Monday, December 15, 2014

End of First Transfer!

I survived my first transfer! This transfer was only five weeks because they didn't want to be sending home missionaries on Christmas Eve. So, this next transfer will be seven weeks to make up for it (it ends on 1 Feb). Unfortunately, this is Sister Bliss' last transfer. She goes home on the 4th of February. As far as actual transfers go, only one companionship from our zone got transferred. Sister Bliss and I are still in Washington Square.This week has been a wet, busy week. I forgot my planner though, so this will be really jumbled and probably less detailed.

One of the fun things about the end of transfers is that you get a new planner. I don't know if all missions do this, but we decorate our planners. For my first transfer, Sister Bliss had made my planner, but this time, I made my own. We cut pictures out of the ensign (or print them off of, glue them to the covers, and then put tape over the top of it. I am going to send pictures of my new planner because I love it! :D

On Monday, we went with the Branch to the Christmas Creche exhibit. It was really nice to see the Creches again (and not as a volunteer).  I don't really have much else to say, as it was P-day...

On Tuesday, we met with Jose and he set a date! JOSE IS GETTING BAPTIZED! All of our progressing investigators have baptismal dates now! (Kyle is 3 Jan, Linda is 10 Jan, Jose is 17 Jan). I hope that everyone keeps their dates. Jose is leaving to go to Mexico this week though, so we have to meet with him a lot before then to get everything in on time. We suggested he change it to the 24th, but he really wanted the 17th. So, we'll make it work! :D I also got to try a yummy treat called Mochi. It is an ice cream ball wrapped in dough. It is really yummy! On Tuesday night, Sister Bliss and Sister Hill had some Sister Training Leader things to do, so Sister Lytle and I got to be companions for a while. We got home really late and I saw that your Christmas box had showed up! I didn't have time to open it untilWednesday morning. 

On Wednesday, we had a lot of lessons. We met with Fabiola again. She was doing better this time. We also picked up a new investigator! We had been trying to meet with this girl named Elsie. When we were at Institute dinner, a member of the branch came up to us and said that one of our investigators had come. Needless to say, we were very confused, but followed him to see a girl I had never met before. It was Elsie! She is from El Salvador. She was taking the missionary lessons, but had to stop. We were able to teach her and set up an appointment to meet this upcoming Wednesday. Yay! We also taught Kyle. He seems to be doing better. We also taught Joshua, a member of the branch. He is struggling and asked for a lesson. We gave him some encouragement. I also got to try a yummy treat called a cronut. It is a croissant that is fried and shaped like a donut. They are from Jack in the Box. Yummy! 

On Thursday, we had Zone Training Meeting. That took up a lot of our day. It was also the day we were supposed to have a superstorm. We thought that it hadn't come, until a member of the branch showed us pictures of what was going on elsewhere in California (there was flooding on the highways). We have had a lot of rain this week! I would ask you to send me my rain boots, but they are not very professional. Oh well. Hopefully the rain will stop soon. That evening, we taught Linda. We taught her about The Ten Commandments, including obeying and honoring the law and the Law of Chastity. It went really well. We only have a few commandments left to teach her.

On Friday, we went to this really awesome Thai restaurant and I got to have yellow curry. So good! I forgot how much I like it. Dad, if you are ever in San Jose, you have to try it! :D On Friday, Sister Bliss had more STL things to do and I was with Sister Lytle again. We went to MCM and had a lesson with the Branch Mission Leader, Sachin. After that, we went home and Sister Lytle and I did what we could for planning. We then ended up having to go to bed because our companions didn't get back until after 10:30

On Saturday, we started teaching a recent convert who the elders had been teaching. Her name is Carmina. I hope we will be able to meet with her more. We then went to a baptism. One of the elders' investigators, Jessica, was baptized. We invited Linda to come, so she could see what a baptism is like before she is baptized. She came and she really liked it. She said that she really felt the Spirit. It was a great baptism. 

On Sunday, we had Church and taught Jose more. Linda also fed us dinner. She is so nice! Sister Bliss and I then went to the outgoing fireside. That is a fireside that they have at the end of transfers for all of the missionaries who are leaving. We really wanted to go because the missionary who trained Sister Bliss, my "grandma", was going to be leaving. It was a really neat fireside. All of the missionaries leaving bear their testimony, as do some recent converts, Sister Mella, and President Mella. After that, we spent a lot of time talking with the missionaries who are leaving and seeing other missionaries who we don't get to see very often because of where they are serving. It was great. 

Today, we are going to finish our P-day errands and go to FHE with the branch. We are also meeting with Jose again. And guess what? We're getting a REAL Christmas tree! Sister Bliss is against fake trees and was shocked that I have never had a real tree or lights on the house. So, we're going to buy a tree and lights! :D 

Well, that's about all for here. Sorry if this one isn't as detailed as the others. 

Love you lots!

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