Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Oh, they say when you're baptized in June...


First off all, it was AWESOME to Skype you on Mother's Day! :) But, I am getting ahead of myself. We had a great week this week, and I want to do it justice. 

On Monday, we had dinner with Lilian (a member of one of our wards). We went to a Taqueria (they are all over California). It was yummy. For FHE, the Branch did Zumba. Sister Wolfe and I stood in the back and tried to do it, but we didn't do very well (hahahaha). We left early. 

On Tuesday, we had District Meeting on the beach again. The elders were half an hour late, so Sister Wolfe and I walked around on the beach. While we were walking, there was a seal on the beach. We watched him for a while and named him Sebastian. It turns out, he had a fish-hook in him, and at the end of District Meeting we watched the beach patrol capture him and put him in the back of a truck. For District Meeting, I got to teach a little segment on teaching by the Spirit. The Spirit is so important to missionary work! 

On Wednesday, we went and got bagels on our way to an appointment. We both love bagels and we found this bagel shop that has really yummy bagels. It is an odd little place, but it is good. We then went to see one of our investigators, but she wasn't home (we think that she forgot). We then came back home and cleaned for a couple of hours because we had interviews with President Mella. Interviews were awesome. I got to talk to President about whatever I wanted to. I love him so much!!!! I'd hug him if I could. (Actually, I told him that and he offered me a virtual hug. XD) After that, we rewarded ourselves with food for getting our apartment clean. :D 

Thursday was a gloomy day. It rained practically the entire day. I felt like I was back in western Washington (seriously, with the trees and rain, it felt like it). We did, however, still go to Cabrillo. We didn't get to talk to as many people, just because people didn't want to stop in the rain and talk to us. No Chelsea either. :< That afternoon, we decided to go visit an older woman named Glenna. That night, we taught a new investigator. A member from one of our wards called us and asked us to teach his 9 year old granddaughter and said that she wanted to get baptized! So, we went and taught her. Her name is Tiana.  It was really cool, because there were a lot of people there who sat and listened/watched as we taught her. I would never have been able to teach in front of that many people (and remain calm) before my mission! We are excited to see what happens. Maybe some of those other people (including her Mom) will be interested in hearing more? :) Her baptismal date is 6 June!!!!

On Friday, we had service in Watsonville (so, we didn't get to go to the soup kitchen *sigh*). We went to an old fire station and helped set up for a graduation. Afterwards, we came back to Santa Cruz. We taught one of our investigators, Carol Beth. She has been investigating for years. We are trying to figure out how to help her. That night, we had dinner in one of our branches out in the middle of nowhere. We had to drive up a mountain to get to the place where we were eating. We go there every other Friday, so I will be taking Dramamine every other Friday! After that, we had frozen yogurt with some of our YSAs. It was fun. 

On Saturday, we had another service. We went and helped out at the Human Race. We stood at the finish line and cheered people on as they finished the race. One of the women we visit was in it, too. That was great. After that, we went to San Lorenzo Valley to see some of the people in our ward there. There are crazy people who live out there! They have a Bigfoot Museum there that Sister Wolfe and I really want to go to. One of the people we see is an older woman who lives alone with her small dog. She has no memory and the dog is trying to eat its own foot. She is threatening to cut the dog's foot off, and even went after it with a meat cleaver when Sister Qaqa was still here. So far, I have not seen the meat cleaver... I promise to keep an eye on my feet! ;)  After some time in SLV, we went back to Santa Cruz for a YSA activity. They had a bonfire on the beach. The missionaries and part of the Branch presidency were the only ones to show up! We had hot dogs and s'mores (yum). :) 

On Sunday, we went to Church from 10h00 to 4h00. So, not at much as last time. :) After Church, we went to the McArthurs for dinner. We helped prepare dinner and then skyped with you guys. That was so awesome! ^_^ After that, we had dinner and then read scriptures with Sister McArthur. We then went home and weekly planned. It was a good night. 

Today has been good. Sister Wolfe and I are going to do laundry after this and maybe go to the Zone Activity. We will see. That's about all for here, though. I hope you are having a great day and that you have an awesome week. 

Love you lots!!!!!!


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