Thursday, October 1, 2015

Singing on the Streets

Good morning!

How is everyone? We sure had an eventful week this week! Can you believe September is almost over? That is so weird to me (it also doesn't help that we are still having summer weather. It is probably hotter in Santa Cruz than home for once!) Let me take you through the week. :D

On Monday, we had a good P-day. we ran our errands and then I took a nap because I was still tired from my sleep study. I was out for three hours! Then, the Seaside Sisters came to Santa Cruz to get their car fixed, and we took them to Mackenzie's (the chocolate shop) before taking them back to their car and heading off to our dinner appointment. We had a good dinner and then planned on going to FHE before Liz texted us that she wouldn't be able to come. So, we decided not to go to FHE (it was pretty far away and we couldn't really justify going that far without someone). That night, the Seaside sisters called and said that they had been talking to people at the store before they left and they found a less-active who wanted to come back! They sent us her name and number and told us to call her! :D 

On Tuesday, we had district meeting. It was really good! We talked about bearing our testimonies and practiced. The elders also asked us to sing at a baptism they were having this weekend! After that, we had lunch and met with Nicolette and had a lesson with her all about the temple. She had a lot of questions, and we were able to answer most of them. We then met with the less-active who the Seaside sisters sent us. Her name is Anyaleese. She was so happy to meet with us! :) Later that night, we met with Brenda. 

On Wednesday, we met with Liz. We had texted her on Tuesday asking if we could meet with her because we were concerned about her not coming to FHE. We met up and she told us that she is getting a lot of opposition from home. We were able to talk with her about it, and we also taught her The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nicolette came with us and was able to really encourage Liz. :) After Liz, we had an appointment with Rina. We read Alma 32 with her and talked about faith. She really liked it. We then met with Tanya and reminded her about Conference. After that, we went to see Renee. She was doing better than the last time we saw her. We had a great lesson with her about patriarchal blessings. Later that night, we met with Krystal.

On Thursday, we tried to see Glenna, but she was sick, so we couldn't. So, we went to see Rhonda. We had a good lesson with her about trusting in God. We then went to the Volunteer Center to see if we could find more service opportunities.We gave them our information and they gave us some places to try, too. We tried one, and the lady working there told us that we weren't allowed to proselyte and that if we volunteered there, we would have to remove our tags. We probably won't be serving there. Oh, I also had a little accident when we were at the Volunteer Center. I was backing Sister Kelly into a parking spot and I tripped over one of those cement things that you stop your car behind. I haven't done that since I was seven! Anyways, I scraped up my arm and that was it. Now I have a story, though! :) After that, we went and saw Nancy Jo and had a lesson with her about the Spirit. It was fun.

On Friday, we were back at the soup kitchen! Yay! Nothing super eventful happened. Just that there were A LOT of people there this time. Some of them were new to the place, too. We then came home and took care of some things around the apartment before going finding with Brother J. It was so much fun! We went onto a super super busy street where there are lots of people and shops. Then, Brother J started to play his accordion and Sister Kelly and I sang. I was also handing out cards to people who wanted to know what we were doing. We even invited some people to church and had a street lesson! I loved it! :D Afterwards, Brother J bought us pizza. It was a good night! :D

We also got a text from the Zone Leaders that our day to go to the temple is this Wednesday! Yay! 

On Saturday, we weekly planned, because we didn't have the chance to do it on Friday. We also took some time to clean our apartment. We are getting rid of all of the junk that previous missionaries have left behind! After that, we went to see Sister D and helped her put puzzles together. She was so funny. She was confused as to what time of the day it was and answered the door in her pajamas. She also told us that she wouldn't be surprised if two handsome young men showed up on her doorstep looking for us to marry us! XD After that, we went and saw Alice. She got some bad news that week and we shared the mormon message "Good Things to Come" by Elder Holland. We then helped her make dinner and we had dinner together. After that, we made it back to the church just in time for the baptism the elders were having, but missed the women's conference. The baptism was great. Sister Kelly and I sang "Abide With Me". President Mella was there, too. :) 

Fast Sundays are super hard for me. Anyways, we were in church from 8h00-5h00 (because we had Break the Fast after our YSA branch ended at 4h00). After church, I took a nap because I was so wore out! We then did training and then Sister Kelly and I tried to figure out a ride to the temple (we can't drive there because it is out of the mission). We also tried to see the moon, because we heard that something special was going on that night. But, it was cloudy. Oh well. 

Today has been a good day so far. We did our laundry and I got to play with the cutest puppy ever. I can now say that I have been attacked by multiple dogs on my mission. But not hurt :3 Today should be pretty laid back. We have errands to run, a dinner appointment, and then FHE. Should be a great day. Love you lots!



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