Wednesday, April 15, 2015

On the Mend

Another week has flown by in San Jose. Sister Chu Shing just reminded us that we get to call home next month (Mother's Day). Wow! That means I am almost at six months! Let me tell you about this week though...starting with Wednesday (I already emailed you Monday and Tuesday).

On Wednesday, we had Zone Conference! It was really good. We talked about some talks that we read about missionary work and the Atonement, and then about ways to help our investigators be fully converted and keep their baptismal dates. I think it was a good boost for everyone. We also talked again about our purpose as missionaries. I love President Mella. They also gave us a Tiwi. It is a driver accountability program. Kind of like a black box that sits in the car and talks to you if you are driving inappropriately. There have been a lot of accidents in missions all over the world and the Tiwis are, apparently, saving lives. So far, it has only talked to us once. :) We also got to help the Nelsons prepare for institute dinner before meeting with President Rogers (Branch President) about the work in the Branch. For Institute dinner, we had a potato bar. We also went to class, but I got sick again, and we had to leave early.

On Thursday, my companions "convinced" (it felt stronger than that!) me to take a day off. I stayed the day at the Institute with Sister Nelson while my companions went out and worked. I read a lot in The Book of Mormon and Jesus the Christ. I also got to sleep. I did get to go out to dinner though with one of the members of the Branch (he had signed up to feed us that night), but I just ate soup. I really needed that day to just rest.

Our Friday was pretty relaxed. We had service and Sister Chu Shing had a song practice with an Elder from the Tongan program. They are both singing a song at the outgoing fireside on Sunday. We also had weekly planning and a dinner appointment.

On Saturday, we had Zone service. Habitat for Humanity was painting a house in San Jose, and we all went to help out. Now I understand why I did all that painting while I was home! (Same goes for gardening. Do you know how many weeds I have pulled on my mission?) It was fun to paint with all those missionaries. After that, we visited some less-actives before going to dinner. After dinner, we came home so Sister Chu Shing could study for the ACT (she is taking it this weekend).

Sister Palmer and new convert, Linda
Sunday was a fantastic day. We had Branch Council and then Church. In Sacrament Meeting, Linda gave her first talk! The talks were all about the Atonement, and hearing her talk about how much she loves the Atonement about made me cry. I felt like a proud parent! :D In Sunday School, we learned about the Creation. It really makes you stop and think about all the awesome things we have here on this Earth. Reminds me of Bishop Caussé's talk when he said that we sometimes take advantage of things that are close to us. How often do you we stop and think that a loving Heavenly Father created the Earth that we live on? In Relief Society, Jessica (a recent convert) taught about Joseph Smith. It was wonderful. She asked me to share the First Vision and I recited it. As I shared it in Joseph's own words, I really felt the Spirit. That this really did happen. It was such a good lesson. Joseph Smith was  a prophet. He was awesome, too. It was a great day. I wish we had had an investigator there for the Joseph Smith lesson.

Let me update you on our investigators.

Daniel: He dropped us. He is moving and doesn't have time to meet. We plan to get his address and send it to other missionaries. Hopefully they can meet with him.

Michelle: She is doing well. We plan on taking her to a baptism this weekend, so she can see what it is like.

Nathan: His heart is softening. He is actually willing to accept commitments now! When he found out I was sick, and I was stuck at the Institute, he brought me chicken noodle soup too.

Ivan: We haven't been able to meet with him in a while, but we are meeting with him this week!

Milene: We had a quick lesson with her last week, and will be having an official one this week. Elder Nelson invited her to be baptized, and she is interested! We will see where that leads!

*Note: Our recent converts and less-actives are doing well, too :)

Today has been a good day. We did our laundry and went shopping (I bought some shoes). I also got to write some letters. We are now going to run some more errands and clean our apartment. After P-day, we have dinner with someone from the Branch, and we might get to have a lesson with Linda before FHE.

Well, I better run. Have a great day. I love you so much!



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