Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sisters on Parade

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well. :) Things are going well here in Santa Cruz. We had an interesting week this week! It was a rough week for teaching though, with everyone going out of town for Memorial Day weekend... Anyways, let me tell you about our week. :D

On Tuesday, we had dinner with the Kings. She made tacos. I was in heaven. :D I love eating with the Kings. They are so much fun. We then taught Tiana. We started teaching her the commandments. We hope to finish them up next time. We also went and saw Laura. Apparently, the doctor told her that she is cancer free! :) After Sister Wolfe and I got home and planned, we also made cookies. Cake-mix chocolate chip. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuum. 

On Wednesday, we went to a picnic at one of our branches and helped serve the food and do whatever else they needed us to do. We were there for most of the day. It was really fun. After the service, we went to Courtney's for dinner. We had curry. :D That night, we went to see Krystal, a less-active. We talked to her and shared from President Uchtdorf's talk "Forget Me Not". It has been a long time since I read that. :)

On Thursday, we had a fun adventure. Sister Wolfe wanted to try boba, so we went to a place that had it. The guy at the counter was really interested in Sister Wolfe. He kept staring at her and talking to her. To the point where I almost didn't get to order! It was pretty funny, and weird. >< We also met with a new investigator! Well, I'm not really sure what we should call her. The members in Santa Cruz ward told us to visit a girl named Morgan. Her mom is less-active and her dad is not a member. They said that she needed to be taught so she could be baptized. It sounded like another Tiana, so we decided to go for it. We talked to Morgan, only to find out that she is seven! So, we taught her the Restoration, and she already knew a lot of it. So, we are not really sure what to do about her (if it is really our responsibility to teach her or not). We will be talking to our leaders about her. We also had dinner with them and then worked on some preparations for our big finding activity (I will get to that!). Later that night, the sisters in my last area called me (Sister Chu Shing and Sister Tuitupou). They called me to tell me that Michelle is getting baptized!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! Unfortunately, her baptism is the same day as Tiana, so I will probably miss it. :< 

On Friday, we went to the soup kitchen for service. It was fun. One of the homeless guys told me that I have pretty blue eyes. :) That made my morning! After the soup kitchen, we did some more service for a member who is moving and asked us to help her pack. We then did some visits before going out to one of our branches for dinner (the same branch we were in on Wednesday). This branch is in the mountains and the woman we had dinner with was definitely a country girl. She told us about how when she was a girl (she is 87 right now) she would ride to school on horseback! We had a fun dinner with her. 

On Saturday, we did a super fun finding activity. We marched in the Memorial Day parade in Felton (San Lorenzo Valley). We got together with members in the Santa Cruz ward and marched in the parade, wearing Mormon Helping Hands shirts. The best part of the whole parade though was when the car in front of us broke down. So, we all had to push the car! Mormon Helping Hands in action!!!!! :D People will probably remember that! After that, we went to lunch and then to visit some older members. Always an adventure when we go to SLV. :) We also had dinner with our ward mission leader in SLV and that was fun. We then came home (we were there for dinner and had a missionary coorelation meeting, so we didn't get back to Santa Cruz until it was time to be home). 

On Sunday, we had another long day of Church. About eight hours this time. We had sacrament meeting in our first ward, then ward council in our second ward, then sacrament meeting in our second ward, then lunch, then branch council, then the whole block for the branch. We then came home and were going to plan, but took a nap. We then went to dinner and then came back home. It was a busy, good day. 

Today will be interesting, given that not everywhere will be open. We are going to go to a cemetery, and then  we are off to run some errands. It should be a pretty relaxed day. :D Have a great day. I love you!!!


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