Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Week

What a week. All of our work went home for Christmas, so it was super dead this week. We were still able to teach lessons, though. We have a motto: make it to January. That is when everyone will be back and when other amazing things are happening. In January, we are having our baptisms, important people (people from the missionary department, Bishop Gerard Causse, and Elder Quentin L Cook) are coming to the mission, and there will be more people to teach! Anyways, here's how our week went. And here's to hoping we make it through this next one!

Our Zone Activity last P-day was so much fun. We bought graham crackers, frosting, and  candy, and made gingerbread houses. I have pictures of everyone's house that I will send. After P-day, we had dinner with Fabiola (a less active) and Angel (her boyfriend). We also had a lesson with Alan and Phat, two members of the branch. We were then in charge of FHE. 

On Tuesday, Alan took us to breakfast. We went to a really yummy diner in Milpitas called the Black Bear Diner. It was fun to eat with him and talk. We also had district meeting and did service for the Laytons. We also did contacting, training, and had a lesson with Ali before going to dinner with Colin and his girlfriend. It was so much fun. 

Wednesday was the Christmas Eve party. It was so much fun! We got up early and went over there early to help with set-up, although it was already pretty well set up by the time that we got there. We had a great breakfast that the Laytons put together and then we took some pictures of the whole mission together. We then had the talent show. Our number was cut to save time, but we weren't too upset about that. Sister Bliss sang a really beautiful song called "Would I Know My Savior" by Sally Deford. I got a video of it. We then had a gift exchange by Zones. It was really fun. After that, we had a Christmas Devotional with President and Sister Mella. We then watched a movie! We saw "Ephriam's Rescue". It is by the same guy who did 17 Miracles and has some of the same characters. It was really good. It was so funny to watch it with a bunch of missionaries! By the time, it was all over, it was late in the afternoon! We were all hungry though, so part of our Zone went to get a late lunch. Sister Bliss and I then went to the Institute and had a lesson with Linda. After that, Sister Hill, Sister Lytle, Elder Ball, Elder Methvin, Sister Bliss, and I then had dinner with a family whose daughter is in the YSA Branch. It was fun. The Elders and the other Sisters had to leave, but we were able to stay after dinner for their Christmas program as well. It finally felt like Christmas Eve. It was such a great day!

Christmas was really good too. We got up on Christmas morning and did stockings and gifts. Thank you for the presents! I loved them! We also drew names as an apartment. I had Sister Hill and Sister Hill had me! :D We then had a group study before going to Skype. Skyping with you guys was probably the best part of the week! :D I was so glad to talk to you guys. After Skype, we had lunch with the Laytons, their family, other senior missionaries, and the Elders (the Elders were with us for meals all day). We then did some training before going to dinner with the Chandlers. One of their relatives who was over is a student at BYU and she is studying French! So, we got to talk a little. After that, we went to dinner with the Boozers. That was really yummy too. I didn't make myself sick this time! After that, we came home and went to bed. 
On Friday, I went on an exchange. I was with Sister Lytle again! We went to her area and worked. For the record, it is kind of weird to do an exchange with the sisters who you live with! But, hey, I got to sleep in my own bed. :D Anyways, we did a lot of service that day along with a couple of lessons, training, and contacting. 

On Saturday, we got the oil changed in the car and then went and did service with the Zone. We cleaned up trash in the neighborhood where the elders live. In case you were wondering, it takes four of them to get a plastic bag out of a tree! XD Anyways, we then went to lunch with part of the Zone, trained, and then went contacting at the mall. We walked around the mall and talked to a lot of people and taught a couple of lessons. It was great. We also had dinner with Anna (a member of the branch). After that, we came home and did Weekly Planning. 

On Sunday, we had Branch Coucil and then Church. After Church, we had an incredible lesson with Linda. We are helping her make the changes that she needs to make to be baptized and we are confident that she will make it to her date of 10 Jan. We then went contacting at the mall before going to dinner at the Wright's home. Their daughter, Elise, is in the branch and signed up to feed us. It was so nice to eat in a house! Also, Brother Wright served his mission in Switzerland and Southern France! So, I got to talk to him! I was so glad to find someone to talk to! We then went contacting with the elders (no one was on campus though). After that, we dd training and I passed off Lesson 3! I also lost my nametag (the one they gave me in the MTC). We found the magnet part of it outside the dumpster and we think that it landed in there when I took the trash out. Elder Ball and Elder Methvin looked in there for me (I am too short) and they couldn't find it. I am ordering a new one, and I am wearing one right now (the one that was originally on my coat) but I am sad that I lost that one. 

Let me tell you how our investigators are doing...

We had to drop Kyle's date. We haven't seen him in about two weeks and he won't be ready by this weekend. He has just been working a lot with the holidays, and couldn't meet.

Linda is doing really well. She has some struggles, but we are working on them. This week is the week that she is making all of those changes that she needs to make. We are so proud of her. 

Jose is out of town, but he will be back before his baptismal date. We are confident that we can teach him everything before he gets baptized. 

We couldn't meet with Elsie this week. 

I think that that is all for here. I need to send some pictures too.

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