before working on finding and calling the ward mission leaders for Sunday. 

On Sunday, we did the huge stretch of Church again because we had invited some people to come on Wednesday. They didn't come, though. So, we had ward council at 8h00, then sacrament at 9h00, then ward council at 10h00, then sacrament at 11h00, and a quick lunch at 11h30. Then, instead of branch council, we were asked to teach Gospel Principles, so we did that instead. And, lo and behold, a less-active, who I have been trying to meet ever since coming to Santa Cruz walked in! Now I know why we
came to those wards! We are going to try to meet with her this week. The lesson itself was good. We taught about talents; always a fun topic. We then had sacrament at 1h00, sunday school at 2h00 and relief society at 3h00. Poor Sister Kelly was exhausted. She isn't used to eight hours of Church! After that, we had dinner with a family in Santa Cruz ward. It was really fun. We then did some training and Sister Kelly and I mainly worked on the Plan of Salvation. It was great.

Today has been a good day so far. We did laundry and studies and now we are emailing. We heard that a whole bunch of zones are coming to the beach, but we will see. If they do, we will go hang out with them. :) 

My comp took the great pictures. :D

Love you lots! Have a great week. :D 



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