Monday, April 20, 2015

Off to New Pastures...

Hi there!

I hope you are doing well. We had a really hectic week this week. Let me tell you what happened!

On Monday, at FHE, we got a phone call from the APs asking us if we would be willing to take on a "mini missionary" over the weekend. Of course, we said yes. For FHE, we played spoons. I had never played before, and it was really fun. :) Also, that night, one of our YSA (Michael) opened his mission call! He got called to Mozambique (southern Africa) and he will be speaking Portugese! He is soooooo excited. :) We then went home and I told our roommates that we were getting a mini missionary, only to have them say that they were getting one too!

Sister Leavitt, Sister Tuitupou, and Sister Palmer
On Tuesday, we were on exchanges. Sister Chu Shing and Sister Gilvarry were with a companionship in the Zone, so Sister Leavitt (Sister Gilvarry's companion) got to hang out with Sister Tuitupou and me! :D We had a fun day, and taught one of our investigators (Ivan). We were finally able to teach him the Restoration. He participated, so that was a good sign. :) 

On Wednesday, we had a combined District Meeting. Meaning, both the districts in our Zone got together and had District Meeting. We did this because it was Elder Montgomery's last District Meeting (he is the District Leader in the other district) and he wanted to meet with everybody. It was really fun. We went over what we learned in Zone Conference and talked about the baptismal dates we have coming up. After District Meeting, we had a Zone lunch. It was fun. We then helped the Nelsons prepare for Institute dinner. Institute was great, as usual. :) 

On Thursday, we did service and then went to Elder Nelson's class at Institute (one of our investigators is in that class). Unfortunately, we had to catch a lunch appointment, so we couldn't stick around. After lunch, we had Bible Study on campus. They talked about lying, and how God doesn't like liars. It was interesting. We then had dinner with Guy and Ali. After our dinner appointment, our whole evening cancelled, so we went and visited less-actives and found other things to work on. I hate it when that happens, but at least we can find things to do. 

On Friday, we were on exchanges again. This time, I was with Sister Gilvarry in her area (Spanish program!) while her companion, Sister Leavitt, was with Sister Chu Shing and Sister Tuitupou. I had a lot of fun. We visited a lot of people, and I mainly listened (although I can understand a bit of what is going on). Sister Gilvarry and I also took some time to talk about how things are going in my area and I was able to tell her about a lot of things going on (stress with work, fear of transfers...). What really made me laugh was when one of the women we saw, Lorena, who knows me from previous exchanges, asked Sister Gilvarry if I could pray in French! She thinks it is so cool. :) While I was gone, our mini missionary came, so I met her when the exchange was over. Her name was Sister Nau (pronounced Now) from one of the Tongan wards in the Stake. 

On Saturday, Sister Chu Shing had to go take the ACT. So, Sister Tuitupou went with her and I stayed with Sister Nau. We studied and then went to do service. We then had lunch and Sister Chu Shing finished with her ACT. Sadly, a lot of our work that day was weekly planning. Sister Nau did get to go with us to a teaching appointment though. After that, we had dinner with Cindy before going to an activity at the Institute. On the way from dinner (on campus) to the Institute, we saw people lining up to go to a rave party. I couldn't believe what some of those people were wearing! There was a huge line of people in questionable clothing and smoking (I'm not sure what). We just kept our eyes on the Institute and walked quickly! For the activity, we had a bonfire in the parking garage and a talent show. It was so much fun! That night, after planning, the Zone Leaders called. They told me that I am getting transferred! I have no idea where I am going, or who I will be with. I am to pack up everything and be at the mission office for Transfer Meeting on Tuesday morning. I wasn't too surprised. I have almost been here six months (four transfers). I am sad to leave though. :(

On Sunday,we had Church and I had to tell people that I am leaving. There really is no easy way to put it! No matter how I said it, I felt like I was making people sad. >< One of the recent converts in the Branch told my trainer, Sister Bliss, who is home in Utah that I was getting transferred, and Sister Bliss called her to talk to me! She told me that it was going to all be okay. I feel so loved. ^^ After Church, we had a lunch appointment and then took Sister Nau back to her church building. I hope she had fun on her mini-mission. We loved having her! We then went to the outgoing fireside to say goodbye to the missionaries who are going home and because Sister Chu Shing was singing at it. It was good. Afterwards, I got to talk to President Mella....

 President Mella: How are you?

Me: I have knots in my stomach. It'll be that way till Tuesday. 
President Mella: *shakes hands with me* Don't worry. It will be great! 

And then later...

Sister Chu Shing: President Mella, are Sister Tuitupou and I getting a new companion, or will it just be us two?
President Mella: *smiles* I'm not going to tell you! You can fish, but I'm not going to bite!
Me: *laughs*

All in all, with exchanges, a mini-missionary, the end of the transfer, and transfer calls, it has been a CRAZY week. Next time I email you, I will be in a new area with a new companion. Today, we are going to the Zone Activity (we are having a bbq to say goodbye to everyone leaving) and then to dinner and FHE. I was asked to teach FHE, since it will be my last one. I have a good lesson planned. :) I will probably then be up late packing. D:



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