Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Very Busy Week!

19 October 2015

Hello Family!

Hello from the north! :D That's right, I have left Santa Cruz and gone about as far north as you can without leaving the mission. :) I am in the Menlo Park Zone, serving in one of the wards up there. We had a crazy week this week with transfers and everything. Let me tell you about it! 

On Monday, for P-day, I was mainly packing for transfers. Sister Kelly wrote letters and read her scriptures while I sorted through my stuff. We then went and got ice cream and then we had dinner. It was so sad, knowing that this would be my last dinner in Santa Cruz. We then had FHE with the branch. We played a game and had dessert. Not too many people knew that I was leaving, but those that did said goodbye. That night, the elders also helped me get my suitcases into the car because they were heavy and we had to go down stairs. 

On Tuesday, we went to the elders' apartment and picked up some of their luggage to take to transfer meeting (not enough room in their car to take everyone, plus stuff). We then drove to transfer meeting and chatted with other missionaries in the mission office until the meeting started. Sister Lytle was getting transferred, and Sister Pattison is training! :) As you read, I was transferred to Menlo Park (up in the north of the mission). My companion is Sister Hall. She came out a couple months after me and started in the Samoan program (she was called Samoan speaking). Now she is in the English program. She is from Salt Lake City. She is so awesome! :) We went back to our area and got lunch before going to visit people. That night, we had a missionary correlation meeting. It was a good day. 

On Wednesday, we visited a woman named Patrice and shared a message with her. We also went to a senior center and did service. We played card games with two of the older sisters. It was so fun! We then helped them make cat toys to donate to the humane society. It was super fun. We also have been looking for people to teach. We just got told that we are now in one ward instead of three, and we are in the ward that doesn't have much work, so we are looking for people! :) That night, we had a ward council meeting. 

On Thursday, we did service at a food place kind of like the soup kitchen. They feed the homeless and have food (usually produce) that the people can take with them. We helped sort and bag produce. It was an adventure because we were working with women who spoke only Spanish. So, I had to use what little Spanish I know and communicate to Sister Hall what they wanted us to do! It was a mental workout, to be sure! After that, we had lunch and another service that we went to. There is this place where there is a TON of ivy growing, and they have people come and pull up the ivy. It was fun. One of the  main guys working on the project is from France and one of the workers, who heard me telling one of the elders that I was studying French before my mission, told him. We chatted for about two minutes before Sister Hall and I left. Hopefully, I can speak more French with him when we go back! :D We also picked up a new investigator! Her name is Wilma. She is the mother of a recent convert in the ward. :) We shared a message with her about Jesus Christ, and we hope to teach her The Restoration this week! 

On Friday, we went to Santa Cruz for my doctor's appointment. I met with a RT and got my CPAP machine! He went over with me how to take care of it and we fitted me with a mask. I got the kind I used at the sleep study. It is called "Wisp". I really like it. After about an hour, we had it all figured out and we drove back home. After that, we had lunch and did weekly planning. It took a couple of hours because Sister Hall had to tell me about everyone. After that, we visited some people. Including the home of someone from my first area! That was crazy! It was a good day. :) 

On Saturday morning, I didn't have to fight to stay awake during Personal Study! Thank you CPAP! After studies, we had some appointments, and we also heart attacked one of our members. She was going through a lot, so we bought her a treat and heart attacked her door. It was so fun! :) We then went to the senior center and played pictionary with them. They were so into it! It was really funny :D After that, we visited some people who hadn't come to church in a while. One of them was pretty rude to us. *sigh* After that, we had dinner with a woman named Kathy. She is great! She has been through a lot in her life and she is VERY open about it. We had a fun time with her. :) After dinner, we came back early because Sister Hall wasn't feeling well.

On Sunday, we only went to one ward! Only three hours of church! I couldn't believe it! We had an investigator come, too! Her name is Jerri. She has a baptismal date for the end of October. :) After Church, we had lunch and then we had a meeting with our ward mission leader. Guess what? The ward mission leader is someone I met in my first area! Remember that guy I met who speaks almost twenty languages and he works for Google? He is my ward mission leader now! :D In case you don't remember, his name is John Henry. He speaks 18 languages fluently and knows 27 conversationally, making 45 languages. He is soooo cool! :D He said the opening prayer in Arabic and I said the closing in French. I am excited to work with him again. After our meeting, we visited some people. We then had dinner and went to an appointment. It was a great day. 

Today has been good. We still need to run errands and do laundry. We are also going to hang out with the zone. It should be fun. 

Have an awesome week! Love you!


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