Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Exchanges, Service, French, and More!


How is everyone? I hope that you are all doing well. This has been a week to remember! :D

On Monday night, the Sister Training Leaders called and asked if we could move our exchange to Tuesday. Meaning that we would be exchanging that night. That wouldn't have been an issue if we hadn't had a lot planned for Tuesday, and that the STLs are all the way in Monterey! We said yes, though, and offered to meet them part way (we met in Salinas). I was with Hermana Sinclair, who I know really well from my time in San Jose. :)

On Tuesday, we had studies and then we went to a service activity called Project Homeless Connect. We went to this arena where they had a bunch of booths set up for the homeless people (ie. food, clothing, medical, legal, emotional, housing, etc.), and advocates (volunteers like us) walking them around and helping them. Hermana Sinclair and I were there for a few hours and helped some people. Some of them were really grateful, and some of them not so much. Oh well. Apparently, they have been doing this service for years. They are going to do another one in about six months in Watsonville, too. After the service, we went to some appointments and then to dinner. Our dinner was with the Hickens (who we are good friends with). Sister Hicken is Thai, so she made us Thai food. Yummmmm! After that, we met with our investigator, Tiana. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and drew it all out. It was fun. After that, we went back home so Hermana Sinclair could pack up and exchanged back. It was a good day. 

On Wednesday, we went to Cabrillo to CSU campus. The semester is ending, so this week will probably be our last time there. After that, we were going to meet with our investigator Sheena, but she forgot. We then had lunch and went to a birthday party for one of our less-actives named Phillip. He was so happy that we came! After that, we did some visits and visited a recent convert named Laura. She has been really sick (she has cancer) and she was glad to see us. 

On Thursday, we were back at Cabrillo and I got to talk to Chelsea!!!! She walked up to the table and I seized my chance to ask her if she spoke French. It is her first language! We spoke in French for a while at the table and I was bold enough to ask her about the Church and if she wanted to learn more. She told me that she is Catholic, but she is reading The Book of Mormon and she is interested in what she has read. She said she is kind of "between the two". She will be at Church this Sunday!! :) After that, we met with some more people before having dinner. After dinner, we met with Tiana again. We taught her about The Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was great! Also, I finished reading the book Jesus the Christ! I loved it! You should try to read it again! :D 

On Friday, we were doing service at the soup kitchen. There were a lot of people there. It was fun to work and really feel like we were being helpful. :) We also went and saw a member named Renee. She reminds me a lot of me. She is an introvert, a twin, and she is multilingual. We taught her about prayer. We also went around looking for places to go contacting. Santa Cruz is so beautiful! We also have a good idea of a way to find people, that we will be trying this week (stay tuned). We then had dinner at the Judd's. I gave her a hug for you Mom! :D I love eating with them. We then went and saw a less-active named Krystal. We saw a miracle on the way out of Krystal's appointment. We got out of her appointment late, and we had to walk down the street a little ways to our car. As we were walking, a guy was walking down the street the other way, making a lot of noise (probably drunk or on drugs). Sister Wolfe grabbed her can of mace and I was ready to beat him with my bag. We walked past him and he didn't even see us. He didn't even see us! What a miracle! We ran the rest of the way to the car! 

On Saturday, we were in San Lorenzo Vally visiting people. We visited that older lady (she is still completely crazy and the dog is still trying to eat his foot off. Still no meat cleaver). We also saw Dottie. She is an older woman who has almost no hearing. So, there is no pressure if you say something wrong. :) Also, to keep ourselves entertained while in the car, I have been telling Sister Wolfe the plots to classic books (she loves it). We are almost done with all of Jane Austen's books. After dinner in San Lorenzo Valley, we spent time with our YSA. It was fun. 

On Sunday, we had nine hours of Church. D: At 7h30 we had Branch Council in one of our wards and left part way through Sacrament meeting to go to Ward Council in another ward. We went to part of their Sacrament meeting and left early for lunch (a member in one of the wards brings us lunch. We love her!!). After a quick lunch we taught Sunday School in our second ward and we also went to Primary (they asked Sister Wolfe to play the piano). We then went to Gospel Doctrine class in our third ward and Relief Society. We then had dinner and came home to weekly plan. It was a crazy long day! It was better this time though, probably because I had food this time (last time we did this was on Fast Sunday). 

All in all, we have had an eventful week. We have a lot planned for this week, too. Today, we have errands to run and we will probably go to the Zone Activity. 

Love you!!


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